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03/08/2019 - 7:00pm
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Seabrook Town Events

How would you like to feel like a rock superstar for 5 minutes?

Start practicing your high kicks. Dust off your air guitar. And join us at Town Hall on Friday, March 8 for an entertaining session of Seabrook Karaoke!

There is just something about belting out some Billy Joel or Michael Jackson with people you barely know that makes you bond in a way other activities can’t.

The k-stage is a place to try on new identities as easily as trying on pants. Karaoke is basically a four-minute social experiment that usually ends with applause.

So are you ready to get up on stage and show off your inner Tina Turner?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Karaoke Night will feature a cash bar. A few of your favorite librations will loosen you up and make the lyrics start to flow. Just be aware of one of the laws of karaoke: more drinks means more high kicks and vocal atrocities.

Another tip: exude confidence. Fake confidence is the key to any great karaoke performance. Use these techniques to generate your fake confidence: choose a song you’re really familiar with that you’ve sung a lot. Think of something you’re really good at. Bounce around like a rock superstar to stir up some endorphins and get your blood going. And then have a shot of your favorite drink. Now you’re ready.

See you on stage!

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