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09/14/2019 - 7:30pm
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From blues to jazz to funk and soul, SoulMates offer the unique combination of different styles and techniques that can set your heart on fire.

They have been rightly called “the favorite band of Portland’s musicians.” 

Jay “Bird” Koder is the master guitarist who anchors this crew of brilliant musicians. A composer and arranger, also, he breaks categories and boundaries and freely crosses between musical genres taking you on a sonic quest for that unique sound.

Jarrod Lawson, also a composer/arranger, is the voice that is determined to take you higher than you ever imagined and his keyboards and kicking bass let you know that you have been taken to a different place in music.

Reinhardt Melz is the incredible drummer that has learned from the best and has become the best. He also composes and arranges and he rearranges your spine with that thunderous but still melodic percussion. SoulMates, the pursuit of perfection.