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The South Farm Neighborhood Grows!

We are excited to release our newest expansion to the South Farm Neighborhood.

This continuation will be a community of 22 homes with a focus on larger lots, access to Seabrook’s expanding trail network, and proximity to Seabrook’s future amenities, like the Farm District Pool.

The South Farm Neighborhood offers a relaxed, organic lifestyle and rural setting with luxury amenities. Enjoy sweeping pastures, intimate pocket parks, tennis courts, and The Barn, which is a landmark of the town. Our planning team has taken the most desirable aspects of Seabrook and refined them. You can expect classic coastal traits like cedar shingles, large windows, and lots of natural light combined with farmhouse design with an emphasis on warm colors, wood textures, and timeless features. 

These homes are ideal for those looking to enjoy longer vacations or live full time in Seabrook. With more space to house your BBQ station, herb and flower gardens, home office, private firepit, or hot tub, you’ll never want to leave.

Experience Refined Coastal Design

Expanding upon Seabrook’s timeless coastal design, the homes in the South Farm Neighborhood sport the most desirable aspects of the town while incorporating refined features and upcoming trends in the design world. 

Homes on corner lots embrace unique architectural designs like wrap-around porches and cupolas to create landmark houses and to accentuate terminating vista points. Many of these homes are designed to be legacy homes and create spaces for multi-generational families. 

You’ll notice that several homes around Seabrook incorporate cedar as a prominent building material. This isn’t by accident. Washington’s Olympic Peninsula has a rich logging history and western red cedar was historically used for cabins and shingles by settlers. The natural oil in the wood makes it less susceptible to decay and has since become a symbol for coastal towns in the Pacific Northwest. Seabrook uses cedar shingles for siding and roofing partially due to their superior and natural build quality but also to keep the design integrity of the town. 

Stephen Poulakos, Seabrook’s Director of Town Planning, has carefully chosen each design element going into this new expansion. “I am most excited about the connection to the Elk Creek watershed. The future trail expansion will connect many neighborhoods and will be comparable to the hikes of Olympic National Park or Ruby Beach. What better way to connect to nature than walk out of your back door and onto a trail that leads you right to nature and the beach,” elaborated Stephen. 

This South Farm expansion is set to be our most diverse collection of homes yet. The neighborhood will feature a mix of homes spanning from 2-bedroom cottages for downsizing couples to larger homes for multi-generational family living complete with ground floor main bedroom suites.

Stretch Your Legs With Larger Lots

Wake up each morning to streams of natural light pouring through your windows. Brew a fresh pot of coffee and sip your morning cup of joe while gazing upon the evergreen forests that surround your home. Wildlife sightings are quite common in the Farm District with deer frequently trotting through streets and songbirds flying from tree to tree. 

Create extra flex space with a carriage house. Build your cozy home office with a view that never tires or use it as a schoolroom for remote learning. Bring your dream art studio to life and capture the beauty of the coast. Build a game room, playroom, or comfy home theatre to spend rainy days playing inside. Design a yoga studio or fitness studio to achieve your health goals and stay in shape. The possibilities are endless. 

If Seabrook’s Community Garden doesn’t offer enough room for your big gardening plans, make your own sanctuary and find peace tending to your plants. Host family gatherings in your outdoor BBQ area or create your own outdoor beer garden where you can enjoy a craft brew after a day on the trails. Set up horseshoes, croquet, corn hole, life-size Jenga, and all of your favorite yard games right outside your back door. 

Stock up on marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers because roasting s’mores over your firepit will be your new favorite evening activity. Sip wine as the sun dips beyond the horizon and the night sky illuminates with thousands of stars.

Hit the Trails

Lace up your hiking boots and step off your porch and right onto Seabrook’s trail network. There are over 5 miles of trails winding through neighborhoods, deep into the woods, and down the coastal bluffs to the ocean. The Cedar Run Trail will hug the perimeter of the South Farm Neighborhood and will provide your own secret path to town. Wake up and lace up your shoes for an exciting trail run, take your mountain bikes out for a ride, or simply stroll through the forests. 

South Farm is also our closest neighborhood to the D.N.R.’s (Department of Natural Resources) bike park. Buck’s Northwest, along with the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, are building a series of trails criss-crossing through the forests behind Seabrook. This diverse network of trails range from easy going, family-friendly cruisers to technical routes for expert riders. Bike the Mike-O-Rama at sunset for an unparalleled view of the ocean or explore the Narnia trail and see what kinds of wonders you’ll find.

Explore Town Center at Your Leisure 

It might be hard to believe that you’re just a short walk away from Seabrook’s Expanding Town Center when you’re sipping coffee on your wrap around porch and listening to songbirds and rustling trees. The South Farm Neighborhood is just an easy 10-minute stroll or 5-minute bike ride to town. You can also hop on a trail and take the scenic nature route to town. 

Saddle your bicycles and coast down to the beach for a day of explorations. Walk your pup over to the Seabrook Dog Park on the north side of the town across from the basketball courts. Wander over to The Stowaway Wine Bar for an afternoon glass of wine before dinner at Frontager’s Pizza or Koko’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar. If you need a pantry staple or want some local goodies, you can head into Front Street Market and get everything you’ll need. A car isn’t necessary while you’re in town. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Enjoy Seabrook’s Upcoming Sunrise Park and Farm District Pool

Coastal homes aren’t the only thing we’re working on. As the Farm District grows and attracts more long-term residents, we have made the decision to include some of our most popular amenities in the expansion. The South Farm Neighborhood’s newest phase will center around Sunrise Park and have close access to Seabrook’s upcoming second pool

Sunrise Park was inspired by the beloved Horizon Street. The long stretch stares straight down the Elk Creek Preserve and when spotted at the right time is absolutely magical. During sunrise, the rising sun illuminates the forest stands, while at sunset you can watch the sun dip below the treeline. Sunrise Park is the longest park in the town. From sunrise to sunset there will be sunlight streaming through the park. One end will house a firepit, one of Seabrook’s most popular amenities. Perfect for roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and relaxing underneath the stars. The other end of the park features Seabrook’s only couple’s swings

“We haven’t told a lot of people yet about the addition of the couple’s swings at Sunrise Park. They have the most romantic view of the Elk Creek watershed,” mentioned Stephen. 

Seabrook’s original pool was a necessary addition to the town and was an instant hit. For couples looking for a little exercise in the morning to families enjoying an afternoon splashing around, the pool has become a popular commodity. As the Farm District is beginning to host more full-time residents, our planning team decided it made sense to add a second pool in the neighborhood. Once complete, you’ll be able to toss on some flip flops, grab a towel, and walk across the street for a tranquil dip.

Create Your Dream Home

Have you always wanted a chic little art studio? Or a hot tub to soak away your stress? What about a wrap-around porch with a porch swing to sip your morning coffee? With this new release, it’s easier than ever to make beachtown living a reality.

Build the home of your dreams with add-ons like a wrap-around porch, mudroom, private hot tub, outdoor bar, a carriage house, private garden, BBQ station for outdoor dining and parties, or electric vehicle chargers. 

Each home in Seabrook has its own unique personality. No two are identical. With Seabrook’s experienced construction team, your beach home can become the coastal retreat, farmhouse escape, or family home that you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are endless. 

Wanting to be a part of this new addition to Washington’s beach town? We plan to release these homes soon, keep an eye out for updates here and on our Facebook and Instagram!

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