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The Gnome Trail

Just beyond The Old Cedar Stump in the Mill District is the beginning of the Gnome Trail that has become a must-visit trail for visitors. With several trails interwoven through the forest attaching to the Gnome Trail, take a whimsical walk and see all of the gnome homes that are home to the magical creatures of the forest. You can build your own gnome house, too. Please take care to make sure it’s made from all natural materials to keep the forest clean for the gnomes and fairy creatures that live there.

Not quite ready to wrap up a walk in the woods? If you cross the road (with care) at the foot of the trail, the entrance to the Elk Creek trail is there that winds through more beautiful forestry that ends up at the beach! Expect about a ten to fifteen minute walk from the head of the Gnome Trail to the beach via the Elk Creek trail. Make sure to wear proper footwear if the weather has been rainy as portions of the trail can become muddy.

The History Of The Gnome Trail

The trail is one of the old skid log roads that loggers used to harvest timber. At the base of the trail, hikers can see a large log with a flat top where logged trees were skidded across to what was formerly known as “Santa Claus Corner” due to the logger who directed the removal of the logs’ resemblance of Santa Claus. Visitors can also see notches in the stumps that are remnants of the logging history in the area.