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As the gorgeous fall weather winds down and the winter begins in earnest, it’s easy to curl up inside with a movie and beer and swear off the outdoors for a bit. But if you do, you’ll be missing out on a spectacular season of the stunning Washington Coast. Winter is a great time to make the trip west and have authentic Pacific Northwest experiences in the wildness along our coastline. From fresh seafood you can catch yourself to dazzling winter storms, there’s never been a better time to visit Seabrook and the Washington Coast. Come experience the Washington Coast in a way few ever will!

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Surfing the Beach

Cold, Wet, Stoked!

While the sport of surfing is most often associated with Hawaii or Southern California, cold-weather surfing is growing in...

Razor clam digging

Razor clam season on the Washington coast begins in October and goes to March and sometimes April. Digging razor clams is exciting...

Storm Watching

It’s funny how a good storm can stir up feelings of excitement and new beginnings.

With no land masses between the Washington...

Beach Combing

There’s no better time of year than winter to enjoy beachcombing at Seabrook.

Many avid beachcombers find peace and comfort in this...