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Spotlight: Why You'll Love Ericka Corban and "Take Me to Seabrook"

Ericka Corban is more than your average singer/songwriter. The mother of four and Washington State native has been compared to such heavy-hitters as Norah Jones, Colbie Caillat, Sarah McLachlan, and Joni Mitchell. Already a beloved local artist, years of hard work and a bit of serendipity have recently led to well-deserved national recognition. Ericka Corban is one of the Washington Coast’s shining stars, and her live performances are just some of the attractions you should look for during your next visit to Seabrook. Take a look at our Events Calendar to see what will be happening in town during your stay. Or, browse our Things Do page for ongoing activities you can enjoy at any time.

Where You’ve Heard Ericka Corban

If you enjoy treating yourself to a steaming cup of Starbucks joe, chances are you may have heard the earthy voice of Ericka Corban playing in the background while you were waiting for your latte. The popular coffee shop has been playing her music in locations all over the world for a few years. It all started right here in Seabrook at the Mill 109 Pub and Restaurant (now Koko’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar), where Ericka has been featured regularly. One day, a Starbucks executive came in for a meal and ended up enjoying more than just the food. Decision-makers at the global chain added her to the loop, and now millions have found an appreciation for her honest lyrics and enchanting melodies. You also may recognize Ericka from the 12th season of The Voice. The singer appeared on the competitive reality show earlier this year doing her rendition of “Wade in the Water.”

Listen to Music by Ericka Corban

You can purchase songs by Ericka Corban on iTunes and Bandcamp, and stream it on Spotify. You can also listen to select tracks the singer’s website. The latter is also the best place to find Ericka’s touring schedule, so you can find out the best dates to come see her when she’s in the Seabrook, Washington area!

“Take Me to Seabrook”

Listen to music by Ericka Corban, and it won’t be long until you’re singing along. All of her work is excellent, but the local favorite tune is definitely “Take Me to Seabrook.” In it, Ericka reminisces about her “happy place,” which just happens to be our town! Listen to a live performance of the song on our Facebook page, and be transported to our little place by the sea. If you’re looking for a break marked by ocean breezes and beautiful views, it may be time for you to take a trip to Seabrook, Washington. Indulge in the simple, carefree lifestyle Ericka describes in “Take Me to Seabrook” when you vacation at a Seabrook Cottage Rental. When you stay with us, you’ll never have to worry about missing any amenities. Our homes are equipped with everything you need for a rejuvenating getaway. We take care of all of the necessities so that you can relax and experience the pleasure of unplugging. Schedule your trip to Washington’s beach town today, and prepare for the rest and relaxation you’ve been craving!

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