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2 Mar 2019
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Things To Do

Spring on the Washington Coast is bustling with activity. If you haven’t taken a weekend trip to the coast during the spring months, you are missing out. As the rains of winter start to diminish, the region sees an influx of visitors by land, air and sea. In the spring months, residents of the Pacific Northwest leave the comfy confines and head west, partaking in events along the sandy shores, witnessing whale and bird migrations, and reconnecting with the cozy coastal towns. With world class adventures, events, destinations and dining awaiting, start planning now for your trip to the coast. 

Enjoy a Taste of the Coast

The Washington Coast is wild and beautiful, especially in the spring. Adventures are easily attained, and there is something for everyone. During the spring, the Washington Coast provides an amazing opportunity to see the great gray whale migration, where 20,000 gray whales swim within a 1/2 mile of the shore. A great place to see this is from the bluffs at Seabrook, or at Kalaloch in Olympic National Park. 

Those hoping to be active will enjoy a kayak adventure with Buck’s Bikes, heading up the Copalis River to see the Ghost Forest. Visitors to the coast can also feel like a local by participating in one of the many clam digging days available, where you’ll get a chance to dig your own dinner! 


Savor Seabrook is the Washington Coast's Largest Seafood & Wine Festival

Make sure you plan your trip to Seabrook and the coast around May 4th, during the Savor Seabrook event. During this event, you’ll be able to taste excellent wines, sample flavorful seafood, and chat with winemakers and chefs, and be able to purchase bottles of the wines you love. With over thirty-five superb Northwest wine and seafood stars providing an afternoon of wine tasting paired with savory seafood bites, you’ll truly get a taste of the coast at this event. Book a place to stay and learn more here

Discover Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is one of the most-visited National Parks in the country, and for good reason. Whether you like mountains, rainforests, waterfalls or the rugged coast, Olympic has it all. Olympic is the perfect place to visit in the  spring, as the crowds haven’t quite descended on the wilderness wonderland. For the best introduction to Olympic, head to the Quinault Rainforest and Kalaloch Beach. Both, close to Seabrook, open the door for outdoor adventures beyond your wildest dreams. 

A hike to Pony Bridge in the Quinault region is just one of dozens of hikes you should take in the region. Once you have driven the Lake Quinault Loop and seen the sights, head to Kalaloch and enjoy Ruby Beach’s sea stacks!

For more hiking and must-see activities in Olympic National Park, pick up The Outdoor Society’s guidebook and find the perfect day trip. Once you have hiked and explored to your heart’s content, do not miss the chance to dine in the historic Lake Quinault Lodge. Franklin Delano Roosevelt ate here while deciding whether to make the land a National Park, and the quality of food has only increased. 

Those looking for an event to entice a trip west will enjoy the Welcome the Whales ceremony in LaPush. On March 29th, members of the Quileute Nation invite the public to join them at First Beach for the celebration. More information can be found here.

Get a Feel for the Communities

Natural beauty and nature isn’t the only draw along Grays Harbor’s western edge. Dotting the sand dunes up and down the coast, a handful of quirky and quaint communities are awaiting your discovery. 

After leaving Seabrook, head north to Moclips and discover one of Washington’s first beach resort towns. While the remnants of the resort community have long since been swept out to the sea, a stop at the Museum of the North Beach will open the doors of history. The small, but informational, museum shows what it was like to work in the lumber mills and canneries, as well as give insights to sea otter hunters, homesteaders, and local tribal heritage which first called the region home. 

Once you are done there, head south to Westport and the Westport Maritime Museum. The museum is incredible and will give you a glimpse at the history of whaling, fishing, cranberry farming and homesteading in the region. After the museum, head to the lighthouse just south of town, book a fishing trip, or experience the breweries and wineries of the region. 

Across Grays Harbor, explore Ocean Shores, a planned community from the 1960s. If you find yourself in town on Match 16th and 17th, do not miss the Razor Clam Festival. During this event, enjoy a chowder festival, live music, workshops, vendors and even a 5k run. 

Afterwards, head back north and stop at the Green Lantern in Copalis Beach for a truly delicious, local experience. With drinks and great food, this small restaurant and bar is a must-stop for everyone passing through town on the way to and from Seabrook. 

Relaxing Retreats
Yoga on the shores of the Pacific Ocean

The soothing sounds of the coast make it a perfect place to escape the stresses of daily life. Along the breaking waves, everything slows down a bit, giving you the relaxation destination you deserve. One place that is perfect for a weekend or two of calmness is found at Seabrook. Biking and walking the Coast is a great way to unwind, taking in the smells and sights along the salty shoreline. Bikes can be rented from Buck’s Bikes at Seabrook, and numerous trails weave through the woods or down the beach. When exploring, you’ll feel your heart rate slow down, matching the pounding of the waves. After enjoying a sunset on the coast, head north to Moclips and dine at the Ocean Crest Resort. The food, the views and the atmosphere at the Ocean Crest are exactly what you are looking for, combining ingredients that perfectly capture the sophistication and ruggedness of the coast. 

To maximize your serenity, plan a trip to  Seabrook on March 30th-31st for their Spring Yoga Retreat. Offering a full weekend schedule, this retreat is a time to not just connect with the coast, but to also bond once again with yourself. The 2-day retreat will help you nourish your body, connect with your self and your surroundings, deepen your yoga and meditation practice, and meet other like-minded yogis. All levels are welcomed. Discover more here.