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Experience the full glory of Seabrook on our mountain bike trails. From heavily-scented pine forests to quiet coastal singletrack, you’ll get away from the crowds as you pedal off-the-beaten-track along this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest.

Seabrook is a mountain bikers’ paradise. If you’re interested in mountain biking, Seabrook accommodates all levels, and Buck’s Bikes, the local cycling shop, will be happy to dial you into paths and parks that fit your skill level as well as offer bike rentals for all ages. We have miles and miles of off-road tracks you will come to enjoy.

A diverse and beautiful area, Seabrook has an array of ecosystems from coastal beaches to rugged forests, making it a mountain biker’s Mecca. From the trails on the bluff perched high above the mighty Pacific Ocean to the rough and rugged trails forged by the logging industry decades ago, expect some one of a kind riding at Seabrook.

Here's the complete map (with more trails continuously being added):

Narnia (red) is 1.6 miles long and has a 36-foot elevation change. This is a wide single-track that is great for all skill levels.

Mike-O-Rama (blue) is a half-mile long and has 113-foot elevation change. This trail flows very well with a good climb in both directions. The Mike-O-Rama trail has a one-of-a-kind-view halfway through you definitely don’t want to leave Seabrook without experiencing.

Maid Brigade (yellow) is a quarter-mile long trail with a 26-foot elevation change. This is an extremely technical single track with tight turns, protruding roots, and shrubbery that can obstruct your path.

Wormhole (teal) is a 700-foot long trail with 45-feet of elevation drop. This trail features six berms, three rollers, and two tabletops. This track is a lot of fun for everyone. Downhill traffic only.

The Playground (violet) is a quarter-mile long track with 50-feet of elevation change. The Playground is a flow trail with fun turns, a couple hips and rollers, a cedar bridge and rock crossings.

Mill Trail (green) is a short detour following part of the promenade trail behind homes in the Mill District.

Downhill (purple) is for experienced riders only and is an extremely technical section. Downhill doesn’t have huge speeds or mastic sucks, but it’s a challenge to stay on the bike for the short trip down from Mike-O-Rama.

Access Road (brown) is a combination of Compass Street, SR109, and old logging roads. This is the path most riders take to get to Mike-O-Rama and Narnia.

Mountain bikers who want to cross bridges can take the Narnia and Playground trails, while bikers will find jumps along the Wormhole track.

Thanks to a local community of passionate riders, the beach town has an amazing mountain bike infrastructure of high-quality trails, a new trail development schedule, and bike-friendly vibes.

Stay at Seabrook

If you’re passionate about mountain biking, Seabrook and the Washington Coast is your destination. The Washington Coast provides the perfect environment for one of nature’s most unique bike rides. Get lost and lose yourself on a sublime mountain bike ride along Washington's most beautiful coastline.

The Washington coast offers countless activities for the adventurous soul, and mountain biking is just the beginning. If you’re into adventure check learn more about fat tire biking on the beach, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, clamming, and other activities to enjoy during your stay at Seabrook.

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