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Roosevelt Beach

While staying on the Pacific Coast, you must take advantage of the all the stunning beaches in the area. Take a 6-minute drive south of Seabrook to explore Roosevelt Beach in WA! One of the most beautiful stretches of sand, this beach offers an abundance of great activities. Here’s our guide to fun things to do on Roosevelt Beach.

How to Enjoy Roosevelt Beach

A visit to Seabrook is a beach lover’s dream! With so many coastal parks, walking trails, and long stretches of sand, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Roosevelt Beach in WA. Located in Pacific Beach, Roosevelt Beach is less than 3 miles from Seabrook and 5 miles from Copalis Beach, another popular spot. If you find yourself still craving more beach time, check out these other amazing beaches in Ocean Shores, WA.

Take in the Picturesque Landscape

Surrounded by towering cliffs and thick woods, Roosevelt Beach has a natural landscape like no other. If you prefer a quiet, peaceful beach setting, this area is less crowded than other beaches like Copalis Beach.

Walk along the shores to explore this exciting scenery or rent a 4×4 and drive over the sand! This part of the coast is technically considered a Washington state highway, so you must possess a valid drivers license and follow the 25 mph speed limit at all times. Head to Roosevelt Beach in the evening to witness an incredible West Coast sunset.

Partake in Popular Activities

Clamming on Roosevelt Beach

Clamming is one of the most popular activities on the beaches of Washington state. If you’ve never tried before, your visit to Seabrook is the perfect opportunity! Read up on the WA clam tides and find out everything you need to know about Washington state clam digging. Then, hit the sand and give it a try!

Roosevelt Beach is also known to offer a clear vantage point for whale watching. Though you’re not guaranteed to spot one, if you keep a lookout, you may just catch a glimpse of an orca or gray whale during one of their migration periods. Seals are another animal often spotted in this area. An assortment of marine life washes up on this part of the shore throughout the year. Help the kids look for all kinds of critters hidden in the sand or search for seashells to take home as a souvenir.

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