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Fall Favorites In Seabrook – Shopping Guide 2021

Fall in Seabrook. When the leaves turn from green to yellow to deep burnt orange and there’s nothing more enticing than curling up with a blanket and watching the waves crash on the shore. There is a reason that autumn is one of our favorite seasons here.

But there is more to love than crunchy leaves, hot coffee, and scarves in Washington’s Beach Town. Seabrook’s merchants and retailers bring the essence of fall into their stores with fun seasonal goodies and products that you’ll love year-round.

Check out what’s new with Seabrook merchants this fall!


It simply isn’t fair that we get to enjoy the delicious hand-scooped ice cream from The Sweet Life while our four-legged friends miss out. Well, now your furry best friend can enjoy some especially made ice cream right alongside you.

Shop owner, Ann, doesn’t care what time of year it is. Ice cream is always a good idea and with tasty flavors, your dog will think so, too. Take home delectable banana, tart and smooth blueberry, or their most popular flavor, peanut butter. 

Ice cream for dogs, available at The Salty Dog in Seabrook!


SeaWorthy Home | HOME MATS

SeaWorthy Home’s new vinyl mats are the perfect way to add stress-free style to any room. Easy to clean, durable, and chic, you’ll want these versatile mats throughout your home. Add a splash of color to your laundry room. Protect your hardwood floors from pets. Complete your dining room look.

Mats come in a wide variety of colors and designs so you can find a unique statement piece to elevate your home or a subtle accent piece to tie a room together. 

Check out the home mats at Seaworthy Home this Fall!

Red Cedar Surf | LONGBOARDS

A quintessential part of beach culture, longboards are one of the best ways to get around Seabrook. Made specifically for cruising, the longer boards are easier to maneuver than skateboards and provide added stability. When you’re not on dawn patrol in the ocean, or shredding it up in Buck’s Skimpool, longboarding around Seabrook is the best way to practice your moves.

Red Cedar Surf Co - Longboards


Tides by Seabrook | GLASS FLOATS

Known as the ultimate logo wear and souvenir shop of Seabrook, Tides is full of must-have clothing items, fun enamel pins, and Seabrook accessories that will become a wardrobe staple. But, if you want a truly distinctive souvenir, bring home one of their whimsical glass floats. The same ones used in the popular Winter Glass Float Find, you can pick out a locally made, one-of-a-kind float.

Glass floats at Tides in Seabrook!


Gnomes. So quintessentially Seabrook that you tend to see them everywhere, including Seabrook Kids! New to the collection of logo wear specifically designed for Seabrook’s littlest guests, are gnome T-shirts, designed by competition winners Gwen and Gracelyn. These one-of-a-kind shirts are the perfect souvenir for your Seabrook kids.

Gnome Contest T-Shirts At Seabrook Kids


Joie Des Livres | S’MORES GALORE

It’s a Seabrook tradition. Huddling around a campfire, telling stories, and roasting s’mores. If your go-to s’mores recipe is graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow, be prepared to have your mind blown.

Up your s’mores game with melt-in-your-mouth recipes that you can make over a campfire or even in your home. You can also pick up extendable roasting sticks, a s’mores caddy tray, and oven mitts to have s’more fun whenever you want. 

Check out the s'mores products at Joie Des Livres!

Magnolia’s Clothing Boutique | JEWELRY

Seabrook’s beloved boutique has an ever changing selection of inventory, but you can always count on finding something special in the store. It is almost a weekly tradition to stop by and see what new jewelry you can find in the store.

Colors and shapes are constantly rotating in pattern with the season’s trending colors and styles. You might go in for a pair of earrings and leave with much, much more with the irresistible clothing items at Magnolias.

Beautiful jewelry selection at Magnolias!


Brooklets Toys | POP ITS

Pop Its are the latest fidget gadget that is taking over the world. Think bubble wrap that you can pop time and time again. The plastic moulding is filled with divots that pop endlessly.

The satisfying act of popping the divot is enough to help focus and de-stress children (and adults too). Brooklets has an impressively wide variety of Pop Its, with unicorns, popular emojis, under-the-sea themed Pop Its, and more.

Check out the great pop it fidget toy variety at Brooklets Toys!



There is so much to do and see in Seabrook and cruising around town on a bike is always a good time. Buck’s Northwest (previously Buck’s Bikes) has always been a hub for bikes with rentals, helmets, gear, and a repair shop.

New to the shop are Nantucket Bike Baskets. These delightful wicker baskets are perfect for transporting picnics around town, grabbing groceries from Front Street Market, or bringing your beach gear down to the water.

Pictured is Buck’s newest employee Siosi showcasing how to use your basket… in style.

Nantucket baskets available at Buck's Northwest!

Spa Elizabeth and Boutique | SUNSCREEN AND SKINCARE

We’ve all forgotten the sunscreen back home or stayed outside a little longer than we should. The only remedy you need is a trip to Spa Elizabeth for a little R&R.

Among their incredible in-store selections are healthy suncare products from COOLA. Soak up those lovely, sunny fall days with no stress. Your skin will love your trip to the beach just as much as you will. 

Spa Elizabeth Boutique

 Our Pod by the Sea | EVERYTHING!

The newest merchant to join Seabrook’s Town Center is Our Pod By The Sea, a child-centric space right in the heart of Market Street. If the under-the-sea theme of the store doesn’t immediately capture your attention, the yellow submarine will.

You can drop your kids off for an hour or two for a date night, stay and play all day long, or attend one of their fun weekly events. With talent shows, parades, game nights, and more, Our Pod is bringing big fun to Seabrook’s littlest guests. 

Our Pod By The Sea In Seabrook

Make a trip to Seabrook this fall and enjoy everything that Washington’s Beach Town has to offer. Check out some of our favorite fall activities, enjoy our latest dining additions, and see what’s new at our incredible town merchants


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