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When a new or existing home is sold in Seabrook, one percent of the purchase price of the house is donated to the Seabrook Community Foundation. These funds are then awarded as grants and scholarships to individuals and organizations in the North Beach and Grays Harbor communities.

Grants are provided to organizations that provide services to support these communities. This includes emergency and community services, human services such as food banks, shelter and children’s lunch programs, youth recreational activities, animal welfare, the arts, and other programs.

Scholarships are awarded to individuals wishing to continue their education at a college, university, or vocational institute. Individuals must show promise of success based on their past academic record, plan for the future, job history, and overall desire to succeed!

The Foundation board is comprised of residents of Grays Harbor County who are passionate about the North Beach and Grays Harbor communities, people, history, and overall welfare. 

Seabrook Community Foundation has provided grants to many different non-profit organizations. The following is a sample of these organizations.

  • Coastal Harvest
  • Green Lantern Lunch program
  • Camp Victory
  • Quinault Community Food bank
  • North Beach Paws
  • North Beach Senior Center
  • Coastal Interpretive Center
  • Ocean Shores Food Bank
  • Grays Harbor Lacrosse Club
  • Bishop Center for the Performing Arts
  • Saving the Nations Ministries
  • Grays Harbor Youth Works
  • Ocean Shores Firefighters Association
  • Hoquiam Fire Department
  • 7th Street Theatre
  • Connections: A Center for Healthy Families
  • Tugboat Granny's Daycare
  • Stage West Community Theatre
  • Aberdeen Revitalization Movement

Board meetings to review grant applications in 2019 are scheduled for August 18 and November 10. Deadline for grants for these meetings are August 9 and November 1.

Scholarships are accepted throughout the year to accommodate anyone wishing to return to school or receive professional training.

You can download the most recent Q2 of 2019 press release.

We encourage students to apply for a scholarship and qualified organizations to apply for a grant. The Board meets quarterly to review applications.

Find out more information about scholarships in our guide, then apply by filling out and emailing us the scholarship application.

To apply, please download the application below and return it completed per instructions in the application. You can find more information about the application here. For any inquiries please send an email to