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Seabrook Walkable Neighborhood Streetscape

Many first-time visitors to Seabrook are in awe over how welcoming, comfortable, and charming this town is. That feeling did not happen by chance. 

Great towns are built with community and accessibility in mind. At Seabrook, we combined the best principles of New Urbanism with the beauty of our coastal beaches to create a place where bikes and flip flops, dogs and kites, conversation and connectivity all rule.

Yes, cars are welcome (how else are you going to get here?), but you’ll be happy to leave them stowed away in a carriage house or on one of our carefully conceived lanes once you arrive.

Just ask anyone who has visited Seabrook, the design of our town is perhaps out best asset. Charming architecture and convenient, useful amenities draw residents and guests out of their homes. These beautiful common gathering areas, including a vibrant collection of town merchants and restaurants, are where community is strengthened and memories are made and shared.

Seabrook beach trail access from NW glen

But we can’t forget about the beach. All roads (or in our case, walking trails) flow down to the magnificent allure of the Pacific Ocean. Seabrook was designed to provide unbridled access to everything our coastline has to offer, offering three pedestrian-only access points to the sand.

Whether residing full-time or visiting for a few days, we hope your experience at Seabrook is supported by the time and attention our team has invested into creating a place unlike anything else in the Pacific Northwest.