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3 Jan 2018
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Things To Do

The Pacific coast is home to an abundance of interesting and beautiful sea creatures. Throughout the year, you can spot a number of whales, seals, and dolphins as they navigate the ocean. If you’re interested in going whale watching in Washington state, read our guide to find out what to expect! Whale watching in Washington state is a popular activity to take advantage of while staying in one of our Seabrook Cottage Rentals. To learn more about area attractions and activities, check out our things to do page and find out why Seabrook is one of the best pacific northwest weekend getaways!

Your Guide to Whale Watching in Washington State

When To Watch

Gray whales migrate along the Pacific coast twice per year. From January through June these majestic creatures leave their breeding area in Mexico and head north. This spring migration takes place in groups as the whales travel to their feeding grounds in Alaska, passing right by Seabrook on their voyage. During the fall migration from October through February, the gray whales begin to head back to warmer waters with pregnant females taking the lead. Though these mammals are traveling past Seabrook for most the year, the best time to spot them is usually the first few weeks of January. From mid-December to February is one of the best times to go whale watching in Washington state.

Where to Watch

Pacific Beach is a popular spot to see whales near Seabrook. From the shore, climb to the top of the Pacific Beach Resort Lookout Tower and use binoculars to look for signs of whales. Or, head about an hour south of Seabrook to Westport from March to June and participate in one of the charter offices’ whale watching tours. Take a day trip to Kalaloch, Washington, about an hour north of Seabrook, during peak viewing times to spot the gracious gray whales from the Olympic National Park. Here, the month of May is the best time to see the whales on their migration, but the National Park Service also recommend April, October, and November as prime times for viewing. For other suggestions on when and where to go whale watching in Washington state, check out the Whale Trail.

Tips for Whale Watching in Washington State

Though it’s common to see gray whales during their migrations periods, you may also spot other species while whale watching, especially if taking a boat tour. Keep an eye out for orcas and humpbacks, and be sure to bring everything you need!

  • Pack binoculars
  • Look for other amazing creatures like otters, seals, and dolphins
  • Try to take a guided boat tour if you want a better chance of spotting whales up-close
  • Do research beforehand to make sure you go at an ideal time. To track orca sightings, visit the Orca Network website.
  • While taking pictures is a great way to remember this exhilarating experience, don’t get too caught up trying to capture the perfect photo. The encounter could happen quicker than you think, so take the time to enjoy the sight in front of you!

Stay in a Seabrook Cottage Rental

Once you’ve been whale watching in Washington state, you’ll need a place to come back and relax. Consider one of our Seabrook Cottage Rentals! Book an oceanfront property so you can stay close to the beach and be on the lookout for migrating whales. This West Winds property has a large back patio with a beautiful view of the beach. Marvel at the sun as it sets over the ocean horizon from the comfort of the outdoor hot tub! This luxurious rental can accommodate up to 14 guests and features a one bedroom carriage house.    Browse our complete catalog of available properties, and start planning your trip today!