Hear From Homeowners

Mark Julie D Homeowners Seabrook

Mark and Julie D.

“We’ve been married for 38 years and started going to Cannon Beach 34 years ago (just a year after our first son was born). We fell in love with the place. The beach, with its rock formations, the town and its shops drew us back again and again and we were also joined by family and friends. We typically made it down there 2 to 3 times a year. One of our goals was to own a home in Cannon Beach and possibly retire there one day. Affordability was an issue though. Prices were high and unless grandfathered in, rentals were restricted to a minimum 2 week stay, seriously reducing income potential.

We initially learned about Seabrook seven years ago and it peaked our curiosity enough to check out the website. Upon seeing the pictures, we knew we had to go there, although it would be another two years before that would happen. 

We finally made it to Seabrook about five years ago and while we still had the attachment to Cannon Beach, Seabrook had some things that Cannon Beach could not offer – a sense of community, walkability and cohesiveness of the town and its architecture. The foresight, the planning and the implementation of the town is truly amazing. Plus, it was much closer to home and the Washington Coast was just as stunning. As we talked to those in the real estate group, I realized that with the Cottage Rental program Seabrook was a much more affordable option. All we had to do was find the right home that fit our needs and make our move.

While visiting during Halloween weekend in 2018, we found that Whispering Sands was on the market. We toured the home and immediately made an offer. We became proud Seabrook homeowners on December 18th, 2018. We love being in the heart of town. The home will remain in the rental program as full retirement may not be for another 6 or 7 years. In the mean time we will build memories with our 2 sons, 2 grandchildren, family and friends. Check out Whispering Sands for your next Seabrook vacation!”

Justin Tammy Seabrook Homeowners Testimonial

Justin & Tammy G. (Woodland, WA)

“We have been considering an income-generating vacation home in recent years, and this opportunity excited us! We chose to purchase at Seabrook for a few reasons, plus it is close enough to our home in Woodland, WA to come for just a day or two. The strongest appeal to us is the current vibe of the community and the vision of what is coming in the community plans. We like being a part of something that is growing and thriving simultaneously. It’s a sign that Seabrook has an intentional strategy, resolute in the purpose and vision. From our perspective, this made it a great investment!

We absolutely love the home plan that we chose to build,  called Seascape. It is going to be a place where our entire family and friends can gather and stay at once, while making memories in a setting where we can relax and unwind. The Seascape will have six bedrooms, one of which is on the main floor, along with a beautiful courtyard for outdoor living.

The home is going to be a real eye catcher, not only because of it’s size, but the design and architecture is top notch. It’s going to be a beautiful house! The location of Seascape is a perfect place for large groups to come and rent for many years to come. It has a sweeping ocean view, with a simple walk to the beach, park, Town Center, and hiking trails. Kids can literally play in the park across the street within view of the front porch. There will be 4 gathering areas in and outside the home making accommodations easy for lots of people to entertain and create memories with family and friends.”

Big Chill Homeowners Seabrook Collage

Amy & Jesse P., Donna & Tom V., and Michael and Michelle J.

“We are so excited to be new homeowners in Seabrook’s Farm District! We are three families from Seattle – six adults and six kids – who have been vacationing in Seabrook every year for the last eight years. Our three boys and three girls range from ages 7 to 11 and their love of the town, beach, and freedom of exploration were the primary reasons that we finally made the commitment to buy and build a beach house. 

We’ve taken many vacations inside and outside of the U.S., collectively and separately, and when we reminisced about each year’s memories, Seabrook was always at the very top of our kids’ list of favorite vacations. Our most treasured kids’ moments include bike riding, visits to Red Velvet bakery, sandcastle building, skim-boarding lessons with Buck, pick up basketball, soccer and kickball, and the hunt for the Seabrook ogre’s treasure. 

Us adults love sitting on big wrap around decks, listening to music, drinking wine and cocktails, reading books, and watching our kids play in the park from afar. This is why we named our house Big Chill. Seabrook is the perfect place to unplug, relax, and connect with our families and friends. We are now looking forward to new memories in our own house for years to come.

