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The Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Spot on the Washington Coast

We know how hard it is to leave your four-legged family members behind while on vacation but you don’t have to when you visit the most dog-friendly vacation spot on the Washington Coast! Seabrook Hospitality has put together this guide so you can plan an unforgettable vacation to Seabrook with your dog. 

Choose From 171 Dog-Friendly Rentals in Seabrook, WA

The Seabrook Hospitality team understands that dogs are important members of your family, and it’s hard leaving them behind on vacations. We invite you to choose from our premium selection of 171 dog-friendly vacation rentals on the Washington Coast. The walkable community, beach, trails, and more is a dog’s paradise with many water dishes left for them around the Town Center that just goes to show how welcome dogs are in Seabrook.

The dog-friendly vacation rental owners go above and beyond to make sure dogs are comfortable and feel welcome during their stays, too. The dog-friendly vacation rentals come with a dog sheet, dog treats, and a dog tag to write the home name/guest phone number. Some vacation rentals also have fully fenced yards! Some rules related to pets are an added fee for dogs in dog-friendly rentals, and most rentals have a 2-dog maximum.

The Most Dog-Friendly Store on the Washington Coast

Ann Kjelsberg created The Salty Dog because of her and the Seabrook community’s strong love for dogs. There was significant demand for a one-stop shop for dogs in the community, and her store was one of the first in the Seabrook retail community. Ann has been helping people with their dogs for over ten years now and brings a wealth of knowledge on dog behavior and health. Come to this one-stop shop for anything you need for your family pet while on vacation. There is even a dog wash inside for post-beach-day cleanup!

Enjoy a Beach Day on the Washington Coast With Your Dog

One of the best vacation spots to enjoy with your dog is on the glorious beaches. Although leashes are required in the Seabrook Town Center and neighborhoods, they are not necessary on the beach if your dog is well-behaved. 

You can create unforgettable memories on your Washington Coast family vacation with a dog-friendly beach day. Play a game of fetch on the gorgeous beach sand or bring your swimsuit and splash around with your dog in the magnificent Pacific Ocean waters. These will be the memories you will treasure forever!

Explore the Dog-Friendly Washington Coast Restaurants

Most of the restaurants in Seabrook allow dogs to be with their families at an outdoor table. We have fantastic local restaurant guides for our guests to find the perfect places to eat for their unique tastes and occasions. For a romantic dinner, check out our guide on where to eat for an enchanting date. We also have a guide for foodies visiting Seabrook. Although dogs can join you in dining outside at most Seabrook restaurants, you’ll want to call ahead to know their pet policies. 

Venture on the Nearby Trails and Parks

Not only does Seabrook Hospitality have dog-friendly rentals close to the beach, but there are also many nearby parks and trails to explore. There’s a great dog park located right across from the Seabrook Playground. The Olympic National Park has some great dog-friendly hiking trails where you can enjoy the gorgeous natural beauty of the Washington Coast. 

You can check out the National Park Service website for more information on the trails that are dog-friendly and what other rules and guidelines they have for pets. Some of the policies for pets at Olympic National Park are to clean up after them, always have them on their leash, and ensure your pet does not harass, harm, or scare the local wildlife with loud noises.

Here are some highlights of dog-friendly trails at the Olympic National Park, the perfect day-trip distance from Seabrook:

  • Quinault Loop Trail: Journey on this trail to gander at the lush rainforest scenery and dense old-growth conifer forest. This loop is an easy-breezy 3.8-mile round trip. Approximately 42 minutes from Seabrook.
  • Peabody Creek Trail: On this trail, you can enjoy the tranquility of the quiet sounds of the creek and the gorgeous scenery of big leaf maples, red alders, fir, and cedar trees. It takes a moderate level of hiking skills, being a 5.6-mile round trip. Approximately 3 hours from Seabrook.
  • Madison Falls Trail: Enjoy this easy-going .2-mile round trip trail with your dog. Along the route, you can relax at a wooden rail to view the creek through the forest branches or sit at the benches at the trail’s end to watch the waters tumble down. Approximately 3 hours from Seabrook.
  • Spruce Railroad Trail: Venture on this easy-going trail filled with history and gorgeous views with your furry family member. Your journey will start at an old apple orchard with maple trees painted in moss. The main attraction is only one mile into the trail, which is a lovely bridge that goes over a still sparkling lake. This is a very popular spot for pictures! Approximately 3 hours and 42 minutes from Seabrook.

Book your stay today for an unforgettable dog-friendly vacation on the Washington Coast!

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