Garden Lots

Seabrook is excited to announce the availability of Garden Lots for the first time, located in the new Fernwood neighborhood!

“At the edge of town, our largest and most spacious homesites are now available,” says Casey Roloff, Town Co-founder. “These garden homesites range from 1/4 acres to 1/2 acre and accommodate stately homes with ancillary buildings such as guest houses, home offices, art studios, etc. They also will accommodate landscape features like greenhouses, swimming pools, gardens, and private lawns.”

The garden lots offer room to truly experience Pacific Northwest beach life to the fullest and design each element of the property to fit unique interests.

Homeowners of garden lots in Fernwood can experience being on the perimeter of 600-acres of public land with an expanding trail network, being near to the bike cafe, and pickleball courts.

The garden lots also offer a special opportunity when it comes to the Seabrook Hospitality vacation rentals program. The lots are large enough to accommodate family reunions, private events, work retreats, and more while also having the ability to offer private amenities such as a private pool or sauna.

Have any questions about garden lots? Please fill out the form and our sales team will be in touch shortly.