We thought the process of building our dream home would be a smooth one, but we were blown away by Seabrook’s staff, their efficiency, and how fun they made the whole experience. And the support didn’t stop when the Big Chill was complete. Furnishing and moving into a home can be daunting, and they were there for us every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier. You can now stay at the Big Chill on your next Seabrook getaway!”

Kelley Craig Seabrook Owners

Kelly & Craig T., Gig Harbor, WA

“My husband, Craig, and I discovered Seabrook during a visit to Seattle in the fall of 2011. We were relocating to the Seattle area from North Carolina and read a magazine article about Seabrook. Having been from the Southeast and familiar with Seaside, FL we were very excited to learn about Seabrook. We saved the article and couldn’t wait to visit Seabrook. We moved to Gig Harbor in March of 2012. After we settled in to life in the Pacific Northwest we made a trip to Seabrook in the summer of 2013. We fell in love instantly!

We returned for Thanksgiving in 2013 and knew we wanted to build. We met Robyn and Casey and found our dream lot in the NW Glen neighborhood. We have three young children and cannot wait to make lasting memories over the years at Seabrook! It has been such a fun experience planning our vacation home and we are very excited for the construction process to get underway. For us Seabrook is a short drive away but such a relaxing break from our busy everyday lives.”

Jeff Robyn Seabrook Owners Testimonial

Robin & Jeff L., Black Diamond, WA

“What is it about viewing the majesty of the ocean that humbles yet exhilarates? Is it the vastness of the sea or the rhythmic action of the waves? Maybe it’s the ever-changing weather and colors. We don’t know but every time we stand on the oceanfront we are happily amazed.

What is it about a beach community that compels us to be a part? Is it the deliberateness, skill or integrity with which the town is planned? Maybe its the staff, residents and vacationers with whom we laugh and have become friends. We don’t know but every time we are there we know we belong.

What is it about a location that draws a whole family of all generations? Is it because all can relax, play, hike, swim, splash in the waves? Maybe it’s the bonding and memories made between family and friends? We don’t know but every time we get together there is conversation, laughter, play and shared experiences.

And when we leave we can’t wait to come back; back to Seabrook’s Oceanfront!”

Dan Megan Seabrook Owners Testimonial

Dan & Megan C., Redmond, WA

“We’ve been going to Seabrook at least once a year since 2009.  On our first trip we were absolutely hooked.  We ran into Casey and he asked if we would ever consider buying a house in Seabrook.  We told him there really wasn’t a reason to since there were so many great houses available to rent and the prices were so reasonable.

Over the years we stayed in a bunch of different rental houses but we never found one that worked perfectly for our family.  So we decided to look into purchasing a house so that we could have an ideal place to stay in Seabrook — one that had all the things that were important to us: pet-free, comfortable beds, sleeping arrangements for two families with kids and a large common area where at least 15 people could eat and play games.  Since we were making our ideal vacation home we also decided to have a dedicated room where we could send the kids and watch movies on a big screen with great sound.

Of course cost was important to us.  Being in the rental program at Seabrook was definitely a factor in our decision to buy.  In a typical year we only spent two weeks in Seabrook so it really didn’t make sense for us to buy a house that would be empty most of the time.  We were really surprised to find out how many days a year the average rental house gets rented and how much income they generate.  We also knew from experience that the rental rates keep going up every year.  The cottage rental program made buying a home in Seabrook much more affordable for us.

We never, ever thought we would own a vacation home.  Seabrook takes most of the headaches of owning a rental property away.  They handle all the maintenance, fix or replace items that are broken, receive deliveries, rent it out for you, clean and even maintain the hot tub.

The combination of the convenience, the rental income and having the perfect place to stay are the reasons we chose to buy in Seabrook.”

