Seabrook Washington Weather

Any time of the year is the best time to visit Seabrook. Washington’s Beach Town is home to many fantastic activities and events, most of them taking place in the beautiful outdoors. Temperatures only fluctuate between the high 30s and the low 70s year-round, giving you plenty of temperate weather to explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re venturing through nearby Olympic National Park or shopping and dining with your family in our charming oceanfront town, you and your loved ones will create memories that last a lifetime. Check out our Things to Do page and events calendar for all of the excellent activities around Seabrook!

Seabrook, Washington Average Temperatures by Month

Winter in Seabrook

Get ready for cold temperatures ranging from the low 30s to high 40s during the winter season. While it does not typically snow in Seabrook, you can head north into Olympic National Park and Hurricane Ridge for great skiing and tubing opportunities. The Hoh Rain Forest is a great respite from the cold and wind, as the towering trees and temperate weather creates a nice shield. Water runoff from melting snow makes the forest rich with dark green colors. Bundle up and head out to the beach to watch storms rolling up and down the Pacific coastline. Our winter getaways blog has all of the information you need for a trip to Seabrook


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 46° / 33°
  • Days of Rain: 18 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 47° / 34°
  • Days of Rain: 19 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 49° / 33°
  • Days of Rain: 15 days

Seabrook in the Spring

Spring in Seabrook is a magical time. Snow from the mountains is finally melting and rushing down the many gorgeous waterfalls that run through Olympic National Forest. Temperature averages range anywhere from the high 30s to the low 60s. Although it can get cold at night and on the beach, hiking through the forests and exploring the mountains is very pleasant. Spring is also an excellent time to watch the whale migration along the coast. Every year, 20,000 gray whales travel north to the cool waters of Alaska for the summer, providing guests with a memorable viewing experience from nearby Pacific Beach State Park.


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 53° / 35°
  • Days of Rain: 19 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 57° / 38°
  • Days of Rain: 15 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 63° / 42°
  • Days of Rain: 10 days

Summer in Seabrook

Temperatures sit in the 60s and 70s throughout the summer, which is typically the busiest season on the Olympic Peninsula. This is the best time to explore the shoreline in the area. Moclips and Ruby beaches are great places to spend time, where tide pools and sea stacks are easy to access during low tide. Crescent Lake, Hurricane Ridge, and the Hoh Rain Forest are also must-see stops in the summer season.


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 66° / 47°
  • Days of Rain: 9 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 71° / 50°
  • Days of Rain: 4 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 72° / 50°
  • Days of Rain: 4 days

Fall in Seabrook

Temperatures slowly start to dip down in the fall, making it prime jacket and jeans weather. The damp, oxygen-rich air that comes with the changing of seasons is perfect for hikers, especially at higher altitudes. Forests are incredibly lush and reel in visitors for a gorgeous viewing experience. Fall is the last time of the year that you don’t have to bundle up to enjoy activities on the beach, so head over to Buck’s Bikes to rent a fat tire bike. For more ways on how to make the most of fall, check out our fall getaways blog!


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 70° / 45°
  • Days of Rain: 7 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 60° / 40°
  • Days of Rain: 13 days


  • Avg. Highs/Lows: 51° / 37°
  • Days of Rain: 19 days


When packing for your trip to Seabrook, here are a few recommendations to consider to prepare for our weather.

  • Bring plenty of layers with you. Regardless of what season you’re here during, it will most likely get chilly, especially at night. The winds off of the Pacific Ocean create a solid wind chill.
  • Make sure you bring multiple pairs of shoes for hiking, walking on the beach, and everyday strolls around town.
  • Pack your camera and prepare for tons of photo opportunities around Olympic National Park.
  • A bathing suit is a must if you want to enjoy our heated pool and spa Jacuzzi.