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Why You Need to Experience the Seabrook Glass Float Find

During your visit to Seabrook, Washington this March and April, take part in the Seabrook Glass Float Find! Every day of your stay, hunt for beautiful, hand-blown glass globes hidden throughout the town.

This scavenger hunt is a favorite event for locals and visitors alike! Test your clue-deciphering skills and embark on the Glass Float Find this spring.

Glass Float Collage

What Are Glass Floats and Where Did They Come From?

To solve this mystery, learn about glass float history.

The history of glass floats dates back to the mid-1800s when fishermen began using them to help support large nets. Though these devices originated in Norway, many of the glass floats that remain at sea hail from Japan because of the country’s integral fishing industry, which made use of many glass floats.

A major collector’s item, most original floating orbs are still in the northern Pacific Ocean drifting on ocean currents. It’s estimated that most float on the water for 7-10 years before washing ashore.

It is possible, but rare, to find an original. People are so transfixed by their beauty that many glassblowers now recreate the shape with different and interesting colors to use as decorations.

What do I Need to Know About the Float Find?

If your goal is to find a float, we recommend taking note.

We will hide two of these unique, limited-edition decorations throughout the town every day from March 1, 2021 through April 30, 2021! We encourage residents and visitors to search all public areas to locate one of these hidden ornaments.

Many are tucked away near entrances to the beach or on local hiking trails. Once you’ve discovered a glass float, check for the Seabrook, Washington stamp on the bottom to be sure that it’s part of the glass float find.

If you find it, you get to keep it! Spend the day exploring the town while looking for a beautiful new ornament to commemorate your trip to Seabrook.

Glass Float Collage

Are there clues to help me find the floats?

Follow the clues to find orbs of variable hues.

Our team of extraordinary float-hiding masters carefully place each float around the town. At 9:30 AM, we post a clue outside of the rentals check-in office on Front Street, as well as the official Facebook event pages (March and April) and the @seabrookwa Instagram Story.

Sometimes the clues will be simple, other times, real head scratchers. Only the first of the two daily floats will have a clue attached.

If you find that someone has already found the float, you can elect for the expert’s version and try to find the second float. The second float will not have a hint and can be found by anyone.

There are days that these floats are not collected, so be sure to check under shrubs, inside stumps, and even under your nose.

How many floats can I keep?

Play fair that way we can all share.

If you already found a float, you are welcome to continue to hunt for new ones! We do kindly ask that you leave any additional finds for someone else to discover. You can help other searchers by giving them clues.

Do you have any tips for helping me find a float?

Listen here, these tips may help floats appear.
Glass Float at Tides By Seabrook
  • Seabrook is always growing and evolving. Parks are springing up everywhere, hiking trails are criss-crossing through the forests, and new neighborhoods create their own secret hiding spots. Venture out to places you may not have visited before.
  • Some days the expert floats aren’t found. They aren’t retrieved by Seabrook staff either, meaning there may be more than one expert float to find on your hunt.
  • We will never hide a float on someone’s porch, deck, or yard. So if you see a colorful gleam coming from a private space, please be respectful and leave those be.
  • It’s all about fun. Floats seem to catch your attention when you’re busy building a sandcastle at the beach, roasting marshmallows, or playing a game of hide and seek.

Where can I stay during the float find?

When it is time to rest, Seabrook rentals are undeniably the best.

After you’ve spent the day exploring during the Seabrook Glass Float Find, head back to one of our spacious, modern rentals to kick back and relax. With luxurious beachfront properties, quaint cottages, and expansive houses large enough for 20+ guests, Seabrook Hospitality will make any type of trip special.

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