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11 Jul 2019
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Here’s a great way to get a different perspective of the Washington Coast. 

Kayak the ghost forest in Copalis.

“What is the ghost forest in Copalis,” you ask?

The Copalis Ghost Forest is a forest of dead tress, which was caused by the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that rocked the Washington Coast in 1700. The quake caused the land to instantly sink up to 6 feet in elevation and the forest became flooded by saltwater. 

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For a long time, the Ghost Forest was a secret area only known by a few locals until the region received international attention.


The only way you can reach the ghost forest is by canoe or kayak from an informal launch point in the middle of Copalis Beach. If this sounds like something you'd like to experience, you can book a tour with Buck Giles of Buck's Bikes, located right here in Seabrook. Buck will take you on a guide so you can experience this incredible region first-hand.


As you head out on your expedition, you round a corner and take in your first look of the Ghost Forest. As you continue up river, you’ll get a direct look at the flooded roots of an old growth forest. The forest is incredible and mystical, giving you a look back over 300 years from your kayak or SUP. Take in the sights and hear about the history from Buck, all the while keeping an eye out for the animals that frequent the banks of the Copalis.

According to Buck, the Copalis River is almost always flat and easy to paddle, so anyone can participate. While SUPs are the main draw, kayaking to the ghost forest is also super easy. The path is removed from noise and urban environment, allowing you a chance to unplug and experience nature first hand, without going too far off the beaten path.

“The reason everyone should take this tour is that it is a perfect blend of ancient geological history and the more recent logging history of the region,” explains Buck. “Paddling to the Ghost Forest lets you experience the past, where we recognize the importance of logging history while also focusing on the future, where we celebrate outdoor recreation and encourage tourism to rekindle our economy.”

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So the next time you’re at Seabrook, get in the spirit and book a tour to kayak the Ghost Forest with Buck Giles. It's great exercise, you'll learn and see a lot of interesting things, and it's a great way to get outside and enjoy Washington Coast's natural beauty. 


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