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According to Seabrook founder, Casey Roloff, the Washington coast was a natural choice for this new development. Having spent much time on the Oregon coast, and successfully created developments there, Casey and his wife, Laura, were thrilled to discover this prime piece of real estate on the Washington coast. The location of Seabrook is a pristine and unspoiled stretch of coastal Washington. Although it is only 2 ½ hours from the Seattle metropolitan area, the location of Seabrook offers a tranquil escape to a quaint, timeless town where everything is just a short walk or bike ride away.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Seabrook is a coastal Washington development that was built using the principles of green building and New Urbanism. In all of the building that takes place in Seabrook, the team works diligently to remain in concert with the surrounding Washington coast environment and ecosystem.

Sustainable materials are used to build each home and structure. Sustainable features included in Seabrook designs encourage energy efficiency, indoor-air quality, resource optimization, and environmental responsibility. Each of these concepts works to create a healthy environment for Seabrook residents and guests, while simultaneously protecting and sustaining the Washington coast that they call home.

To capture the true essence of this Washington coast town's authenticity, Seabrook homes are built using real wood, including native Washington cedar. This creates a timeless look that allows Seabrook to remain classic in any era, even a hundred years from today.

When you visit Seabrook, you'll experience the (somewhat surprisingly!) beautiful weather that the Washington coast has to offer. Vacationers who frequent this stretch of the coast are often happy to find that, although it may be raining in the metropolitan areas of Seattle and Portland, Seabrook is enjoying beautiful sunshine. The weather in this part of coastal Washington is quite similar to that of the Oregon coast. The moderate climate of Seabrook makes it a welcome escape for vacationers and residents who are accustomed to the dynamic atmospheric conditions of Seattle and Portland.

A Great Way to Enjoy Coastal Washington

At Seabrook you can enjoy much of what coastal Washington has to offer. Spend time on the beautiful, unspoiled beach that is only a short walk away, down several trails that weave their way around Seabrook. Trails are pedestrian-friendly and eco-friendly, made out of either crushed oyster shells or reclaimed cedar mulch. The stroll to the beach is lined with awe-inspiring, wind-sculpted spruce trees – a truly unique sight on the Washington coast and signature for Seabrook.

Ride your bike to the Town Center and enjoy an afternoon of browsing Seabrook's shops and eateries. If you're in the mood for entertainment, then stop by Seabrook's central amphitheatre to watch people, the sky, and ocean. Need a little relaxation and rejuvenation? Enjoy a worldclass massage at Spa Elizabeth and Boutique, located on Front Street.

If you're looking for an excursion while at Seabrook, you're in luck. Olympic National Park, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located only 25 miles from Seabrook. This is the perfect trip for experiencing the variety of life that lives in coastal Washington.

Pacific Ocean beaches, rainforest valleys, and even glacier-capped peaks exist together in this amazing national park. At Olympic National Park you can witness the true ecological diversity that exists near coastal Washington: hike park trails, visit beautiful Lake Quinault, view a plummeting waterfall, or enjoy the stunning beaches that are close by.

Perhaps an outdoor excursion is not at the top of your vacation list. Just outside of Seabrook there are plenty of exciting coastal Washington activities (when you need more than beach). Dine at a five-star restaurant, or spend an evening at the casino for a change of pace, both, of which, can be found near Seabrook. Or, take a coastal drive to enjoy the tranquil, beautiful views available as you wind along the coast.

Whatever your heart and soul desires, we know you'll agree that Seabrook is a treasure vacation destination “ for a weekend or a lifetime“ on the Washington coast.