Travel Insurance

Seabrook Cottage Rentals has partnered with RedSky Travel Insurance to provide Trip Preserver for our guests. Trip Preserver provides trip insurance, emergency assistance and travel services for hurricane evacuations and family emergencies such as illness or death in the family. See RedSky for more information.

The cost is 6.95% of your total. The fee is due with your first payment and is non-refundable. Travel insurance is optional. However, we strongly urge you to consider this insurance when planning your Seabrook Cottage Rentals vacation. If you do not wish to purchase travel insurance, you may decline the coverage by selecting the “I do not want to protect my trip” under Travel Insurance option.

Trip Preserver from RedSky covers trip cancellation or interruption due to:

  • A named hurricane or other natural disaster
  • Inhabitability of the destination vacation home caused by natural disaster
  • Inhabitability of your primary residence or your traveling companion’s primary residence caused by natural disaster
  • Sickness, injury, or death of you, a family member, or traveling companion

Also included:

  • 24-hour worldwide travel assistance
  • Identity-theft recovery assistance

Trip Preserver customer care professionals hear certain questions often from travel sellers and their clients. Take a moment to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Trip Preserver. If you don’t see your question on this page, call RedSky at 866 889-7409 or email

If you are unsure if you have coverage or wish to speak to someone at Seabrook Cottage Rentals, call 877 779-9990. Have your reservation number available as well as the date of your stay.

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