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Build A Gnome House

Welcome the coastal woodland gnomes and fairies with a brand new house built of all-natural materials found throughout Seabrook’s forests and along the beach! This all-ages activity invites guests, homeowners, and visitors to get creative and use their building skills to add to the ever-growing gnome village on the Gnome Trail in Seabrook.

Getting Started

Building a gnome house is the perfect sunny or rainy day activity, just make sure to bring along some rain boots and jacket to collect your house-building materials from the woods if it happens to be raining. So, what materials should you use? Some gnome-approved materials include twigs, pine cones, seashells, dune grass, driftwood, pine needles, feathers, stones, ferns, bark, and leaves. These are all plentiful throughout Seabrook’s trails and the beach. Hunting for materials is a great way to get to know the many trails around town, too! You can use just your hands to assemble homes or if you want to get fancy, doing some whittle work can take a gnome house to the next level.

Add Your Own Creations To The Magical Gnome Trail In Seabrook!

Make Your Creation At Your Vacation Home

There’s nothing quite so whimsical as coming across a cute little handcrafted gnome house along the Gnome Trail. Stand-alone gnome houses take some technical skill where it is best to build it on a foundation for easy transport to the forest. Many of the homes in Seabrook have decks that work well for a makeshift workshop! In the woods you can find sturdier, thicker twigs or branches to use and also bendable branches or dune grass (we recommend gloves while handling dune grass) that can be used to tie corners together as you build the home. Let your imagination run free with what you can add to the home, from windows, balconies, decks, multiple doorways, and more.

Collect Materials And Build While On The Trail

The easiest way to build a gnome home is to do it against something that is already there while enjoying the fresh air and natural surroundings. Provide your creation with a solid backing against fallen logs, stumps, tree bases or hollows for the perfect setup. On the Gnome Trail, you’ll see all shapes and sizes of gnome houses and forts that have been assembled over the years using the trees and stumps, from slanted homes to tall homes big enough for a human visitor or two!

Don’t Forget About The Little Details

Who doesn’t like a home that comes with all the best amenities? Assembling a little fireplace, bed, table, chair, a mailbox, pathway, or even stairs can make a house as cozy as can be.

Share With Us

Tag us on social media with your builds, we love to see them!   

Add Your Own Creations To The Magical Gnome Trail In Seabrook!

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