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Discover The Washington Coast

The Washington Coast is full of natural wonders to explore, quaint beach town shops and dining to experience, and outdoor activities available. With northbound day trips to Ocean Shores, Seabrook, Pacific Beach, Moclips, and dozens of other potential stops along the way, the Washington coast is a beautiful and rewarding destination to visit every season of the year.

Start any trip off right with a stay in a vacation rental at the charming beach town of Seabrook, WA, the perfect launching point for coastal exploration. Whether your crew is into birdwatching, whale watching, fishing, surfing, mountain biking, beachcombing, kite flying, or simply dining out in between leisurely shopping ventures, Seabrook puts you in close proximity to the best local destinations while offering plentiful activities and comfortable, spacious vacation rentals.

Ocean Shores, WA Must-Do Outdoor Activities

Spending a day choosing fun things to do in Ocean Shores is a great way to step outside of fast-paced living and into activities that are meant to be enjoyed as your own pace. Family-friendly activities are awaiting at every turn, take a look at a few of visitors and locals favorite things to do in the bustling beach town and surrounding beaches.

Walk The Beach At The North Jetty

Don’t miss out on a stop at the North Jetty, about a 10-minute drive once you enter Ocean Shores. This scenic beach is one of the smaller ones in the area, though it more than makes up for the size with the sweeping ocean views and beachcombing opportunities.

Beachcomb At Damon Point

A 15-minute drive once you get into Ocean Shores, Damon Point offers a 360-degree water vista with views of the North Bay and out into the ocean. The flat beach is full of beachcombing treasures and offers miles of shoreline to meander through with birdwatching opportunities you don’t want to miss. Make sure you’re noting the Ocean Shores tides as the shoreline lessens significantly during cooler months.

Have A Picnic At Ocean City State Park

Tucked away about 3-minutes outside of Ocean Shores is Ocean City State Park. Park your rig in the gravel parking lot and expect about a 5-minute walk through a trail surrounded by beautiful dune grass, trees, and a stream before opening onto the beach. Picnic tables are out seasonally within the park, though bringing along a blanket and having a picnic on the beach is a great way to spend an afternoon.

See What’s Happening At The Ocean Shores Convention Center

The Ocean Shores Convention center, about a 5-minute drive into Ocean Shores has fun and family-friendly festival throughout the year. Crowd-favorite events are the Sand & Sawdust Festival in June, Go Hog Wild in July, Body & Soul Festival & Gem Show in August, and other music, art, and craft festivals.

Drive North & See The Hidden Gems Of The North Beach

Taking a drive north along the coast is full of quick (or long) stops and new places to explore.

Visit Griffiths-Priday State Park

Just an 13-minute drive from Ocean Shores is Griffiths-Priday State Park. A typically more calm area of the shore brings about all kinds of wildlife to see, from bald eagles to otter and deer, there’s plenty of serene scenery to take in and explore.

Enjoy The Drive-On Beach Access At Roosevelt Beach

A quick 20-minute drive from Ocean Shores is the easily accessible, drive-on beach access of Roosevelt Beach. This especially scenic beach access has miles of shoreline to explore, visible sea stacks, colorful clay cliffsides to see, and wildlife. It’s also a popular beach for seasonal clam digging.

Explore Seabrook And Its Resort-Style Amenities, Beach Access, & Trail Network

A convenient 25-minute drive from Ocean Shores, Seabrook has endless activities for the whole family. With shops, restaurants, walk-on beach access, bike and water sport rentals, hiking and biking trails, pickleball courts, a playground, and much more, it’s the ideal location for a day trip or vacation stay.

Spend An Afternoon In The Quaint Town Of Pacific Beach

A 40-minute drive from Ocean Shores, Pacific Beach is home to the Pacific Beach State Park that has great walk-on beach access and picnicking areas. The town offers a small number of great eateries and shops, along with a drive-on beach access at Analyde Gap.

Learn About Local History In Moclips

A 45-minute drive from Ocean Shores is the small town of Moclips. Home to the Museum of the North Beach, Moclips is a great stop to learn about the area’s fascinating history along with a trip the drive-on beach access at the north end of the town.

Play & Relax In Seabrook Afterwards

If your crew likes to sprawl out and is leaning towards a stay in a vacation rental versus an Ocean Shores hotel, Seabrook Hospitality offers more than 270 rentals year-round! With private amenities like hot tubs, dog-friendly homes, private fire pits, barbecues, oceanfront homes, cabins, and full access to the onsite pools, fitness center, and sports courts, it is sure to make the whole crew happy and is a convenient 25-minute drive from Ocean Shores.

Big Houses For Big Weekends At The Beach

When it comes to the best vacation rentals for large groups, Seabrook has you covered! From hot tubs, dog-friendly homes, bunk rooms, fire pits, wraparound decks, board games, and much more, big houses for big weekends come together effortlessly in Washington’s Beach Town.

The Best Accommodations For Group Stays

Whether your party is planning a reunion, retreat, or friends getaway, booking a big home for the ultimate weekend with your crew is sure to leave everyone relaxed and refreshed.

Homes Designed For Togetherness

Many of Seabrook’s large homes have an open-concept layout with gorgeous kitchens (meant for those all-out dinners) that segway seamlessly into the dining room and living areas so everyone stays connected no matter what the activity.

