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Storm Watching

It’s funny how a good storm can stir up feelings of excitement and new beginnings.

With no land masses between the Washington coast and Japan, storm fronts rolling in from the west have 3,000 miles of open ocean to build into spectacular events.

That’s why storm watching is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding winter activities to enjoy while at Seabrook. Typically, the best time to enjoy winter storms is from December through March – and boy does Mother Nature deliver quite a show!


The unique geography of the Seabrook coastline provides many oceanfront homes with some of the best storm watching panoramas on the coast. Some of which can be enjoyed right from the comfort of your living room sofa while sipping on freshly brewed coffee in front of a cozy fireplace.

Open a window and fall into a state of relaxation with the rhythmic sounds of the rain combined with the lapping of ocean waves in the distance providing the perfect background for a quick nap or to get lost in your favorite book.


Because it’s rainy and windy, you feel good about taking a break from your to-do list and taking time to reconnect with nature.

Take a deep breath of ocean air or enjoy the rain in your home’s private hot tub. Surrender to nature and feel the unique combination of the cool rain falling on your skin with the warmth of the jetted tub.

Storm watching offers you a glimpse and appreciation for the power of mother nature. Putting life into perspective on many levels.

The energy of a storm can make you feel a sense of optimism for a fresh start after the storm passes.

Storm Watching In Seabrook


Experiencing coastal storms firsthand is an exhilarating and unique experience. If you plan on going outside to enjoy the view, make sure to dress for the weather, wearing an insulated raincoat (with pockets to safely store your phone or other devices) and rainboots. Seabrook has breathtaking vantage points along the bluff to take in the sprawling coastline. The Pacific Glen promenade, Overlook Park, Northwest Glen archway, and West Hill Park are just a few spots to check out the waves.

Pay attention to signage posted, there will be red flags noting dangerous conditions on the beach when it not safe to enter. If you are on the beach to storm watch under safe conditions, make sure to always face the ocean, do not go in or near the water (sneaker waves are possible along all coastlines), and do not go near driftwood or other items that can potentially be moved.


Whether you decide to hunker down in your oceanfront home or bundle up and join the seabirds to dance in the wind, you’re sure to enjoy an awe-inspiring experience that invigorates your mind, body and soul while storm watching at Seabrook.

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