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What You'll See on the Amazing Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail

If you spend your days scrolling through pictures of lush forests and secretly dreaming of an escape into nature, here’s your chance. The Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail is a gorgeous example of the temperate rain forests in our region. Even better – you don’t have to be a hardcore hiker to enjoy it. The easily accessible interpretive trail is half a mile long, making it a fairly light trek. The scenery is amazing, and conveniently placed trail signs ensure that you’ll leave with more information about the area than you had when you arrived. As you look for the perfect place to slip in an outing to the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail, make sure you also check out our Things Do page. When you plan your trip to Seabrook, WA, you can use it to find out about all there is to do and see in our area. Get insider tips on the best ways to experience the Washington Coast, and make vacation planning easy on yourself!

When You First Arrive at the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail…

Trees covered in vegetation in the Olympic National Park

Pick up a map. The Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail is a half-mile loop, so it’s unlikely that you’ll get lost. Still, grab a guide from the ranger station or one of the kiosks before you get started. The Quinault Trail is connected to a broad system of trails, so if you haven’t seen enough after a few times around the loop, you’ll have what you need to find your way. Tap into your inner explorer and venture off of the beaten path a bit. Even if you don’t, the map makes a nice keepsake to add to a scrapbook when you get back to your Seabrook Cottage!

Look for These Along the Route

  • Nature’s Water Feature: Willaby Creek: The Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail actually follows this creek, so it will be hard to miss. Willaby is a great example of a typical rainforest stream. Listen in as the rushing water adds to the soothing sound of the forest.
  • An Adorable Waterfall: Near the start of the trail, there is an option for a short detour toward Lake Quinault. Take it, and get a glimpse of a small waterfall providing plenty of zen. It’s liquid proof that you don’t have to be big to be great.
  • Birds of the Brave: Look up into the canopy of the forest to see if you can spot an eagle’s nest. Watch for the huge birds flying overhead as you make your way along the loop.
  • When You Come to the Forest, Don’t Miss the Trees!: We doubt you will, especially since these old-growth Sitka spruce, red cedars, and western hemlocks will likely be some of the biggest trees you’ve ever seen up close. They command attention, and rightfully so; they’re centuries old. Make sure you pay your respects and take some time to appreciate these ancient giants of the rain forest.

Don’t Leave the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail Before You Do This

Take pictures! While you’ll definitely want to come out from behind your screen to enjoy the beauty of the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail in person, be sure to snap at least a few shots before you head back to your Seabrook Cottage. This way, the next time you’re looking through photographs thinking “I wish I was there,” you’ll have more than just dreams to depend on. You’ll have memories.

Kick Off Your Hiking Shoes at a Cozy Seabrook Cottage

After a few meditative laps around the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail, come back to your Seabrook Cottage to relax. If you’ve worked up an appetite, you can head out into our charming community for lunch, or prepare your meal in the fully equipped kitchen. (Everything you could possibly need is included.) Your Seabrook Cottage is your home on the Washington Coast, and you can rest assured that you’ll have access to all you need when you stay with us. Become a part of the Seabrook community when you reserve your cottage and start planning the most rejuvenating beach vacation you’ve ever experienced!    

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