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Winter Activities

There’s no better time of year than winter to enjoy beachcombing at Seabrook.

Many avid beachcombers find peace and comfort in this winter activity for a lot of reasons.

Beachcombing is an active hobby that involves searching beaches for shells, sea glass, rocks, and other collectables that wash ashore. For many, it’s fun to get outside, explore new beaches, and reconnect with nature; to which beachcombing checks all the boxes.

If you think beachcombing sounds fun, and you want to give it a try on your next stay at Seabrook, here are some general guidelines and ideas.


There are countless spots along the Washington coast to go beachcombing, but some of the best spots are right here in Seabrook’s back yard.


Rialto Beach is famous for both its offshore sea stacks and phenomenal beach combing. The beach is covered with rock beds of gray basalt and diverse quartz and jasper collections, like orbicular jasper, which stands out with its red orbs on a black background.


Kalaloch Beach is acclaimed for its lodge, sunset and storm watching, and the famed Kalaloch Tree Root Cave. But it’s also a great spot for driftwood. There are countless artful, weatherworn pieces scattered across the gorgeous stretch of sand. While you’re here, you can also look through the tide pools filled with all kinds of marine life.


Known as “Washington’s Best Kept Secret,” Pacific Beach is home to Copalis Beach (and Seabrook), which is the country’s only FAA-designated beach airport. However, Copalis Beach is better known for its long stretches of sandy beaches, making it a great beachcombing destination. If you’re looking for the famed Japanese glass floats, this area is going to be your best bet.


Sure, it might be cold outside, but the winter season is the best time to go beachcombing.


The heavier waves the coast gets this time of year stirs up the surf and drops a fortune of unique treasures on to the beach. The best time to go beachcombing is after a storm when the tides are low so the beach is exposed and you can find more treasures.


Just because it’s the beach does not mean there will be any shortage of sharp surfaces and potentially harmful objects. Make sure you bring shoes with grip to ensure you’ll keep your footing and won’t hurt yourself. You’re also going to want to bring layers of clothes - several long-sleeved shirts, extra pairs of long pants, lots of socks, gloves, scarf, all-weather shoes, and warm hat.

In addition, you’re going to want to be have everything you’ll need on your excursion, such as a tote bag for your treasures and gardening gloves for raking through shell. Finally, while you’re searching for treasures you’re most likely to come upon some trash. Please bring a plastic bag along to pick up trash and help preserve our planet’s beaches. If you simply pick up whatever garbage you find, you’ll be leaving the beach more beautiful and safe then it was when you got there.


#1 - Be respectful of marine life. Do not kill or take any live animals, including starfish, crabs, fish, etc. But, if it’s already dead than go ahead.

#2 - If you are going to take something, make sure the object isn’t somebody’s home. You’d be surprised at what little crabs like to make their houses out of.

#3 - Use Caution! Be aware of the weather, tide schedules, slippery surfaces, wildlife, etc.


Winter is the perfect time of year to enjoy beachcombing because Seabrook beaches are typically less crowded, so you may have miles of sand to search for special treasures along your path.

You never know what you’ll find washed ashore on the Seabrook coastline. Whether mesmerizing sea glass, petrified wood, or even a funny-looking sea creature, each find will be sure to have your mind wandering as you think about the long path it travelled to arrive there.

Beachcombing is a great way to unwind, clear your head, reconnect with the earth, and explore nature.

Plus, visiting Seabrook in the winter will allow you to take advantage of some of the best rates of the year on our most popular vacation rentals.

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