Iris Mark Seabrook Homeowners Testimonial

Mark & Iris S., Bellevue, WA

“From the moment we rounded the last corner on Highway 109 and turned onto Front Street at Seabrook, we knew we wanted to be a part of this amazing community! After only a few memorable visits with our families and a personal tour with Casey Roloff, we decided that we wanted Seabrook to be a place for our family and friends to share and create their own memories. The team at Seabrook has made the experience of building our dream beach home so enjoyable and easy, that any worries or concerns we might have had were never issues.

We feel so blessed that this has been such a rewarding experience and we are absolutely thrilled with our new beach house! We are certain that this will prove to be more than a great financial investment, but also a great investment in a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle. The most wonderful part about Seabrook is that it goes beyond the beautiful homes and the incredible location – the people who work and visit Seabrook are all so happy and content to just be here.”

Dana Seabrook Homeowner Testimonial

Dana F., Seattle, WA

“My story with Seabrook began before the town had even been developed. I started looking for property along the Washington coast a couple of years before Seabrook was founded. I settled on the Pacific Beach area because it reminded me of the Oregon coast. I was then told about Seabrook by a real estate agent and I signed up for one of the first informational sessions Seabrook put on at the Pacific Beach Fire Station. After the session and a tour of the property, I was convinced this was the place for me. I put a deposit down for a Founder Lot and remember being number 61 on the original list.

I was drawn to Seabrook by the beach. I am constantly amazed how few people there are on the beach even on the nice days in the summer. I also enjoy the different types of weather and like to be down at the beach during the winter. I’m looking forward to doing some beachcombing after a heavy winter storm.

There were multiple reasons why I chose to become a Seabrook homeowner. First, the location is perfect. When I planned out my possible purchase of a home by the ocean, I only considered properties that were on a high bank. The fact that Seabrook is on a bluff that overlooks the ocean gives our beach homes the security in case of a tsunami. When I think of the Oregon coast this is also what comes to mind and I wanted to get as close to that scenario as possible. 

Second, I really like the idea of being part of a community. I had visited Seaside and Rosemary Beach Florida and had seen the success these communities had become. I liked the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a similar project. 

Third, I wanted to have a new house built so I would get all of the things I wanted to put into the house. That’s why I purchased a founders lot.

Lastly, the weather on the coast is fascinating. As the lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Seattle, I enjoy my job and I love seeing different weather phenomena. I like the fact that there is always something unique to the forecast every day. I’m looking forward to all of the new data we will be getting from the new coastal Doppler radar at Langley Hill and the improved forecasts for the coast that will come from this data.

The Pacific Northwest is truly an amazing place. In just a couple hours, my camera and I can be at the beach at Seabrook or in the mountains on Mount Rainier. In fact, the idea for my house was to have a mountain cabin at the beach. I had the good fortune of having Lew Oliver and Raul Torres of Whole Town Solutions take this idea and make it a reality. “

Gary & Heather M., Kirkland, WA

“We looked North, East, and South for the perfect vacation home, but decided to go West to Seabrook one August weekend. We wanted privacy, a property, and a view. 

After purchasing our beach home and enjoying our first few months – now six years – as Seabrook homeowners, we often laugh because we have no privacy, no property, and no view… and we’ve never been more delighted with the beach, the town, or with making life-long friends than we are at Seabrook! 

And at Seabrook, the adventure always continues…”

Betsy & Mark, Sammamish, WA

My family likes to say that I am obsessed with Seabrook. I love what they are doing to bring back the idea of a walk-able community where we can interact with our neighbors and can walk to town to get milk or the paper.  I love Nantucket style architecture and the charm of the neighborhood outdoor firepit gathering spaces.  I smile at the idea that the kids who are outside playing are safe and can be out until dusk without their parents worrying.

It makes me very happy when people say hi to me as I walk my dogs, something I don’t have in my current neighborhood.

