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The Seabrook Marketing Team’s 2023 Summer Bucket List

Published: June 26, 2023 | Read Time: 5.5 Minutes

The Seabrook Marketing Team loves living the beach life as much as you do! We’ve put together our must-do summer 2023 bucket list items to do around town. Take a look at all of our favorite summer activities below and don’t miss our last bucket list item where you and your crew have the chance to win a week-long stay in Seabrook and $5,000 cash.

Sunset Surfing

Grab a wetsuit, surfboard, and your best friends and head to the beach for some sunset surfing! There’s something magical about riding the waves under a colorful sunset into dusk where beach bonfires dot the shore and the twinkling lights of the town add to a perfect ambiance. If you don’t have your own gear or forgot to bring something along, Buck’s Northwest (permanently closed) has everything you need to rent or you can head to Red Cedar Outfitters to purchase whatever you’re missing, too.

Hot Tub Stargazing

You can be sure that anytime we stay in Seabrook, there’s a hot tub involved somewhere. After a day full of running and playing, topping off an evening with stargazing from a hot tub is the perfect way to end any day at the beach. If you’re lucky, you may see a shooting star or two with Seabrook’s minimal light pollution to obscure the starry sky views.

Playing Some Pickleball

A highlight of every summer season for our team is hitting the courts for some pickleball and it’s growing in town! Our favorite time to play is first thing in the morning followed by a stop by Vista Bakeshop. If you’re new to pickleball or want to learn some tips and tricks, Scott Smith also offers free Intro to Pickleball lessons in the summer.

Having A Beach Bonfire

There’s really no wrong way to have a beach bonfire but our must-haves include a great playlist, roasting marshmallows, singing, dancing, getting cheddar dogs, and bringing along perfect summertime adult beverages, like brown sugar bourbon, to stay warm and toasty throughout the evening.

Going Out For A Picnic

If you don’t have a blanket from SeaWorthy Home or PONDR, stop by and pick one up for a great picnicking blanket! There are so many great food and drink options around town, not to mention parks and of course, the beach, to go have a picnic. We love grabbing pizza, sandwiches, or salads from the restaurants and relaxing in one of the quiet pocket parks.

Seeing A Sunset Concert

Fridays of summer in Seabrook are extra special because we can start off the weekend with live music in the Sunset Amphitheater while bringing along our favorite food and drinks. We love getting wine, beer, or cocktails to go from the restaurants and bringing along takeout options.

Checking Out The Town Tour

Seabrook grows so much every year, there’s always something new to learn on the Seabrook Town Tour with Casey, Stephen, or the sales team. It’s always exciting to take a deeper look into all of the planning that goes into making the town so special.

Scoping Out Photo-Op Spots

There are so many places around town to commemorate being in Seabrook! No getaway or walk around town is complete without taking a photo at The Big Chair in the town center, the Northwest Glen Arbor, the Grand Staircase at West Hill Park, or Growler the Bigfoot in Growler’s Alley!

Doing Morning Yoga In Kucera Park

The sunny Saturdays of summer aren’t complete without joining in with other yogis for some Sunrise Yoga with an ocean view.

Mountain Biking

We could easily dedicate hours everyday to the mountain biking trail network in and around Seabrook – there’s 160 acres of DNR Trails to explore! There’s new trails being worked on and refined all of the time, you’ll never be disappointed and can get any level of workout that you want.

Day Tripping To Griffith-Priday State Park

Griffith-Priday State Park is just a few minutes away from Seabrook. It’s typically not too busy and has all kinds of beautiful shoreline and wildlife to see along the trails and beach.

Going On The Ghost Forest Tour

Whether you’re a history buff or just enjoying being outside and on the water, we can’t recommend enough booking a Ghost Forest Tour through Buck’s Northwest (permanently closed). Learn about what makes the forest so ghostly on the tour and enjoying paddling in a kayak or SUP.

Playing Games At The Arcade

The nostalgia of playing our favorite retro games at the Arcade is a fun and carefree pastime all summer long. It’s hard to pick just one favorite arcade game that’s a must-play this summer, but a good ol’ game of Pac-Man is a must for us once the Arcade opens its doors!

Getting Together For Flag Football

Soak up the summer sun and bring on the friendly competition with a flag football game with your family and friends! If you need a football and flags, they’re available for Seabrook guests at The Dugout.

Hosting A Summer Cookout

There’s never a bad time to fire up the barbecue for grilled steak, seafood, chicken, and vegetables for an amazing summer cookout. We’ll be having the biggest cookouts yet this summer with everything and all of the fixings right there to grab at Fresh Foods Market.

Trying Every Restaurant

It’s hard to choose where to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks with all of the amazing dining options throughout town. This summer we plan to try all of the restaurants a few times over as they’re always refining menus and bringing in new and tasty things to try!

Making Dinner With Saturday Market Finds

Tasty food with fresh, local ingredients is hard to top! We love shopping the regional vendors at the Saturday Markets to find everything we need to put together a nutritious and flavorful meal.

Creating A Chalk Obstacle Course For Bikes

If you have kids in your crew, pick up some chalk from Brooklets Toys and start chalking the block for hours of entertainment for the little ones (and adults, too). 

Playing Flashlight Tag In The Park

Bring back your own childhood memories and come play flashlight tag at one of the many parks in Seabrook! Our favorites for flashlight tag are Crescent Park, Kucera Park, or Horseshoe Park.

Sipping On Cocktails At Sunset

The amazing restaurants around town offer cocktails and other drinks to-go. Picking up your favorite and enjoying it at the restaurant’s outdoor seating or on a slow stroll to the beach is a highlight of a summer evening.

Go Beachcombing

Beachcombing in the summer months isn’t quite as intense as it is during fall through spring but it’s still an exciting pastime all the same. Scope out the shores for unique shells, driftwood, sea glass, and other treasures.

Building A Gnome Or Fairy Home

The Gnome Trail forest and trails are always a treat to walk through! We love spending time with our families crafting together new gnome or fairy homes out of the materials we can find right in the forest.

Creating Or Shopping For A Summer 2023 Keepsake

The years pass by so quickly and we want to make sure we remember each one and what they meant to us! So many of the local merchants have that perfect “something” to remember the summer by, whether it’s a new piece of clothing, decor, jewelry, swag, custom candle, book, or game.

Filming A Home Video

And for our bucket list finale we have filming a home video! We love capturing those precious moments with our loved ones and can’t wait to see yours, too. Here are the competition outlines:

The Prompt: Capture the intangibles of what it feels like to be in Seabrook with your crew in the summer. We are looking for creative, feel-good, fun that brings the viewer into your favorite memories at Seabrook.

The Prize: A summer vacation in Seabrook (1-week stay), your video featured in Seabrook’s 2024 Summer campaign, and $5,000 cash.

The Requirements:

  • Must be a horizontal video that is 30 seconds in length
  • Must be posted to YouTube
  • Must submit a completed contest submission form that includes a link to the YouTube video
  • Must have a completed submission in before Saturday, September 9, 2023
  • Contact for each submission must be 25 years or older

The Timeline: We are announcing three finalists on September 15, 2023. Seabrookers can vote on which one they want to win by “liking” the video on YouTube. The winner is announced on September 20th!

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