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Four Romantic Seabrook Restaurants For An Enchanting Date

A long, romantic walk on the beach is a universally enchanting experience and Seabrook has beautiful beaches for you to enjoy any time of day. Seabrook Hospitality takes great delight in offering luxurious vacation rentals on the beach so travelers worldwide can experience the magnetic charm of Seabrook. The restaurants in Seabrook have plenty of outdoor dining options so you can listen to the ocean as you dine or easily plan to-go meals and have a sunset picnic at one of the dozens of picturesque spots around town or on the beach. Enjoy a romantic beach stroll after dining in one of the four most dreamy restaurants on the Washington Coast when you book your Seabrook vacation today.

Koko’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Atmosphere: With dim lighting, gorgeous décor, and Instagrammable cuisine presentation, this is an excellent Seabrook restaurant for a magical night. Although the lighting is darker in the evenings, there are plenty of great spots to take an anniversary (or proposal *winks*) photo. 

What to eat: Their menu of homemade Latin cuisine is bursting with delicious food and cocktails to choose from. They have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options clearly marked, so this is an excellent restaurant for common dietary restrictions. 

The Burrito Gordo is incredible. The Mexican Enchiladas are also amazing and vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free versions of it are available upon request. For drinks, you can’t go wrong with ordering the signature Koko’s Margarita.

What to wear: You could dress up or casually and not feel out of place here. Some guests wear their everyday clothing, and others are dressed up for a special occasion. 

A casual look could be jeans, high-heeled sandals or boots, and your favorite top. Or to dress up more, mini skirts are one of the most popular current fashion trends. The lighting is dim, so this would be a great opportunity to try out one of the dramatic makeup trends since there won’t be harsh lighting to make it look cakey.

For a masculine outfit, jeans, a plain t-shirt, and a blazer is a sophisticated look that isn’t too spruced up. You heard us right; casual blazers have made a strong comeback. Or if you really want to dress to impress, you can go for the suit and turtleneck look. This sleek and modern look is sophisticated but not too formal.

Frontager’s Pizza

Atmosphere: The best way to describe the atmosphere is rugged elegance. The décor has an understated beauty. This is an excellent Seabrook restaurant for a lunch or early dinner date because of the many windows that allow the warm and delightful sunshine in.

What to eat: As the name suggests, this Seabrook restaurant has many delicious pizza options to explore. We highly recommend trying the Truffle Bianca. If you want to personalize your pizza, they have a make your own pizza option. You can also get your pizza to go and enjoy a romantic meal in your picturesque oceanfront Seabrook vacation rental

What to wear: This is the most casual spot on our list of romantic Seabrook restaurants, and most people don’t dress up here. Of course, you can wear what you want, but a casual look will blend in best. 

A sun dress will give you a nice beach day look that is casual but still cute enough for a date. Claw clips are very in style right now and would be perfect for a beach day look. Because of the great natural lighting, the clean-girl makeup trend will look amazing. 

For a masculine outfit, Docker shorts, a non-graphic t-shirt, and canvas shoes would be a great beach day style that looks casual but put-together. 

The Stowaway Wine Bar

Atmosphere: Located in Seabrook’s Town Center on the Washington Coast, this might not be a full-scale restaurant but it’s still an enchanting date night spot. The décor and environment is elegant and formal, but the vibe is serene. The outdoor seating has an absolutely stunning view of the ocean. We highly recommend watching it from this spot as the sun sets.

What to eat: This isn’t a full-scale restaurant, but you could go here for a meal and leave feeling full. There are plenty of delicious flatbreads, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards to enjoy. If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend the Island flatbread. For an option that’s sure to please most taste buds, try the toasted cheese sandwich. For wine, each day, there is a special luxury pour, or the bright and fresh Chardonnay is always a reliable go-to.

What to wear: Although the environment is upscale, people tend to dress more on the casual side here in true beach-town-living fashion. However, this polished venue often hosts formal events, so you wouldn’t look out of place if you wanted to dress up. 

A maxi dress with sandals gives an elegant beach look. Some current makeup trends that would look amazing are kitten eyeliner, bold blush, and glossy lips. You can add your own personal flair with trendy statement jewelry like pearls and chunky gold chains. 

For a masculine outfit, you can never go wrong with khaki pants for a dressy or casual style. What shirt and shoes you wear will be a significant factor in how nice your outfit will look, though. If you want to look dressed up, then a collared shirt and nice shoes will do the trick. If you want to look more casual, sneakers and a non-graphic t-shirt will have you looking put together but not too formal.

Rising Tide Tavern

Atmosphere: This has an intimate, lowkey but fun atmosphere. The decor is nautical themed and there is mood lighting, candles on the tables and historical pictures on the wall. If you and your special someone are big sports fans, they air live sports games on a big projector in the restaurant.

What to eat: They have many great menu options and appetizers you can share with each other. For a cocktail, we recommend the Rain Derby. For the entrees, we recommend the Fresh Catch From Quinault Pride or the Cauliflower Burger.

What to wear: With such great natural lighting, a welcoming atmosphere, and cute décor, you’ll probably want to take some pictures. Most people dress casually here though. When trying to decide what to wear, think of it like yearbook picture day when you were in school. You want to find a casual outfit that flatters you and makes you feel confident.

Figure out what colors make you pop by finding your skin’s undertone. There are three different undertones which are neutral, warm, and cool. You can find out what your undertone is from looking at the veins on your wrist. If your veins are green you have a warm undertone, if they are blue or purple you have a cool undertone, if they are a bluish-green color you have a neutral undertone.

If you’re craving something sweet for dessert, stop by Sweet Life for delectable ice cream and candy choices or stop by Vista Bakeshop for a refreshing drink or fresh, handmade pastries!

Enjoy the premier of romance when you book your stay today with Seabrook Hospitality!

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