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24 Jan 2019
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Spring break is just around the corner, and you are more than likely feeling the pull to discover the ideal destination with your family. We scour the internet, looking for someplace where ocean breezes pass through towering trees, where sunsets along the coast are matched with delicious foods and incredible drinks. We search for a destination where kids can be kids, adults can relax, and where the spirit of the Pacific Northwest is perfectly encapsulated. We long for a place where luxury meets wilderness, and where for a night, a weekend or a full week, we can escape the stresses of life. Out along the Washington Coast, where the breaking waves of the Pacific coincide with the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula, the community of Seabrook is the location for which you have been searching. 

A Staycation Along the Coast
A Row Of Beach Homes at Seabrook

Seabrook is more than just a place to spend the night. It is a community, where elegant class meets rugged beauty, perfectly encapsulated on the bluffs above the sandy shore. Seabrook is a destination where the new century meets the past, and where incredible homes can be purchased or rented. What makes Seabrook so incredible is that no matter where you are, every amenity you could desire is close by, giving a weekend or lifetime escape along the breathtaking Washington coast. With numerous options of styles of homes, with ocean views or up on the bluff on the ocean front, choosing to spend spring break at Seabrook will reward you with incredible memories for years to come. 

Dining and Shopping

Love delicious foods? Want to shop for yarns for knitting, or explore a store for the kids? How about picking up a treat for your pooch, or snacking on sweets, or grabbing a drink? Seabrook has all of this and more, all within walking distance from both your house and the ocean. Seabrook is the place to go on the Washington Coast for great stores and meals for the entire family. Whether you are in the mood for pizza, burgers or something a bit more upscale, your dining options will give your tastebuds a trip of intoxicating flavors. Shopping here will capture your seaside desires, with the coastal specific store of Seaworthy Home or the always fun stop at the Seabrook Kids Store.

Hiking and Biking Around Seabrook

Want to see Seabrook and the surrounding Washington coastline? You are in luck, as Seabrook is your basecamp for adventures along the Olympic Coast. Those who wish to stay in Seabrook can do so while still exploring the region, thanks to bike rentals from Buck’s Bikes. With mountain bike trails and road routes, short hiking trails and miles of beach to wander, you can adventure to your heart’s content in this idillic landscape. The trails are always expanding, giving you new places to go every year! The local trails at Seabrook are fun for all ages, whether you hike or bike them, perfectly whetting your appetite for adventures up and down the Olympic Coast.

Day Trips and Sunsets
An Iconic Seabrook Sunset

Seabrook is your ultimate basecamp for adventures into Olympic National Park and Forest. By taking a short drive north, you’ll find incredible lodges and old buildings, hundreds of miles of hiking trails and roads that pass through stunning rainforests, picturesque lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls. From Seabrook, you’ll also be able to access the wildest coastline in America. By picking up a paperback guidebook, or an ebook for your phone or tablet, you’ll learn about the history of the region and discover the best places to explore. Once you are done, there is no better way to end a day of exploring than to catch a sunset along the Washington coast. From Neah Bay and Shi Shi Beach, down to LaPush, Ruby Beach and Kalaloch, and all the way to the mouth of the Columbia River, you’ll find stretches of shoreline that will leave you in awe at the beauty of the mighty Pacific.

Swimming and Skimboarding 
Buck's Bikes at Seabrook

If you love fun times in and on the water, Seabrook has you covered. Seabrook is one of the only places along the Washington and Oregon coast where guests and homeowners can enjoy a heated indoor pool all year long. Measuring 21' x 60’, the indoor pool will give you a day’s worth of swimming, while the spa jacuzzi with help you relax your muscles afterwards. If the outdoors is where you would rather enjoy the water, you have some fantastic options. While the coast and the ocean is a bit too cold and rough to swim in, Buck’s Bikes rents out skimboards and is a great surf shop, helping to meet your needs for fun in and along the salty water.

Doing Absolutely Nothing

At Seabrook, you have the option to be as active as you want, but you can also stare blankly at the point where the ocean meets the sky. If you’d enjoying going go to a spa to relax, you are in luck, as Seabrook is home to the Spa Elizabeth, a boutique spa with a full range of services and products, from therapeutic or deep tissue massages, body treatments, facials, and waxing services. At Seabrook, a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the lively businesses, there is a calming and relaxing atmosphere, no matter what the weather, proving that of the joys of the Washington Coast is that you can do nothing at all and still have a great time.

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