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Town founders, Casey and Laura Roloff first met in high school and quickly realized they had one major thing in common — they loved the beach! After graduating college, they married and moved to the Oregon coast where they started their very first business painting houses. 

As the Roloffs became more involved in the local community, they studied the local and national real estate markets and recognized an opportunity to build custom vacation homes, second homes, and primary residences that had architectural character and an uncommon attention to detail.

Roloff Family Outside of Seabrook's First Sales Office In 2004

Pictured left to right: Casey and Laura Roloff in front of the first custom home they built. Casey and Laura Roloff and family in front of the original Seabrook Sales Office. 

Using  new urbanist design principles and inspiration from the internationally recognized town of Seaside, Florida, they set out to build their first beach community, Bella Beach on the Oregon Coast.

Finding great success with Bella, they eventually looked northward towards Washington State for a similar opportunity. This led them to Grays Harbor County, where in 2004, along with their innovative design team, worked collaboratively to curate and develop Washington’s most celebrated beach town.


Walkability of Seabrook

Visitors to Seabrook experience how the lost art of town making has been brought to life with a specialized design concept known as The New Urbanism.

Everything in the coastal town is purpose-built with walkability and connectivity intertwined with the beautiful coastal surroundings, signature of the Pacific Northwest.

Entering Seabrook is stepping into a welcoming, comfortable and charming atmosphere that has all been carefully planned and accomplished one home, retail space, amenity, or trail at a time.

Yes, cars are welcome (how else are you going to get here?), but you’ll be happy to leave them stowed away in a carriage house or along one of our tree lined streets where on-street parking is actually encouraged to ensure safe streets for pedestrians and bicyclists.


The transect concept provides zones that are an important part of new urbanism planning and that help describe the wide range of community transitions from rural to urban with an emphasis of  increasing town-wide accessibility to homes, shopping, and amenities.

Transect Planning In Seabrook

When walking through Seabrook, the carefully implemented transect is utilized for smooth and aesthetically pleasing transitions between zones and neighborhoods, from the expanding town center to the growing South Farm District.


Coastal Lodging Units
Lodging Availability

When the Pacific Northwest was examined for lodging availability along the coast at the time of Seabrook's conceptualization, there was one tenth of the lodging units available on the Washington Coast versus the Oregon Coast.

This vast difference was seen as a growth opportunity to cater to vacationers seeking a coastal getaway.

Proximity To Metropolitan Areas

Seabrook is conveniently located a short drive away from Seattle and Portland, making it an accessible drive-to vacation location that has been on-the-rise for years.

The beach town is also situated near popular sight-seeing destinations like the Olympic National Park (a World Heritage Site) a 45-minute drive away.

Opportunity Zone

Opportunity Zones are neighborhoods that are economically under-developed per designated census tracts across the United States. Once an area is considered an Opportunity Zone, it maintains that status for a decade. Opportunity Zones are attractive for residential and commercial investors for tax incentives.


 As a town built on the concept of New Urbanism, a feeling of true community is built up right alongside the town.

Homes To Accommodate Everyone

Seabrook was built with inclusivity in mind. Homes of all sizes, from 2-person carriage homes to homes that sleep upwards of 20 people create a sense of community for everyone living or staying in Seabrook.

Merchants & Town Events

In Seabrook, children play freely and safely, merchants quickly become staple stops of old and new patrons alike, and events bring the community together for conversation and memories made.

Seabrook - Washington's Beach Town
Miles of Shoreline And Trails To Explore

But we can’t forget about the beach. All roads (or in Seabrook's case, walking trails) flow down to the magnificent allure of the Pacific Ocean. Seabrook’s three beach accesses provide a convenient way to enjoy and access the beach from our three oceanfront neighborhoods: NW Glen, Pacific Glen, & Elk Creek.

Community Involvement

The connectivity also expands throughout the local community and county. The Seabrook Community Foundation awards grants to many Grays Harbor County Nonprofits with an emphasis on aiding Grays Harbor Youth.


Seabrook's location is ideal for some of the best day-trip destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Many visitors spend time taking in the natural splendor of the Olympic National Park that expands for up to 123 miles from Seabrook using Highway 101.

From beautiful beaches to hiking in the old-growth forests with waterfall views and experiencing pristine lakes like Lake Quinault, there is so much to look forward to during an outdoor outing any time of the year. 

Lake Quinault, a rainforest hike, and Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Park

Whether residing full-time or visiting for a few days, we hope each experience at Seabrook is supported by the time and attention the Seabrook team has invested into creating a place unlike anything else in the Pacific Northwest.

Original Illustrative Town Master Plan
Current Illustrative Seabrook Master Plan
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