Easy Cleanup After Outdoor Adventures

For those groups that head to the coast to take in all of the outdoor adventurings, check out the large homes that have sizable mudrooms or outdoor showers so the whole crew can clean up easily after clam digging, mountain biking, surfing, swimming, or hiking.

Feel Luxurious With In-Home Accommodations

Every getaway needs plenty of downtime to unwind and many of the large homes offer luxuriously designed bathrooms with everything from soaking tubs to walk-in showers, often with private ensuite bathrooms on each floor.

Elevate A Stay With Private Amenities

If your party is adults-only, consider filtering by ‘no bunk beds’ to easily find spacious homes with bedrooms that have their own ensuite bathrooms. Make the most of each evening during your stay by choosing a home with a private hot tub, private fire pit, wraparound porch, or an indoor fireplace.

Splitting The Tab Is Easier Than Ever

Splitting the tab with your friends or family? It’s easy for everyone to pitch in when you stay in Seabrook. Seabrook Hospitality has its own guest portal called MySeabrook where you can invite as many guests as you’d like to use the app to view the details of your stay, such as multiple payment options, check-in time, or town events and activities.

The Most Kid-Friendly Vacation Rentals

For those traveling with children, you can rest easy at your beach house of choice where kid-friendly accommodations and activities are thoughtfully integrated throughout the home. Many large homes come equipped with extra media rooms, bunk rooms, gaming devices, board games, streaming services, fenced yards, beach toys, and spacious floor plans designed for everyone to have plenty of space to come together.

A favorite accommodation in Seabrook for parents is vacation rentals that come with a carriage house! These one-bedroom homes on the same property are often requested by those with infants who need a quiet space for naps and bedtime.

Choosing the best neighborhood for your crew is all part of the fun, too. For frequent beach-goers, try choosing an oceanfront home right by the beach accesses. For those with kids who can’t get enough outdoor play, consider staying in the Alderwood, Greenway, or South of Market neighborhood to be steps away from play throughout your stay. There are many more neighborhoods and town amenities to explore, take a look at the town map to see which one your party likes most: Seabrook Town Map.

Let Onsite Services In Seabrook Do The Vacation Prep For You

It can be overwhelming to plan a getaway for a large group of people but it doesn’t have to be when planning a stay in a Seabrook vacation rental.

Concierge Services offers assistance with grocery delivery, childcare services, outdoor activities and lessons, and much more so you spend less time on planning.

Seabrook Hospitality also offers high chair and crib rentals, along with baby gates so those traveling with young children can pack light. Give the reservation specialists a call at (866)-677-6235 to add these items to your stay.

The Belfry at Seabrook now offers a variety of affordable in-house catering packages. You’re on vacation! Let them cook for you and your crew. The Belfry’s in-house catering services include pick up, drop off, in-house, and more. Reach out today to discuss your food needs as well as park rentals, chair and table rentals, and even cocktails to go! 

Easily Work Remotely During Your Group Getaway

The rise in remote work is easier than ever when you stay in Seabrook with new website filters to sort by remote-friendly homes or homes that have home offices. No matter the size of your crew, having a designated space to work with high-speed internet available makes any workcation all the sweeter as you close the laptop and are just a short walk to the beach. If you want to make your weekend getaway last a little longer, take a look at the Away From The Every Day special with 6 nights for the price of 4 through June 17, 2023.

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The History And Future Of Seabrook’s Forest

The land Seabrook currently encompasses has a deep history, from the natural resources used by indigenous people to the repeated clear-cutting of the forests prior to Seabrook’s establishment. Following the logging of these lands, what was left behind was an unhealthy and unmanaged forest landscape that would take many years to correct and regenerate.

Through careful planning involving teams of experts, Seabrook is dedicated to protecting and revitalizing these inherited forests by implementing a long-term forest stewardship plan with the goal of returning the forests to their original health and vitality, more reminiscent of the forests that existed prior to the logging industry boom of the past century.

Inheriting Unhealthy, Post-Lumbered Land

“Many people, when they look at the woodlands in and around Seabrook, often think that these forests are untouched, and that’s simply not the case,” says Stephen Poulakos, Director of Town Planning & Design. “Our work with expert foresters, ecologists, and other landscape architects have indicated that most of the property has been lumbered at least two times, and in some areas, three times.”

Repeated lumbering over the course of many years has resulted in lasting damage to the forest ecosystem and related habitats. As a result, very thick and dense forest stands have been left behind that do not allow for adequate sunlight to nourish the important undergrowth typically found on the forest floors of true old-growth climax forests. Walks through Seabrook’s preserve areas reveal a series of forest habitats that are choked with the remnants of fallen trees, stumps, and other left behind logging debris. This has reduced biodiversity and has made it more difficult for wildlife and diverse plant life to exist and thrive.

“All of the different forest areas are in different degrees of regeneration,” says Stephen. “Unfortunately, many of these forest stands were lumbered during times when forestry practices were not as carefully scrutinized.”

Today, wetlands, creeks, and other conservation areas are much better protected. Seabrook has fully embraced these protections and has been proactive in finding the best ways to help nurture the unhealthy forest stands, having not been well managed for decades.

“We take this responsibility of being stewards of this land very seriously,” says Stephen. “We’ve been analyzing it and studying it with experts in the field to help us come up with a forest stewardship plan for the future.”

The town planning of Seabrook takes into account many factors, always with conscious decisions being made to create and sustain a healthy forest and town.

