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Explore Copalis Rock

Copalis Rock is a must-see stop if you find yourself on the Washington coast and would like to get a close look at tide pools near Seabrook. Copalis Rock is one of the seastacks that is visible from Seabrook’s bluff, if you look south while on Seabrook’s beach on a clear day, you can spot the seastack further down the shore.

@seabrookwa Walk 3 miles on the beach from Seabrook or drive to Roosevelt beach access and walk a mile to see what the PNW has to offer 🦀🐚🦦 #washingtoncoast #washington #nature #beach #beachtown #summervacation #smalltown #SplashSummerVibe #fyp #newurbanism #pnw #seabrookwa ♬ Reflections on 52nd – AGM3

When To Go

In order to see the sea creatures up close, you’ll want to make sure you visit during very low tide. If it’s not at a very low tide, it may not be possible to approach the seastack to its base. Keep an eye out for bright green anemones, orange, red, and purple starfish, barnacles, mussels, and more!

How To Get There

Though you can walk from Seabrook’s beach to the seastack, it’s a long trek (an hour or more each way, depending on your pace and there are streams you’ll need to cross). Beach goers often opt to drive to the Roosevelt Beach approach about 5 minutes south of Seabrook and drive on the beach towards Copalis Rock, parking nearer for a shorter walk. If you’re not familiar with driving on the beach, make sure to stay on the packed sand and pay close attention to the tides if you plan to leave your vehicle. Also take care crossing any streams as the depth can be difficult to gauge.

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