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Summer Activities

Do you love the sun and the sand?

Then you will love building sandcastles.

Building sandcastles is one of the most cherished beach activities there is. Many people will tell you that some of their best vacation memories revolve around building a sandcastle with their family and friends on a beautiful day at the beach. One of the best things about building sandcastles is it's a low resource activity - all you need is a group of friends, some spades, and a bucket or two.

If building sandcastles is something you want to do during your Seabrook beach vacation, we have some hints and tips that will help you perfect your sandcastle in no time. 


  • paper & pencil for castle design
  • spades and/or shovels
  • buckets
  • carving tools - spatula
  • straw to blow away the sand during detail
  • sand
  • water


Building a big sandcastle with your family and friends will definitely make your beach day memorable. Here are some of our tips to build the perfect sandcastle.

  • Location, location, location. The first priority should be finding the perfect plot of land for your perfect sandcastle. Look for a spot close to the high tide line - usually marked by seaweed and flotsam - and the low tide line where sand is still visibly wet and the waves are close. Remember, this will change as the tide comes and goes during the day.
  • Build a base. Fill up a bucket, cup or other form, preferably without a bottom, with sand. Mix with enough water to make soupy. Allow the water to drain out the bottom. Using your feet or a tamper, pack the sand down. Repeat until the for is full. After the last draining and packing, gently remove the form. Use bigger forms on the bottom, then stack smaller forms on top.
  • Carve out the castle. Once you've made the rough framework, shape it up. Starting from the top, use a spade to form rooflines and to smooth out your towers and walls. Use a straw to blow away loose sand as you go.
  • Think Big! The modest castle with perfect towers, battlements and moat is nice, but it is the huge castles which break the beach horizon that inspire awe and wonderment in people that pass by. 


Throughout the year, Seabrook will offer a sandcastle building workshop with professional sandcarvers. It's a great way for young and new sandcastle builders to get some experience, and it's a fun way for parents, grandparetns, and children to build memories. To see if there is a sandcastle workshop taking place during your Seabrook vacation, checkout the events calendar page or take a look at the Weekly, Seabrook's weekly publication, you'll receive upon check-in. 

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