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Town Amenities

Sports courts! Basketball, tennis, badminton, and pickleball. All in Seabrook. 

The basketball courts (x3) are located outside the entrance to the Farm District, connected to the playground over a grassy park. The rim is standard NBA, WNBA, NCAA... at 10 feet from the ground and basketballs are provided by Seabrook. H O R S E. 

For pickleball, there’s a court in Kucera Park, south of Market Street (SOMA) above the Pacific Ocean, and a second court (plus adapted tennis courts) inside the Farm District off Horseshoe Lane beyond the playground and outdoor basketball court.

For tennis, the regulation-sized courts are also inside the Farm District off Horseshoe Lane. Badminton matches can be waged in Crescent Park, which is right next to the indoor pool.

Check in at Buck’s Bikes to check out paddles, racquets, and other equipment.

Sports Courts