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Getting in nature and hiking the fresh outdoors any time of year is something amazing. Here in Washington State, and Seabrook in particular, hiking is an experience like none other – shimmering sunrays, lush vegetation, budding flowers, green grass, fresh pathways, and a hint of summertime warmth. Whatever draws you to the open air, you’ll find “it” walking and hiking here.

Seabrook Trails

Elk Creek Trail

Elk Creek Trail In Seabrook

Venture down the Elk Creek Trail accessible from the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway and view the windswept trees mainly comprised of spruce and hemlock all throughout the conservation area. The best part about this trail? You'll wind up at the beach!

Gnome Trail In Seabrook

Gnome Trail

Take a whimsical walk down the Gnome Trail and see what you can spot! Just go past the Old Stump in the Mill District or come from the bottom through the South of Market neighborhood or from the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway.

Old Logging Trail/Mountain Bike Loop

Head to the South Farm at the end of Horizon Street to get to this trailhead and enjoy the rugged terrain, PNW foliage and many trail options. Looking for something easy to moderate? Try out these trails!

Narnia Trail

Take in the PNW foliage on the Narnia Trail, a 1/2 mile "out and back" trek located at the end of Horizon Street in the South Farm district. Continuing at the 1/2 mile point instead of turning around will take you to the DNR trailhead with many more trails of varying skill levels.

Buck Lake Trail

This 1.7 mile loop has an elevation climb of 67-feet and is relatively flat and wide with some small bridges. Take Compass Street at the back of Seabrook and follow the road east to the gate, the entrance is notated by brown posts. 

For more details and a map of trails bordering Seabrook, visit: Mountain Biking In Seabrook, or call Buck's Northwest at 360-986-0325.

Seabrook town map with trails highlighted red

Seabrook Is Full Of Networking Trails For Hiking And Biking

For more information on nearby hiking trails, from Aberdeen to the Olympic National Park, check out our Seabrook Area Hiking page!