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Did you know that this charming beach town has some fierce mountain bike trails!? Seabrook takes mountain biking and cycling very seriously.

If you’re serious, be sure to secure your mountain bike to your rig on your way to the beach so you can experience Seabrook’s network of trails. Feel the salty air at the bluff above the Pacific Ocean or the vibration of your handlebars as you cross the rugged forest terrain.

Seabrook’s trails and singletrack accommodate all levels. Just ask Buck from Buck’s Northwest, owner of the local cycling shop. Buck is happy to set you up with just what you need, including bikes, maps, gear – and even bear bells. Everything that fits your competitive-self level, and your family’s, too.

Mountain Biking In Seabrook

Seabrook has miles of off-road tracks – for enjoyment or training, and always for exhilaration.


Narnia is a great trail for the most direct access to the brand new DNR trails! This 1/2 mile "out and back" trail is found at the end of Horizon Street in the Farm District, and takes you right to the DNR Trails Trailhead! 


The DNR Trails offer an excellent variety of difficulty for all mountain bikers young and old! A great place to learn to mountain bike as the trails are wide, clearly marked, and you never get too far from where you started.


Mike-O-Rama is a half-mile long and has 113-foot elevation change. This trail flows very well with a good climb in both directions. The Mike-O-Rama trail has a one-of-a-kind-view halfway through your experience.


Wormhole is a 700-foot long trail with 45-feet of elevation drop. This trail features six berms, three rollers, and two tabletops. This track is a lot of fun for everyone. Downhill traffic only.


Zipline Trail is a quarter-mile long track with 50-feet of elevation change. The Zipline Trail is a flow trail with fun turns, a couple hips and rollers, a cedar bridge, and rock crossings.

Mountain Biking On Seabrook's DNR Trail Network

Seabrook adds new mountain biking terrain with the addition of the DNR bike trails! Buck Giles of Buck's Northwest describes why he loves riding in Seabrook.

Thanks to the local community of enthusiastic riders, Olympic Peninsula Bicycle Alliance, and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Seabrook has amazing mountain-bike infrastructure, a new trail development schedule, and a bike-friendly atmosphere.

Please note that ongoing construction in Seabrook may affect certain entrances/availability of biking trails. Call Buck's Northwest at 360-986-0325 or visit for the most current information on current trail issues, closures, or more details on trails.

Mountain Biking In Seabrook

Download a printable map here: 

CURRENT ACCESS SCHEDULE FOR DNR TRAILS: Access to the DNR Trails is restricted to the Narnia Trail between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm during the week. Compass Street beyond the Farm District is CLOSED during that time.

Mountain Biking In Seabrook


  • Mountain biking (MTB) is the sport of riding bicycles off-road.
  • To track and analyze activity, measure performance, connect and compete with friends and globally … check out the Strava app.
  • To discover, plan, and share mountain-biking activities ... check out the TrailForks app.
  • says, “Prior to the idea of mountain biking as a recreational activity, “off-road” style bikes were used for transportation over rough terrain.” 1890s!
  • Mountain biking can be broken down into categories, including cross country, trail riding, all mountain (or "Enduro"), downhill, freeride, and dirt jumping.
  • Mountain biking is considered an Extreme Sport.
  • The era of mountain biking as a sport began in the late 1970s. This date remains up for debate.
  • According to, in 2017, Eric Barone broke 141 miles per hour on a mountain bike. This was done in the French Alps on a snowy ski slope. Compare this to the thrill of a modern downhill MTB race of about 40 mph.
  • Also on, SUPER BALLOON TIRES were introduced in the late 1930s. These tires were 2 inches wide with the benefit of softening the ride and improving traction. With the latest move to “Fat Tire Bikes” companies are marketing tires over 5 inches wide!
  • Cyclocross is a cross between road racing and mountain biking.
  • Also on, “…the largest mountain biking race in the world when it comes to number of participants is the Birkebeinerrittet in Norway. It’s 53.4 miles long and attracts anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 participants annually.
  • Mountain biking can be a hobby for a lifetime. The youngest person to win a world championship was just 16, and the oldest was 80.

Sources: Summaries of numerous corroborative websites.

Book your stay in Seabrook and take full advantage of the growing beach town and mountain biking adventures!

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Mountain Biking In Seabrook