“One of our most significant challenges is how to seamlessly integrate the town plan into the natural environment,” Stephen says. “Oftentimes, this means that specific forest areas, usually the most unhealthy of forest stands, are required to be cleared to make way for new homes and neighborhoods. This is always done in a way that encourages context-sensitive design by concentrating a denser town footprint on a smaller segment of land, in turn allowing for the creation of more walkable and bikeable places as opposed to the stark alternative of large lot suburban development that we are all too often familiar with today. This is how we seamlessly intertwine the town into the coastal landscape while protecting the forest stands that are worthy of protection for regeneration as future greenways and parks that will be gladly handed down to generations to come.”

Remembering The Land’s History To Build A Lasting Legacy

All of the coastal land prior to the timber industry’s arrival was used throughout the year for sustenance by Native Americans, dating back centuries. The land was incredibly fruitful and used for everything from camping, fishing, clam digging, foraging, and utilizing trees and plants for many different purposes.

According to consultations with Quinault tribal members, the cedar tree is perhaps the most important tree of the Quinault Indian people. Historically, they used everything from the bark and wood for cedar planks for long houses, canoes, basket weaving, clothing, and much more.

While the fact of the logging history of the land cannot be changed, remembering all of the land’s history is built into the forest stewardship plan. The timber industry in Washington helped shape the Pacific Northwest into what it is today. It was not only a leading source of timber products globally, it also boosted the local economies, population, and overall development throughout all of the Pacific Northwest. There are eventual plans to build more trails with museum-style signage that will display the Quinault Indian Nation history, logging history, and ecology history of the forest to help trail-goers understand the complex history these forestlands hold.

With the help of expert advisors at the Watershed Company, Seabrook has created  short-term, middle-term, and long-term plans to bring back sustainable growth to the forest. Part of these plans include a concept known as forest thinning, where the incremental removal of specific trees is advised to bring more light and nutrients to the healthier growing trees, their understories, and the native shrubs and plants that grow upon the forest floor.  

In the future, more of the indigenous native plants will have space to flourish, including plants like varying fern species, salmonberry, salal, huckleberry, elderberry bushes, and many more.

There are several locations throughout Seabrook where passersby can observe the land’s history. Take a look at these historical locations around town:

Northwest Glen’s Coastal Preserve Area – While town planning development would have permitted the creation of 16 oceanfront lots in the Northwest Glen neighborhood lowlands, Seabrook’s design team advised against it, instead, creating a coastal preserve in lieu of building additional oceanfront homes. It’s fondly referred to as Town Founders, Casey and Laura Roloff’s, gift to this neighborhood, the town of Seabrook, and the North Beach area. The concept of founder’s gifts comes from the town of Seaside, Florida, which has been an inspiration to Seabrook’s town plan. With every new neighborhood, Seaside’s founders would give a gift of art, amenities, or common areas to that neighborhood and the community. Though Northwest Glen’s Coastal Preserve is much more than a gift from the founders, it did set the tone for the town’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty and making its beauty more accessible.

The Old Cedar Stump – The stump is located in the Mill District. Take a look at the large notches on the stump’s outside perimeter. These notches were where loggers would place wooden longboard planks in order to stand and fell the tree with sizeable 2-person metal hand saws known as “misery whips.” To protect this historic stump, Seabrook designed a roof over it to shed water and allow it to exist much longer into the future as an important relic of the old-growth forests that once stood on these lands prior to being lumbered near the turn of the last century.

The Dorothy Anderson Cabin – Take a look at the original (now restored) cabin built back in the early 1900s by Dorothy Anderson, a rugged Scandinavian woman who moved to the coast after visiting and falling in love with its beauty. Once moving to the area, she built this cabin in Ocean City along with seven additional cabins (none remaining today) so that others could share in her love for the coast. According to the Museum of the North Beach in Moclips, WA, it was one of the first resorts of its kind on the Washington coast.

The Woodland Promenade – The pedestrian promenade located west of Meriweather Square was left as untouched as possible, with the original town plan being altered to conserve the space. Take note of the nursing trees inside of the promenade for a glimpse into the area’s history, specifically on the east end of the promenade, where the “Octopus” cedar tree grows out of a leftover stump from the earlier logging days.

The Gnome Trail – The magical trail located in the Mill District is actually one of the old skid log roads that loggers used to harvest timber. At the base of the trail, hikers can see a large log with a flat top where logged trees were skidded across to what was formerly known as “Santa Claus Corner” due to the logger who directed the removal of the logs’ resemblance of Santa Claus.

The Old Highway – Many people do not know that the original coastal highway before the current Hidden Coast Scenic Byway (Hwy 109) ran straight through the Pacific Glen and Northwest Glen Neighborhoods. There was even a bridge that once connected the two peninsulas! Instead of building oceanfront homes right to the coastal edge, Seabrook’s town planners wisely chose to preserve the old asphalt roadway by incorporating it into the town plan and creating a publicly accessible pedestrian esplanade that still exists in both neighborhoods to this day.  The actual pavement from the old highway still exists under the recycled crushed oyster shell esplanade that runs along the coastal bluff’s edge.

The Heritage Tree – Visit the large tree located at the southern end of the Elk Creek neighborhood. This Sitka spruce (Picea Sitchensis) tree is 130 feet tall, has a trunk diameter of 80 inches and is more than 200 years old.

Helping To Keep The Water Clean With Sustainability Efforts

“Seabrook is actually named for the brooks, streams, and waterways that go out to the ocean,” Stephen says. “It’s vitally important to make sure that they run clean and clear and that they are carefully managed so that by the time runoff water makes it to the ocean, development does not negatively impact the shore and shoreline.”