After visiting the Coastal Living Magazine Idea Home in 2010, all I wanted to do is get my husband here and see if he loved it as much as I did.  I was so excited when he got here for the first time and began to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  He has lived most of his life by the ocean and coming to Seabrook has constantly reminded him of how much he loves and misses the ocean. So I guess I can say he liked it!

We then purchased a home and are excitedly going to watch our house be built while renting at Seabrook in the interim.  The thought of finally living our dream of being in this amazingly charming and friendly community is just that, a dream come true!  We look forward to having our family visit and be a part of this peaceful place as well.

Jeff & Marge F., Anchorage, AK

“When we purchased our home at Seabrook, we made two investments.  First, we made an investment in a second home.  Second, we made an investment in the concept or vision that was Seabrook.  We looked at enough Seabrook houses to have confidence that our house would be well-built and would hold its value over time. But we didn’t know what level of confidence to have in the second aspect of our investment – the investment in the Seabrook plan and community. Seabrook today is barely recognizable from what it was when we purchased and, despite the difficult economic conditions during the past several years, Seabrook seems to be growing and amenities are being added faster today than ever before.  The fulfillment of the Seabrook vision unquestionably has added value to what already was a good investment in a second home, and we’ve never had reason to question the soundness of the decision to purchase a home at Seabrook or the trust and confidence that we had, and still have, in the Seabrook team.”

Mike & Jim, Portland, OR

“Ever since our first experience staying at a cottage in Manzanita, Oregon, and coming from Southern California, we knew we wanted a ‘beach’ home on the NW Coast.   We were looking for a place where we could enjoy living more, whether part-time, or even eventually full-time, rather than how the purchase would look in our investment portfolio.

Through internet searches, we found Seabrook.  Our first impression was, WOW, we could live here, and the more we talked to Casey about his vision of how Seabrook was to grow, we became even more excited about the future here through home growth and having an actual town.  With most home developments, they are more of an extension of a city, a subpision.  Seabrook is a growing town, with shops, restaurants and other businesses to support the residents and their guests.

During our first weekend here, we decided to move forward with a purchase.  We thought less about how the investment would appreciate, but more on how it would hold its value, becoming a long-term investment.  Based upon that concept, we, and our investment manager, knew we made the right decision.  We have continued to see growth and Casey’s vision coming together…more so that we are discussing a business opportunity with Seabrook, so we not only have an investment in a home, but in a business, which will continue the growth of our ‘town’ Seabrook.”

Bob & Kathy, Lake Forest Park, WA

“Summertime 2010, our adventure of owning at Seabrook began.  Many of our past summers had been spent in this area vacationing together with our children.  So when stories and chatter of a new town called Seabrook began to circulate, we decided to check it out.  One thing that first struck us and has been delightfully reinforced over this past year is that we bought more than a house, we bought a dynamic community.  Each time we come, we see friends and make new ones, surrounded by a broad spectrum of home owners and guests.  The town is vibrant and full of life!

As the community grows and infrastructure takes shape, we see the positive impact of the value of our property.  Recently we re-financed and despite the overall housing market, our Seabrook home held and increased in value!  The option of participating in the rental program results in an increase of investment growth potential, both as owner occupied as well as income producing property.  We have a number of real estate investments and Seabrook is a key part of our portfolio.

We are well pleased with our home here, and enjoy the total Seabrook experience with our family, grandchildren, and friends.  Who wouldn’t be happy with an investment that brings such fringe benefits as sea foam on sandy toes and a steaming latte under the nose!”

Luke & Whitney, Olympia, WA

“We first encountered Seabrook while on a trip to the coast one weekend in November. Heading north from Ocean Shores on highway 109 we came around a bend and Seabrook appeared. Two things struck me at that moment – how magically charming the town was and how it integrated into the landscape such that it seemed to have been there for many years. Simply put, I was enchanted. 

Once there, we realized we had seen a billboard advertising Seabrook numerous times on our way between Seattle and our home in Olympia. The billboard simply didn’t do Seabrook justice – it is truly and uniquely beautiful. We intended to wander through on our own to check out the houses but we bumped into Darci, who offered to give us a tour. The interior of the homes were equally as beautiful as everything we had already seen. By the end of our tour we were inquiring about the details of owning at Seabrook, having never previously considered owning a vacation home or living on the coast. 

