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Sand Art & Games

Make the miles of beach your art canvas or outdoor play space whether you are building a sandcastle, scribing, creating designs with stones, driftwood, or shells, or making a game out of the sand! You never know what you might discover while playing in the sand, too, from authentic glass floats to agates.

Sandcastle Building On Seabrook's Beach

Sculpt & Create

Nothing gets the imagination going like building something in the sand! Whether you’ve set out to build a sandcastle, sand animals, or a sand snowman, the fine sand on Seabrook’s beach makes it easy to pack the sand where it will hold its shape.

Just make sure there is enough water added to the sand. According to PBS News Hour and, the magic ratio of sand is 8 parts sand to 1 part water.  

At Seabrook, most homes are equipped with sand-building luxury items like colorful, plastic beach pails and shovel sets. If not, Brooklets Toys on Market Street near the town center always has beachy items and games. 

For ambitious or advanced sculptors, bringing along other tools like paintbrushes or a gardening spade can make fine details easier to achieve! 

If you want to sculpt something with height, make sure to bring a sizeable bucket along. Start building layers upward about 3-6 inches at a time and then sculpt from the top down for the best results.

Create Intricate Designs Or Anything That Comes To Mind On The Sandy Beach!

Sketch & Scribe

The wet, packed sand near the surf creates the perfect environment to sketch out a sandy masterpiece or just some cute doodles, too.

Bring along a rake to make intricate patterns and shading or write your name, a beach-trip tradition!

For dedicated sand scribers, try bringing along a large compass to create perfect circles for mesmerizing designs.

Make A Sand Game!

Fun & Games

Hours of creative fun are waiting wherever there is sand! Try sculpting or sketching one of these games on your next beach outing.

  • Build a mound and then dig out holes in the center and play sand cornhole! You can use shells, small rocks, sticks, or bring along your own items to throw.
  • What kid doesn’t like hopscotch? Use your hands or grab a stick to map out some squares and let the hopscotch beach games begin.
  • Find a stick and play your own version of sand Pictionary.
  • Draw out a sand maze or pathway to follow.
  • Draw out a large (or small) target in the sand, stand back, and play darts using small items like shells at the beach. 

We love to see your creations, feel free to share your beach day memories with us on our social media

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