Seabrook is built upon new urbanism principles that leave behind a smaller footprint and focus on various ways to promote sustainable development. Here are just a few ways Seabrook contributes to cleaner water:

  • Limiting the use of impervious surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt
  • Narrow roads to encourage walking and biking, resulting in less motor vehicle pollution
  • Smaller, intimate neighborhoods
  • Shared community spaces versus individual lawns
  • Crushed oyster shell pathways
  • Open swales to slow water down
  • Rain gardens to manage stormwater runoff
  • Organic-based pesticides
  • Organic-based fertilizers

More than 40% of Seabrook is retained in open space, meaning that all of that land is purposely left undeveloped to provide important greenways with varying topography. This permits Seabrook to build miles of woodland hiking and biking trails that connect Seabrook’s various neighborhoods. This also ensures that the health of these green spaces is allowed to thrive once again.

As the town grows, so will the forests. With continual efforts of Seabrook and community partners, this will result in not only a thriving community but a thriving coastal landscape to enjoy for many generations to come. 

What You Can Do To Help

Join Seabrook’s team in their stewardship efforts by leaving the nature trails and beaches free of trash and debris, using natural materials only on the Gnome Trail, recycling, and walking instead of using gas-powered vehicles while visiting.

10 Must Try Foods In Seabrook This Spring

Spring has sprung with warmer, longer days to take in the best of adventure-seeking on the Washington coast. After you’ve worked up an appetite exploring your favorite outdoor activities, stop by Seabrook’s eateries and try these 10 must-have menu items.

Bite Into The Sweet Life’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

Satisfy your sweet craving at The Sweet Life! Huge, tasty fresh baked cookies made by Vista Bakeshop are paired with a variety of flavors (like chocolate chip or sugar cookie) and one of the unique local ice creams from Olympic Mountain Ice Cream offered with a rotating selection of enticing flavors, some of our favorite standout combinations include the sugar cookie with spumoni ice cream, chocolate cookies with strawberry ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies with chocolate ice cream — yum!

Take Your Pup In For A Spring Treat At The Salty Dog

Bring your four-legged friends into The Salty Dog and choose from a drool-worthy lineup of treats your dog is sure to love! From all-natural pet treats to bully sticks and a wide range of flavorful snacks for pets, your pup is will have the best vacation ever at the beach. 

Savor The Flavors Of The Poblano-Cashew Enchiladas With Prawns At Koko’s

The poblano-cashew enchiladas that you can order with prawns at Koko’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar is a fresh and bright dish packed full of savory, sweet, and tangy flavors that will have you ready to order another serving. Enjoy the sweetly glazed prawns smothered in cheese inside tortillas topped with fresh poblano sauce, pickled onions, sour cream, and corn for a burst of flavor in each bite. This delectable dish also has a vegetarian option!

Spring For The Zesty And Sweet Salads At Rising Tide

Salad lovers might just find a new favorite at Rising Tide with their variety of fresh, tasty, and filling salad options. For the ultimate taste of spring, try the arugula salad topped with tangy apple slices, tender and salty prosciutto, and tossed in a brightly flavored lemon vinaigrette. Another spring favorite is the kale salad topped with subtly sweet sunflower seeds, quinoa, and sweet dried apricots complemented by the richness of feta cheese and the apple cider vinaigrette that is both flavorful and refreshing. Don’t miss out on additional signature salad offerings including chicken Caesar, steak, and chicken bacon ranch salad.

Refresh At Blue With A Sunshine Acai Bowl

Blue is a must-stop during any Seabrook getaway. Their grab and go menu features a wide assortment of salads, fresh-pressed juices, bowls, and melts. A perfect pairing for spring day is the Sunshine Bowl with a tart and smooth acai base, topped with fresh banana, pomegranate seeds, blueberries, granola, coconut flakes and agave for a blissful balance between sweet and sour!

Create Your Own Spring Dish With Seafood From Fresh Foods Market

Stop by Fresh Foods every weekend for delicious, fresh seafood options to create your own favorite spring dishes. Choose from a selection of Dungeness crab, Atlantic scallops, bay shrimp, large prawns, oysters in the shell, steamer clams, and Korean sesame seaweed salad. You can also keep an eye out for these items that will be stocked whenever they’re available: fresh local salmon, rockfish, pacific true cod, and lobster tail. Fresh Foods Market is opening their new 13,000 square foot grocery in the center of town this June!

Pick Up Loaves Of Freshly Baked Bread At Vista Bakeshop

Vista Bakeshop has reopened with an expanded space and updated menu! Don’t miss out on the rich, full flavor of sourdough bread, aromatic and savory focaccia bread, classic baguettes, sandwich loaves, and mouth-watering dinner rolls. You can also look forward to tasty sandwiches for the first time at the bakeshop! From a breakfast sandwich to a chicken pesto sandwich and grilled cheese, there are menu options for everyone in your party to enjoy.

Eat The Perfect Slice Of The Prosciutto Di Parma Pizza At Frontager’s

The perfect balance of savory flavors and the unbeatable freshness of Frontager’s Pizza Co. pizza comes together on the prosciutto di parma pizza topped with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and arugula all complemented by a tangy and subtly sweet balsamic reduction and olive oil.

