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Fall Activities Discover Springtime

There is something especially whimsical about Fall on Washington's coast and what better way to take it all in than getting to know the local flora? Test your skills and try to find these native plants during your stay.

Native Plant Scavenger Hunt

Printable Scavenger Hunt: 

  • Western Red Cedars are evergreen trees that can be found in the forests surrounding Seabrook. It is also the tree we've chosen to plant for Earth Day!
  • Red-Flowering Currant have pink flowers that bloom in early spring with berries visible August-September. These plants are popular for bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.
  • Water Horsetails look similar to asparagus but is an ancient plant that loves water and sunshine. You'll find these plants growing in groups.
  • Pacific Wax Myrtle have waxy leaves and are used as shrubs within Seabrook.
  • Sword Fern is one of the 4 native ferns found in Seabrook. Keep an eye out for unfurling fronds!
  • Skunk Cabbage loves wetlands and moist soil. When in bloom, large yellow flowers fill the ground with color.
  • Vine Maples are only found within 200 miles of the coast. Their symmetric leaves are a bright green color and is used as shrubs in Seabrook.
  • Red Alder is one of the deciduous trees found in Seabrook, meaning it loses its leaves each fall. Look up! These tall trees are starting to bud.

Want more plants to find? From trees to shrubs, there's no shortage of fascinating plant life around Seabrook. Check out the Washington Native Plant Society directory website for more local finds.