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Since it began operating in 2007, the Seabrook Community Foundation (SCF) has awarded more than $1.3 million in grants and scholarships to organizations and students throughout Grays Harbor County. While we are still a small foundation with limited resources, we are happy to have helped local nonprofits and students achieve their worthy goals. When we complete our grantmaking for 2019 at our November 10th meeting, we will announce the complete list of grants made this year here.

From time to time, foundations need to pause and reflect on their giving and revisit and reexamine their purpose, goals and operations. That time has come for SCF. Over the next few months, the board and founders will take on that task in earnest. While that is underway, we need to put our giving on hold in order for our all-volunteer board members to have adequate time to thoughtfully lay out our mission and develop strategies and plans to guide our next phase. 

We know this decision may be disappointing to some, but we believe it is necessary. We will provide periodic updates here and on our Facebook page as we progress. At this time we have no paid staff, so inquiries should be directed to and a board member will respond.

Please know that we embrace the future with enthusiasm and look forward to continuing to contribute to our community.