Pair A Malbec With The Manager’s Special Sandwich At The Stowaway

The Stowaway Wine Bar not only has a superb selection of wines and charcuterie, it also features small bites that taste amazing on their own or paired with wine. Try the fan-favorite sandwich, Manager’s Special, on your next visit. It’s a perfect combination of prosciutto, manchego, goat cheese, and tomato all complemented by a balsamic glaze and fresh basil and a glass of Malbec wine.

Satisfy With A Cinnamon French Toast Breakfast At The Belfry Café

Head to The Belfry Café on Saturdays and Sundays for a tasty, filling breakfast before heading out for all of the springtime fun! Enjoy the classic sweetness of cinnamon French toast with a side of scrambled eggs and your choice of bacon or sausage to complete your meal.

Try Menu Highlights In One Evening On Seabrook’s Spring Food Tour

Perfect for small groups, girls getaways, couples, and more, join Seabrook Hospitality Concierge Services on a spring food tour around town. The experience lasts about two hours (with the option to hang out and relax at the final restaurant as long as you’d like) and combines a dish and signature alcoholic beverage or mocktail at each restaurant. Limited spots are available from April 20th through May 18th, get your tickets today for the ultimate evening out!

Haven’t booked your spring stay yet? Take a look at the available vacation rentals!

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Spend a Day at the Beach in Ocean Shores, WA

A stay in one of our charming Seabrook vacation rentals would only be complete with an Ocean Shores beach trip! Less than 20 minutes south of Seabrook, the quaint town of Ocean Shores is best known for its serene views of the Pacific Ocean and an abundance of freshwater inlets. Try exploring all four beaches on our list. Or you could just pick one to lounge at for the entire afternoon. 

The Ocean Shores, WA, beaches are perfect for many exciting outdoor activities. Dig for clams during the on-season, wander down the sand on a morning horseback ride, or fly your kite in the salty winds. While planning your trip to Seabrook, check out our Events Page and Things Do Page to help you choose which activities will best suit your heart’s desire.

Views of the Olympic Mountains from Damon Point

The 4 Best Places for a Day at the Beach in Ocean Shores

1. Ocean City State Park

Enjoy the beautiful Ocean City State Park with beach access and walking trails through the Ocean Shores wilderness. Two trails feature outdoor courts to play badminton, volleyball, and croquet. Do as the locals do and try clam digging during the on-season. Because this stretch of beach is technically considered part of the state highway, cars can roll right up on the park sand.

2. Damon Point

Rock and shell collectors will love exploring Damon Point, an ideal spot to find agate gemstones, jasper gemstones, and occasionally sea glass. Surrounded by the Pacific on three sides, Damon Point is also an excellent beach in Ocean Shores for bird viewing. This stretch of sand is home to several nesting birds. This location is your best bet to spot some rare fowls. One of our favorite birds to watch for in the winter is the rare snowy plover. You’ll also encounter varieties of shorebirds, bald eagles, and possibly even harbor seals relaxing on the rocks!

3. Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area

Near Damon Point is another coveted spot for avid bird watchers at Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area. Named a part of the Great Washington State Birding Trail by the Audubon Society, Oyhut is home to blue herons, pelicans, and more. Walk along the shore and take in the beauty of the surrounding wetlands and sand dunes. On a clear day, look across the ocean to witness a perfect view of Mount Rainier in the distance. Though there are no official trails here, this 683-acre beach park offers plenty of opportunities to discover Ocean Shores’ unique wildlife. Because cars aren’t permitted on this beach, you can expect a quieter, calmer atmosphere.

4. North Jetty

Though the ocean current makes it too dangerous to swim here, North Jetty is a beautiful beach in Ocean Shores. If you’re traveling with young children, a trip to North Jetty may be too dangerous as there are many rocks and the landscape is a bit wild. However, you’ll have an unparalleled ocean view from this stretch of undeveloped land dotted with driftwood.

Things To Do at the Beach in Ocean Shores, WA

  • Bird watching
  • Flying Kites
  • Clamming
  • Swimming
  • Horseback riding
  • Campfire on the beach

Relax in Seabrook After Your Beach Day

A beach day in Ocean Shores, WA can be exciting but exhausting. Come back to one of our cozy vacation rentals and unwind in Seabrook, WA. Opt for an oceanfront property and marvel at a West Coast sunset over the water in the evening. Or, check out our pet-friendly properties if you have a furry family member you want to bring along. Check our availability today! We can’t wait to make your Seabrook getaway a memorable one!

Calling All Outdoor Adventurers

Spring is on the way and you’ll never run out of things to do during this beautiful time of year in Washington state, from the mountains to the coast! A favorite adventure hub for explorers of all ages is starting or ending the journey in Seabrook, where all sorts of outdoor fun is right at your fingertips.

Stay and explore the growing beach town itself this spring break with endless things to do or plan day-trips to nearby coastal destinations and activities and the splendor found in the Olympic National Park!

Family-friendly Outdoor Activities In Town

Seabrook is a town built for walkability and that’s just what you’ll want to do with the family with something fun to do all throughout town! Check out some of the best outdoor fun and games all accessible right within Seabrook.

The Dugout — You don’t need to worry about packing outdoor game equipment or games! Seabrook Hospitality guests are able to check out all kinds of complimentary equipment and games during their stay.

Pickleball & Tennis — Head to Kucera Park for pickleball with an ocean view or to the tennis and converted pickleball courts near Horseshoe Park in the Farm District.

