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Seabrook: One of the Best Pacific Northwest Weekend Getaways

If you’ve already tried all the standard Pacific Northwest weekend getaways, add a new destination to your list. Seabrook, Washington is an emerging beach town that embodies the best about the region’s other popular coastal cities. It also has quite a few unique attributes that set it apart from the rest of the area. Schedule a visit and get to know Seabrook for yourself during your next long weekend! When you come to Seabrook, Washington for the next of your Pacific Northwest weekend getaways, don’t waste any time exploring the highlights of the town and surrounding areas. Our Things Do page is great to use as a guide during your trip. It will direct you to local attractions to check out, and provide suggestions for the quintessential Seabrook, Washington activities to try during your stay. View our Calendar as well – it will let you know what fun community events are happening while you’re in town!

Pacific Northwest Weekend Getaways in Seabrook, Washington

What You’ll See

One of the most amazing things about Pacific Northwest weekend getaways to Seabrook, Washington, is the scenery. The town’s location on a bluff overlooking the ocean makes for gorgeous views from several vantage points, including many of the oceanfront rental homes. In addition, Seabrook was named an “Idea Town” by Sunset magazine because of its emphasis on New Urban design. Many of the homes in Seabrook are within 5 to 10 minutes from the beach and the main part of town. They are also built in clusters so as to promote friendliness among neighbors and visitors. Once you arrive in Seabrook, there is little need to drive a car. Prepare for lots of beautiful walks around town!

What to Do

Explore an Amazing Nature Trail: A walk on the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail will immerse you in some of the most stunning terrain of the region. The rivers, waterfalls, and centuries-old trees around this half-mile loop will leave you in awe. Drink Premium Wines: Whether you’re a connoisseur or new to the wine world, a visit to DeLille Cellars. Its location in Woodinville is just a short drive from Seabrook. A visit there means the chance to sip some excellent specialty wines in their Carriage House Tasting Room. For more great local vintages or a nightcap in town, check out The Stowaway Wine Bar. Ride Bikes Around Town Trails: Bikes are a common method of transportation on Pacific Northwest weekend getaways to Seabrook, Washington. When you get here, rent one from Buck’s Bikes for a new way to explore the town. Whether you prefer to cycle around to points of interest in town or cruise on the beach, Buck’s Bikes can provide the vehicle for you.

Where to Stay

When you start scheduling Pacific Northwest weekend getaways to Seabrook, Washington, you’ll find a new appreciation for the culture and beauty of the region. Experience the best of the town when you stay at a Seabrook Cottage. Our homes are the perfect starting point for your immersion into our unique locale. Unwind by the sea, enjoying amazing views, gorgeous nature trails, and more during your stay. When the days are done, have some of the best sleep of your life in one of our cozy rental homes. Reserve your room now; we look forward to welcoming you to Seabrook!  

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