After leaving Seabrook we toured real estate in the surrounding area for comparison. Although a wide variety of homes and land are available on the Washington coast nothing we saw that weekend, or had seen previously, came close. Seabrook was, and is, the total package. 

The following spring we received a card in the mail from Stephen Poulakos announcing, among other things, Seabrook’s planned Beach Camp cabins. We looked online at the cabin plans and also read up on the Cottage Rental Program at Seabrook. We then took a trip out, staying in the Eleanor Cottage. By the end of our stay we had signed on a Beach Camp cabin. 

The cabins are small and cozy, meeting our desire for a weekend getaway perfectly. The cottage rental program has demonstrated success with Seabrook’s wide variety of homes, and the staff take care of everything. The pairing of a cozy cabin and the ability to rent it out with ease made buying in Beach Camp a no brainer. The only possible downside? Going out to Seabrook more frequently might just make us want to move there, in which case we’ll need a bigger place.”

Michael & Megan, Seattle, WA

“Seabrook can only really be described as a mystical place. At the surface, it may be tempting to attribute this to the surrounding natural environment – among the most beautiful the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Once you’ve spent even a short amount of time at Seabrook, however, you’ll likely note that it’s the sense of community that gives Seabrook its mysticism. From the grassy lawns of Crescent Park to the communal fire pits, from the frog ponds to Front Street Cafe (and future town center) all via a vintage community bicycle, Seabrook grabs hold of you and transports you to the most idyllic parts of your childhood. This isn’t by accident or chance – it’s a result of the tremendous care, hard work, and passion Casey and his team have invested in Seabrook.  As we begin to build our cottage, we’ve witnessed this dedication firsthand – we feel total commitment from the Seabrook team to our success and happiness.”

Terry & Laurie, Kirkland, WA

“Laurie and I first met Seabrook founder Casey Roloff while vacationing at Bella Beach many years ago where he told us of his plans to build a beach town on the Washington Coast. We love Cannon Beach and Langley (on Whidbey Island), but couldn’t imagine such a place on the Washington Coast. 

Fast forward to a May few years later. We spent our anniversary at Seabrook. The picturesque homes, the lovely beach, and the great cafe all impressed us, but what surprised us was the unique sense of community that Seabrook inspires. We found ourselves naturally drifting into conversation with those we passed as we strolled about. To mark the occasion, we stopped by the office to buy a cap. But since Seabrook’s sense of community is what we really wanted, we bought a home instead.”

Howard G., Arvada, CO

“We had purchased a home in Bella Beach, so we knew the quality of construction and the investment opportunity in Seabrook. We were also very impressed with Casey; he’s so passionate, sincere, and likeable, and it rubs off on everyone around him. Casey also has a home in the development, which speaks volumes about his commitment level. 

Generally when you see a plan on paper, the reality doesn’t ever live up to the plan. But when Seabrook Land Company builds, it exceeds your expectations. And I believe Seabrook will continue to do that.”

The Petrys, Lake Oswego, OR

“We all dream of having a sanctuary – a retreat to escape the grind of everyday life. At Seabrook we feel that we have found such a place. As this new town unfolds around us, it isn’t just the architectural details and beautiful natural surroundings that lend it a quality of unending discovery; it is the nature of the people and the sense of community they foster that combines to make Seabrook so special. 

This is life as it should be – a chance to savor, reflect and appreciate amid idyllic surroundings that get better with each passing day.”

Beth & John, Portland, OR

“A really sweet moment was when we closed on the house at Seabrook and walked into the garage to see two bikes for us to ride. It was just the type of “extra” touch that Casey adds to his homes. Another “extra” surprise was the fancy railing they took the time and money to put on the porch without anyone talking about it. They just do nice things for people.”