Area History

Sometimes we want to venture beyond our front porch, past our vibrant little town and away from our stretch of sand. When the urge strikes, one of the most magnificent places on the planet is waiting to amaze you.

Welcome to the central Washington coast area, also known as the North Beach. From here, you can find yourself in some of the most unique environments within a very short distance. Whether it’s surfing, hiking, fishing, or just exploring, this side of the Olympic Peninsula has it all.

Area History

Haven’t been to this area? That might just be by design.

In the early 1900’s, the neighboring towns of Pacific Beach & Moclips were beach hot spots with masses of people traveling mostly by rail to this farthest west terminus.

After making Pacific Beach its home during World War II, the US Navy and Air Force intentionally took the area “off the map.” Today, with Seabrook re-introducing so many people to this beautiful area, history is indeed repeating itself.

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The History & Future Of Seabrook’s Forest

The land Seabrook currently encompasses has a deep history, from the natural resources used by indigenous people to the repeated clear-cutting of the forests prior to Seabrook’s establishment. Following the logging of these lands, what was left behind was an unhealthy and unmanaged forest landscape that would take many years to correct and regenerate. Read more on our story: The History & Future Of Seabrook’s Forest

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