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Finding "that" wave

Today might just be thee day for “the perfect wave.” If you are a skimboarder, then every day has that potential.


Flying a kite

Defy gravity with aerodynamics and feel exhilarated! Everything you need to fly a kite in Seabrook is available in Seabrook and the...

Town Tour begins in the Sales Office

Imagine drifting to sleep to the gentle sounds of the ocean… every night. What a glorious feeling.

If you have ever imagined...

Do you love the sun and the sand?

Then you will love building sandcastles.

Building sandcastles is one of the most cherished...

Firepits and S'mores

Do you prefer your marshmallow light brown, crispy brown, or charcoal burnt? Do you hold your stick in the flame, near the...


Did you know that this charming beach town has some fierce mountain bike trails!? Seabrook takes mountain biking and cycling very seriously.