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What Families Love About Holidays In Seabrook

September 18, 2023 | Read Time: 4 Minutes

Nestled on the bluff of the rugged Washington coast, Seabrook becomes an even more enchanting destination to stay and play during the holiday season. Families near and far bundle up and come to make memories where a sense of warmth, togetherness, and pure holiday magic lights up the beach town each year. 

“I’ve experienced every month of the year in Seabrook and the ‘ber months are my favorites!” says Meredith M., a Seabrook homeowner. “From mid-September to mid-December, there’s no place I’d rather be!”

From cozy vacation rentals to bustling annual festivities and winter things to do, it’s an idyllic getaway just waiting to happen.

The Enchanting Coastal Ambiance During The Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, Seabrook transforms into a twinkling paradise with festive decor all throughout the town. A walk around town during the day and into the evening to take in the soft glow of holiday lights is a must for families this time of year.

“For the past two years, we’ve been delighted by the parade and snow dump!” says Molly B., a Seabrook homeowner. “It is such a fun way to prepare for the holidays! An added bonus is the hot cocoa bar – which we sometimes enjoy as we sit in the lobby and enjoy the lovely fire. This rest and relaxation time is a nice break from work and school and helps us gear up for Christmas with family!”

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is an especially entrancing experience where nature shows its majesty, from roaring ocean waves to beautiful mornings as fog rests on the coast. In Seabrook, your crew can stay indoors to enjoy the spectacles or go outdoors and explore the sights. 

“My absolute favorite part of Winter in Seabrook is curled up under a blanket with the fireplace roaring, watching a storm blow in from the ocean,” says Stephanie G. of Seabrook Hospitality. “The water running down the windows like I am in a carwash while I am cozy in a nice, warm Seabrook home is a sight to see.”

The Best Washington Winter Activities On The Coast

Not a huge fan of snow sports in the winter? The Washington coast is the perfect place to get all of the outdoor adventures in without going through a snowy mountain pass or white-knuckling your way through heavy snowfall. Visitors can even enjoy the ice skating rink in Seabrook from November to January! Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you can find activities for everyone to enjoy, from razor clam digging to snuggly nights in.

“We love digging for razor clams!” says Kim V., a Seabrook homeowner. “Five clams makes a hearty pot of chowder. For a perfect winter evening, we pair the chowder with a crisp white wine and a loaf of crusty bread from the market. It tastes best snuggled in front of the cozy fireplace.”

Other outdoor activities not to miss this winter are beach bonfires, surfing, river fishing, mountain biking, hiking, sports courts, and, of course, the famous Winter Glass Float Find.

“My kids all love participating in the glass float find,” says Katie T. of Seabrook Hospitality. “It’s a new challenge every day and they’re always so excited to figure out what the clues mean and go searching for the beautifully made glass floats!”

Winter is also a great time to enjoy the wide open beaches with fewer crowds that make for some of the most serene moments of the year.

“There’s something special about quiet winter walks on the beach in Seabrook and settling in with a glass of vino by the fire at The Stowaway Wine Bar in Seabrook,” says Tiffany E., a Seabrook homeowner.

Indoor Winter Pastimes For A Cozy Stay

With so much to do outdoors, there’s just as much to do indoors to make for a full and relaxing getaway to the beach. The holidays make for a great time to shop through the local boutiques for unique holiday gifts or to pick up something to pamper yourself while on vacation.

When it’s time to eat, the restaurants around town offer up plenty of menu items with comfort foods and warming beverages to make you forget about the winter chill.

The indoor fun to be had at Seabrook isn’t limited to families, many friend groups steal away to the coast with their best friends for a getaway during winter, too.

“Girls weekend at the beach during the winter is the best,” says Lisa L., “Games, movies, great goodies from the Seabrook bakery, and evenings in the hot tub!”

The indoor experiences around town are another activity people love to do during the holidays, too. From custom candle pouring with handpicked winter fragrances, playing an afternoon away at the arcade, or swimming, lasting memories happen effortlessly with an afternoon spent in Seabrook.

Start Planning Your Winter Retreat

If winter at the beach calls you to indulge in a getaway with sweeping ocean views or to be tucked away in a quaint cabin with woodland views, Seabrook has year-round vacation rentals to suit your tastes. Unwind and recharge with a wide assortment of home amenities, from fireplaces, hot tubs, board games, covered porches, and more in Washington’s Beach Town.

About Seabrook

Seabrook, inspired by Seaside, Florida, was founded in 2004 by Casey and Laura Roloff. The town is built on a foundation of new urbanism, sustainably connecting urbanism and natural surroundings on the Washington coast. The growing town features more than 500 homes, a vacation rental program, 18 parks, event spaces, a spa, fitness center, outdoor and indoor pool, full-service market, amphitheater, sports courts, shopping, dining, and miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Read more about the growing beach town: What Is Seabrook

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