Playground — Try out the zipline, swings, or slides at the playground right before the grand arbor entrance into the Farm District! Pop over to Kucera Park for smaller slides and climbing obstacles where little ones love to play! 

The Gnome Trail — After playing in the Old Stump in the Mill District, meander down the Gnome Trail and check out the gnome homes or build a new one yourself with all-natural materials found throughout the woods.

Miniature Golf — Pick up mini golf clubs and golf balls from The Dugout and head to Kucera Park for a quick game of miniature golf.

Bocce Ball — Meander towards South Alder Park for a game or two of bocce ball.

Shuffleboard & Horseshoes —  Head to the north end of Crescent Park for a game of shuffleboard or horseshoes. For a game of horseshoes in the Farm District, head toward the oyster shell path on the west side of Windgate Barn.

Basketball — Shoot and swish the day away on the basketball courts located right next to the playground near the grand arbor entrance to the Farm District.

Crescent Park & Horseshoe Park — Want to play a game or soccer, volleyball, or football? The wide open spaces of Crescent Park and Horseshoe Park offer the perfect place for outdoor games.

Sunrise Park — Play a game of catch in Sunrise Park in the South Farm neighborhood or relax on the dual swings at sunset.

Fire Pits — Unwind after a day of adventuring by one of the many community fire pits all throughout town! Wood is complimentary and maintenance is able to help start a fire if you need it. Just bring along the fixings for s’mores and come ready with your favorite campfire songs!

Outdoor Adventures Steps Away From Town Center

It’s easy to spend a week or more taking in all of the activities in and around Seabrook with its ideal location on the ocean and direct access to mountain biking and hiking trails. Kickstart days of fun in and on the water or in the expansive trail network with some of these sports and activities.

Beach & Water Fun — Enjoy the ocean air with beachcombing, kite flying, surfing, clam digging, paddleboarding, skimboarding, biking, kayaking, beach bonfires, and more! Stop by Buck’s Northwest on Front Street for any of your equipment rental needs such as wet suits, surf boards, skim boards, etc. or Brooklet’s Toys on Market Street for kites!

Trail Fun — Walk, hike, or bike throughout town where you are always near the growing trail network system within and around Seabrook. With trails suitable for all skill levels, you can spend a few minutes or a few hours enjoying the natural forest surroundings.

Make A Day Of It

There’s so much to explore along the Washington coast, planning a day trip is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of springtime. Whether it’s a day of sightseeing combined with memorable destinations, visiting historical sites, or a day of fishing, there’s no shortage of beautiful destinations that make a perfect day trip from Seabrook. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Spend A Day Catching Dinner — Fishing fans are in for a treat come springtime! Connect with Seabrook Hospitality’s Concierge Services to help you book a day full of fishing fun with highly recommended local fishing guides!

Experience Lake Quinault — The Lake Quinault area is only a 45-minute drive from Seabrook and is also the entrance in the Olympic National Park. It’s easy and so refreshing to spend an entire day hiking the various trails, having a picnic, and exploring the shoreline of the beautiful Lake Quinault.

Roam The Coastal Beaches — Going north or going south from Seabrook, you’re in for beautiful coastal sights of the Pacific Ocean. Spend a day at Damon Point in Ocean Shores about a 35-minute drive south from Seabrook and experience everything from shorebirds to sea life among the jetty rocks at low tide. This is a popular beach for agate beachcombing, too! Take a drive north and spend the day at the stunning Ruby Beach access with sea stacks for miles, tide pools, and breathtaking sunsets.

Enjoy Some Maritime History — Coastal towns all have rich histories to enjoy learning about and taking a day trip to Westport, a little over an hour from Seabrook, offers several fun and informative insights into maritime history. Stop by the International Mermaid Museum for an inside look on everything mermaid-related from around the world! Don’t miss a visit to the historical Grays Harbor Lighthouse and the Westport Maritime Museum, too. 

Cozy Up In A Vacation Rental That’s Perfect For You

After a day of your favorite outdoor activities, rest easy in a vacation rental that perfectly suits the needs of your party. From private hot tubs to fire pits, to large or small accommodations, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a stay at Seabrook.

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Your Guide to Seabrook’s 2023 SpringFest

We can’t wait for spring to be in full swing! With flowers blooming across town, sunshine peeking through and Seabrook’s SpringFest just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for the whole family to stay and play all week long in Washington’s Beach Town.

From Monday, March 20, 2023 through Sunday, April 16, 2023 we have twenty-seven straight days of nonstop fun and excitement. Magic shows, laser tag, miniature boat races, yard games, and scavenger hunts are almost here. We’re counting down to SpringFest where there’s something fun for everyone every day!


March 20 | March 27 | April 3 | April 10

Disappearing rope, card tricks, and mind bending magic every Monday in Growler’s Alley. Be captivated by magicians each Monday of SpringFest as they and create entrancing illusions right in front of your very eyes. You’re sure to have a few laughs, too! 

This event is not only fun for kids but for adults of all ages. Magic shows start at 2:00 PM in Growler’s Alley and last for an hour. Learn more about this extraordinary show on the Magic Monday events page


March 21 | March 28 | April 4 | April 11 

Pew! Pew! Bring the whole family over to Growler’s Alley from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Tuesdays for laser tag. Explore an entire course with inflatable blockades and hiding spots!

This event costs $20.00 per player for unlimited play all afternoon! Card payments only, please.

