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Ruby Beach

Many people say Ruby Beach is the most beautiful beach in Washington State. What’s not debatable is the idea that Ruby Beach is one place you need to visit on your trip out to the Washington Coast. Known for its iconic rock formations, reddish sand, huge driftwood structures, and active tide pools, Ruby Beach is one of the most well-known and visited beaches in the state.

Popular Activities

What makes Ruby Beach beautiful beach in Washington isn’t just its sand and sea stacks. It’s the whole experience.  It’s the kind of place that young, curious explorers and more mellow beach goers can all enjoy alike. And it’s a photographer’s dream.

Sea Stacks

The iconic Ruby Beach sea stacks are some of the most famous sea stacks in the US. Formed over hundreds of years of erosion, these magnificent rock formations are brilliant and inspiring.

Abbey Island is the most viewed sea stack at Ruby Beach, and one of the most photographed sea stacks in the Olympic National Park. Sitting off shore a few hundred feet north of the beach, Abbey Island is home to sea otters, migratory birds, and flanked with starfish and mussels. There is another sea stack near Abbey Island that stands about 20 feet in the air and is another perfect photography spot. With a hole in the middle of the rock, numerous visitors stand, sit or gaze at a sunset through this porthole sized gap in the stone.


Starfish at Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast

Tidepools are fun for everyone, and Ruby Beach has plenty. The tidepools here are really fascinating as there is an abundance of marine life. Purple, red and yellow starfish, spiny sea urchins, hard shelled limpets, anemones and crabs scuttling in the seaweed are just some of the delights that await you.


For many people, a day at the beach isn’t complete until they’ve dusted off a sand-covered seashell and added it to their collection. But beachcombers shouldn’t limit their treasure hunting to just conches and cockles.

From agates and sea glass to unique rocks and driftwood, Ruby Beach is brimming with treasures to take home as souvenirs. But before you pocket anything, one word of warning: Make sure there’s no longer a sea creature living inside its shell. It’s illegal to remove these critters from the beach and doing so can result in a fine.


Wandering either direction up and down the beach is also an adventure. Head north along the coast, with the tide low, and walk to the mouth of the Hoh River in just two short miles. Or hike south and walk for nearly 15 miles until you reach the mouth of the Quinault River. These two river mouths play an important significance to the region, as they are both fed by the heavy rainforest downpours that occur year round.

Additional Information

    • Ruby Beach is part of the Olympic National Park so you will need a National Park Pass to park in the parking lot.
    • The beach is home to a lot of wildlife, including Bald Eagles. Therefore, it is against the law to fly drones at Ruby Beach.
    • Ruby Beach is accessible directly off of Highway 101.

What People Are Saying About Ruby Beach

The sun setting on Ruby Beach

“I love Ruby Beach! One of my favorite beaches in Washington! The view here is fantastic and the nearby haystack rocks are a sheer delight to take in.”

– Alden, Tacoma

“One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen on the west coast. This place is heaven on earth.”

– Brittany, Indianapolis

“Ruby Beach is breathtaking. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest.”

– Sheri, Seattle

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