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Pumpkin patches, costume parties, mushroom hunting and razor clam digging only mean one thing: it’s officially fall in Seabrook. So, turn over a new leaf and enjoy the new season at the coast. 

Here are some classically Seabrook ways to enjoy the fall season:

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Razor clam digging

Razor clam season on the Washington coast begins in October and goes to March and sometimes April. Digging razor clams is exciting...

Autumn recipes for cozy times ahead

The weather turns, kids are back to school, you are ready for some football, and you really want to dip a buttery,...

Springtime hiking at Seabrook

Getting with nature and hiking the fresh outdoors in springtime is something amazing. Here in Washington State, and Seabrook in particular, hiking...

Town Tour begins in the Sales Office

Imagine drifting to sleep to the gentle sounds of the ocean… every night. What a glorious feeling.

If you have ever imagined...


Did you know that this charming beach town has some fierce mountain bike trails!? Seabrook takes mountain biking and cycling very seriously.