Check out this awesome event here on the Tag Tuesday event page


March 22 | March 29 | April 5 | April 12

Grab a boat kit, build it, and then feel the thrill of watching your boat race to the finish! Every Wednesday of SpringFest, races start at 2:00 PM in the Growler’s Alley tent.

Stop by the Guest Services Lobby at 301 Front Street to purchase a boat building kit for $10.00 or Growler’s Alley beginning at 2:00 PM.

Race winners receive a Seabrook swag bag!

For more information, head to the Wind Boat Wednesdays event page.


March 23 | March 30 | April 6 | April 13

Join us as we bring the magic of the theater to life every Thursday of SpringFest from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM! Don costumes, rehearse a fun play, and put on a show! Children of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Meet at the mini-theater right next to Buck’s Northwest on Front Street! For more information, see the Theater Thursdays event page.


March 24 | April 7 | April 14

You don’t want to miss out on Field Day Fridays during SpringFest where all kinds of yard games are hosted from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM every day, along with t-shirt tye-dying! Stop by for kick ball, three-legged races, water balloon tosses, potato sack races, and plenty of other yard games for the whole family.

T-shirts for tie-dying are $10.00 per shirt in Crescent Park from 11:00 AM to 3:00. Card payments only, please.

For more information, check out the Field Day Fridays event page.


March 25 | April 1 | April 8 | April 15

Embark on a scavenger hunt throughout the town! Each Sunday throughout SpringFest we will have a scavenger hunt for your team to do. Solve the clues, learn about the history of Seabrook, and fill your photo album up with tons of great photos from your trip. Pick up your clue card and instructions at Guest Services Lobby at 301 Front Street from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

This event runs rain or shine so be sure to dress accordingly. 

Read more about this scavenger hunt on the Scavenger Saturday event page.


March 26 | April 2 | April 9 | April 16

Get creative and let your imagination run wild as we cover the town in chalk drawings. We will be providing chalk outside of the Guest Services Lobby each Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Draw your favorite Seabrook sunset, doodle a fun pattern, or draw whatever inspires you in the moment.

Read about chalk the block on the Sidewalk Sundays event page.


March 1 – April 30

Test your clue-deciphering skills and embark on the Glass Float Find this spring.

We hide two floats a day, one with a posted hint and one without (for the more skilled hunters). If you find the float… it’s yours to keep! Learn more on our story: Why You Need to Experience the Glass Float Find

Don’t miss out on a second of excitement! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for pictures and contest winners! RSVP to our Facebook Event Page for reminders and the latest updates on SpringFest.


Spring on the coast is one of the most exciting times of the year to visit when outdoor activities ramp up! Spend time exploring the coastal beaches, day-tripping, mountain biking, hiking, clam digging, shopping, surfing, and so much more. For more spring things to do in and around Seabrook, check out the Discover Springtime list of the best activities!


Seabrook Hospitality’s vacation rentals makes getting away this spring relaxing and carefree so you can spend your days as active or as leisurely as you would like. Choose your ideal vacation home this spring, whether it’s a home close to the beach, close to the mountain biking trails, or right in the Town Center to take in all of the action.

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Try Local Seafood Dishes

Warm up this winter with seafood dishes from Seabrook’s restaurants! From clam chowder to wild-caught fish, make it a getaway to remember — maybe you’ll even find your next “go-to” seafood dish.

First up are the seafood eats at Rising Tide And Tavern! Nothing hits the spot quite like razor clam chowder that’s served with a sourdough roll from Vista Bakeshop! Or try the fresh catch from Quinault Pride, the fish and chips, or the fishwich.

For spice and abundant flavor, head to Koko’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar! From the ahi tuna tostadas to the shrimp ceviche, tamarind-habañero prawn, or Mexican poke bowl, you’ll find something unique and delicous.

Frontager’s Pizza Co. has your seafood craving covered with their appetizers! Try the fried calamari, hot lobster dip, panko breaded prawns, and seafood chowder!

Once you’ve had your fill of seafood, plenty of other tasty items are on the menu at Seabrook’s restaurants!

Halloween In Seabrook: What To Expect

Bright orange and brown leaves scatter the oyster shell trails to the beach, glowing pumpkins with various designs line the Town Center, and hot cups of coffee fill the air with steam like a blanket of fog. We know it is a favorite season for many, and we are no different. 

Now, you may be asking what you can expect from Seabrook this Halloween. Well, we are here to give you all of the highly-anticipated details you need so that you are ready to book it to the beach!

Pumpkins And Pictures

First things first, picking up a pumpkin! Now, out by the beach, finding the perfect pumpkin is a little more challenging, especially if you’re only here for a few days. So we have taken it upon ourselves to bring the pumpkins to you!

We have our picture-perfect pumpkin patch ready for you and your family in the Farm District’s charming North Pasture. Upon arrival, take your kids to the pumpkin patch without worrying about cloudy days and dirty pumpkins; just memories, hay mazes, and cute fall pictures to commemorate the season.

Once your designs are etched in, and you’ve added your personal touch to them, it’s ready for the town. That’s right–  your pumpkin is going out on the town for our pumpkin promenade.

We want to share the designs and fun you had, so we ask that you bring your work to the pumpkin promenade in Town Center. The town will be glowing with the orange lights of dozens of pumpkins. Holidays should be a shared experience between neighbors, so why not join us in sharing your pumpkins with the town? All pumpkins will be placed around town will be up for a contest, too! Show off your hard work and unique designs for a chance to win your very own Seabrook swag bag of goodies!

