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Why Winter Getaways in Washington State are The Best

The Olympic Peninsula provides visitors with the quintessential winter getaway to Washington State. Start your day in the beautiful and charming town of Seabrook. With so many family-friendly holiday events like the Great Tree Lighting and Breakfast with Santa, there is always something fun happening in our special town. Leave your cozy and luxurious cottage for a day of fun and adventure in some of America’s most unique landscapes. Drive up to snowy Hurricane Ridge for breathtaking views of Mount Olympus and the Pacific Ocean. On your way back from the mountain, stop at Rialto or Ruby Beach and watch the waves crash along the shore. Your last stop is the Hoh Rain Forest, where you can get a break from the snow and gaze up at the towering spruce and hemlock trees. Finish the day off with some clam digging near Seabrook! Whatever you choose, you won’t run out of Things Do around Washington’s Beach Town in the winter!

What to Do During Your Winter Getaway to Washington State

Great Tree Lighting

If you start your winter getaway to Washington State a little early, make sure you check out the Great Tree Lighting in Seabrook. This annual event takes place right after Thanksgiving and is fun for the whole family. Sing Christmas carols and sip hot chocolate as we kick off the Christmas craze and watch as the tree illuminates the town.

Razor Clam Digging

Razor Clam digging might not be your typical Christmas celebration, but Seabrook locals love to share this time on the beach with friends and family. Grab your rain boots, pick up a license at Pacific Beach’s You and I store, and get digging tools from Buck’s Bikes before heading down to Mocrocks or Copalis beach. Make sure to bring a lantern and arrive one to two hours before low tide for prime clam digging! Here’s the schedule for December low tide and digging times:

  • December 06, Thursday, 6:01 pm; -0.7 feet; Copalis, Twin Harbors

  • December 07, Friday, 6:40 pm; -0.7 feet;  Mocrocks, Twin Harbors

  • December 08, Saturday, 7:16 pm; -0.6 feet; Copalis, Twin Harbors

  • December 09, Sunday, 7:53 pm; -0.4 feet, Mocrocks, Twin Harbors

  • December 20, Thursday, 4:51 pm; -0.3 feet; Copalis, Twin Harbors

  • December 21, Friday, 5:35 pm; 1.0 feet;  Mocrocks, Twin Harbors

  • December 22, Saturday, 6:20 pm; 1.4 feet; Copalis, Twin Harbors

  • December 23, Sunday, 7:05 pm; 1.6 feet, Mocrocks, Twin Harbors

Breakfast With Santa

Come to Mill 109 for Breakfast With Santa. Partake in their tasty breakfast buffet and write a letter to Santa. Kids can have their picture taken with him too! Paint an ornament and take it home to remember your visit.

Explore the Olympic Peninsula During Your Winter Getaway

Hike the Hoh Rain Forest

A winter hike through the Hoh Rain Forest is an unforgettable experience. The temperatures are slightly lower than surrounding areas, so the melted snow creates lush, green scenery around the many paths near the visitor center. Find your way to the Hoh River for a look at the snow-covered banks bordering its fast flowing waters. Make sure you bring boots and a rain jacket because winter is the rainy season. While you will get wet, a peaceful walk through one of the only temperate rain forests in the United States is well worth it.

Enjoy the Views from Hurricane Ridge

Simply put, the views from Hurricane Ridge are unbelievable. Add a layer of snow to the mix and be prepared to experience the perfect winter paradise. Drive up the winding road from the Olympic National Park entrance to the visitor center. There, you can hop out of your car and walk along several short paved paths leading to wide open vistas. Get a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean, Mount Olympus, and if its a clear day, Canada. Bring warm clothes and bundle up because it gets cold during the winter months!

Tip: Make sure you check the National Park Service for any information on road closures, safety warnings, or winter weather advisories.

Watch Winter Storms Off of the Pacific Coast

Rain, wind, and tides combine to showcase an entertaining natural phenomenon off of Washington’s coastline. Sit on one of the long tree limbs stretched out across the sand at Rialto Beach and watch storms roll up and down the coast. For a more interactive beach experience, head south to Ruby Beach at low tide and walk around the towering sea stacks separated from the mainland by years of the ocean erosion. Search the tidepools for sea creatures and scan the sea stacks for colonies of nesting birds. This is a great last stop on your way back to Seabrook!

Stay in Your Cozy Seabrook Cottage Rental This Winter!

After a day full of adventure on the Olympic Peninsula, find your way back to your Seabrook Cottage Rental for an evening of fun, relaxation, and holiday spirit. Our premium cottage rentals come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate anything from couples retreat to a family holiday celebration. Our beachside town is full of boutique shops, parks, and restaurants that provide tons of activities and events for the perfect vacation in any season.

Is Seabrook the place for you? We are two and a half hours west from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and less than an hour South from Olympic National Park. Check out our area map for a better look Seabrook! We can’t wait to meet you!

Ocean view through the window of Land's End Cottage

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