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The beauty and natural surroundings of Washington state create a place and lifestyle individuals desire. Living here offers residents an array of benefits of all that Washington has to offer – from the desert and mountains to the Puget Sound and, of course, the ocean.

The Washington real estate market is experiencing high demand; there are great high-tech markets, and the Pacific Northwest continues to have one of the fastest growing job markets in the country. Many people are moving to the Northwest, including to Washington, for the quality of life it offers.

And of course, the more people that invest in Washington real estate, the more individuals there are who are also looking for a new vacation spot at the beach. In the development of Seabrook lies an exceptional way to invest in a Washington home, including Opportunity Zones, as well as a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

Benefits of Owning a Home in Seabrook, Washington

  • Seabrook is just 2 ½ hours from Seattle. Studies suggest that people who own vacation homes that are more than three hours away from their primary home do not get to use the second home as much as they might like. Seabrook is an investment in Washington real estate that can be used frequently, because of its proximity to the Seattle metropolitan area. At Seabrook, you're not only investing in a Washington home, you're also creating innumerable memories with family and friends in Washington's Beach Town.
  • Seabrook is not just another development on the Washington coast. Seabrook makes investing in Washington real estate special because it's so much more than just a typical Washington home development or condominium project on the beach.
  • Although word is getting out, Seabrook is still relatively new and unknown. Few people have discovered this pristine piece of Washington real estate. The creativity and thought that goes into each Seabrook, Washington home design and the surrounding community are unlike any other Washington real estate development. Seabrook has been compared to the Cannon Beach of twenty years ago. Had individuals known then about the successful future of that small coastal town, there is no doubt more people would have invested in it.
  • Seabrook is destined to become Washington's Beach Town. Homes are full of charm, just like the rest of the town. No other beachfront Washington real estate development was built with "New Urbanism" ideals and principals in mind. A centralized community where everything is located within walking distance describes the design of Seabrook. The opportunity is available to invest in a new beach town that will remain pristine and be a landmark in Washington for years to come.
  • Seabrook is being built with future generations in mind. This in an investment in Washington real estate that will not only benefit you in the present, but also your family in generations to come. Located on an environmentally-protected coast, Seabrook's timeless design and building principles will ensure its charm is sustained through time.

Come Vacation at Seabrook

Seabrook is a wonderful vacation spot, whether to get away from it all or enjoy the many activities this beach town offers. Even if you're not ready to invest in a premier piece of Washington real estate by buying a home, you can still enjoy the beauty and charm of Seabrook.

Why not rent one of the quaint beach cottages available in Seabrook for a week-long vacation? Each Seabrook, Washington home comes fully furnished, and equipped with all of the necessities you need: cookware, dishes, towels, bedding, and more. A Seabrook cottage rental can even be a great way to host a business meeting, retreat, or family reunion.

Tap Vacation Rentals in the upper-right corner to discover the perfect vacation home for you and your family. Browse through homes by the dates of your trip and enjoy viewing photos of each available home. The vacation homes sleep anywhere from three to eight to twelve+ people, making them perfect for larger gatherings.

Spend some time in Seabrook and you'll understand why this new beach town is becoming a new favorite in Washington real estate.