Trick-or-Treat: New Urbanism Style

What would Halloween be without trick-or-treating? We host a town-wide trick-or-treat Saturday, October 29th for safe and easy trick-or-treating. Seabrook is a town founded on the concepts of New Urbanism, which promotes walkability and safe environments for pedestrians. That is why Seabrook is the ideal location for your kids to enjoy their Halloween. Pedestrian safety is a priority here in Seabrook.

We are excited to offer you and your children a safe environment to show off your costumes during this busy holiday.

Events For All

Seabrook is the ideal spot for your fall festivities! We have taken it upon ourselves to host several events for all ages! Check out the lineup below to see all the planned fall fun!

Outdoor Adventures

Once you’ve had your fill of trick-or-treating, pumpkin patches, and hay mazes, we have so many other outdoor activities that are perfect for the fall season. Take a hike through a number of trails in and that surround town or plan a day trip to Olympic National Park for some amazing hiking adventures! If you’re a little more of an adrenaline seeker, then head on over to Buck’s Northwest and rent a mountain bike for the day. We have a whole network of trails in our backyard waiting for you. And of course there’s clam digging! All the info and dates are on our events page.

Plan Your Fall Getaway To Seabrook

Here in Washington’s Beach Town, we are all about sharing holidays and seasons with friends and family, and we invite you to do the same! Check out our events page for more info on our fall festivities and book your fall getaway right here in Seabrook in one of our cozy vacation rentals!

Explore The 10 Best Parks Near Seabrook, WA

Enjoy a Day at the Park During Your Seabrook Vacation

The gorgeous Seabrook, WA area attracts travelers worldwide to our town and our Seabrook Hospitality vacation rentals. Our charming town is like a dream come true, built to support a strong community and harmony with nature with endless outdoor recreation. Meticulous attention to detail has made Seabrook a sustainable and walkable community perfect for visiting or full-time living. 

The natural beauty of the Washington Coast is like no place else on Earth, making a day at the park a lovely activity to enjoy during your Seabrook vacation. Check out our list of some of the amazing parks nearby to explore!

Explore The 10 Best Parks Near Seabrook, WA

  1. Pacific Beach State Park

Nestled by the Pacific Ocean shore is this lovely state park a few minutes away from Seabrook. This is an excellent spot for hosting dreamy bonfires and picnics. Some other popular activities include clamming and fishing.

  1. Seabrook’s Mountain Biking Park

Did you know you can go mountain biking right in Seabrook’s backyard? With trails suitable for all skill levels and an exciting expansion schedule in place, there’s something for everyone in Seabrook’s bike park where ocean air meets the forest.

  1. Ocean City State Park

This beautiful state park is located around 14 miles from Seabrook. It is attached to the North Bay Natural Area Preserve, which contains some of the most high-quality freshwaters on the Washington Coast. You can also head to the Coastal Interpretive Center to learn about the history and culture of the Washington Pacific Coast.

  1. Bottle Beach State Park

This park is a little bit of a drive from Seabrook and will take you on an hour-long journey to get here. If you enjoy bird watching, it’s worth it! In the spring, this park hosts over a million migratory birds. More than 130 different species of birds can be found at the park. All these great bird-watching opportunities have earned this park’s trail the distinction of being an official Washington State Birding Trail.

  1. Grayland Beach State Park

This is a popular park to visit for a day of flying kites or surfing the waves. Different trails loop around the campground, allowing peaceful and leisurely walks around the park. This park is a bit far from Seabrook but can be an excellent place to stop if you find yourself in the area.

  1. Griffiths Priday State Park

Located a short drive from Seabrook is this gorgeous state park with 8,316 feet of saltwater shoreline along the Pacific Ocean and 9,950 feet of freshwater shoreline along the Copalis River. Some popular activities include clamming, fishing, hiking trails, bird watching, mountain biking, and watching wildlife.

  1. Twin Harbors State Park

The trails at this park and beach shore provide ample opportunity for long walks through sand dunes and tunnels of shore pines. The Shifting Sands Trail goes through a shore pine forest and has signs along the way that tell an interpretive story. It is about half a mile long.

  1. Westport Light State Park

This park is in the same area as Grayland Beach State Park, Twin Harbors State Park, and Bottle Beach State Park, so you can visit them all on a fun day trip. This is a popular park for surfing in the area. If you’d like to learn how to surf, you can check out Bigfoot Surf School here. The Westport Maritime Museum is also nearby.

  1. Cape Disappointment State Park

This is the furthest park away from Seabrook on this list, but it boasts a lot of history and culture. The park will be about a 2-hour drive from Seabrook. You can learn about the U.S. Corps of Volunteers for Northwest Discovery attempt led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark when you visit the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.

  1. Olympic National Park

This glorious state park protects several different ecosystems, including glacier-capped mountains, old-growth temperate rainforests, and over 70 miles of wild coastline. It also preserves thousands of years of human history. There’s so much to explore at this thrilling state park near Seabrook. This is one of the most popular parks along the Washington Coast, just a little under an hour’s drive from Seabrook. 

Relax After Your Day at the Park With Seabrook Hospitality

After your dreamy day at the park, relax in one of our enchanting Seabrook vacation rentals. Seabrook Hospitality offers over 250 vacation rentals with options such as pet-friendly, indoor pool, oceanfront views, and more! Please be our guest and book your stay today!