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25 Jan 2019
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Things To Do

With miles of sandy beach, activities galore all throughout town, and the highest quality accommodations on the Washington Coast, Seabrook continues to be a top destination to enjoy on your Spring Break. Take your pick from mountain biking or beach cruising, meandering through the town center’s shops and restaurants, hiking on Seabrook’s trails (and nearby Olympic National park), or better yet, make time for them all!

Whether you’re looking for an action packed vacation away or a cozy beach cottage to relax in, you will find it all right here at Seabrook.

Here is all you can do on your Spring Break vacation at the beach.


St. Fatty's Day Fat Tire Bike Race

Saturday, March 16

Fat Tire Bike Race Seabrook Beach

With the recent and fast rising popularity of Fat Tire Bikes, Buck’s Bikes and Seabrook are pleased to present the St. Patty’s Day Fat Tire Bike Race - a unique coastal race beginning in Seabrook and continuing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Cruise the beach and pass through town on this scenic, yet stimulating course.

With a start and finish on the newly finished Market Street, the course will deposit you onto the beach for a two and a half mile lap with three difficulties to choose from, beginner (2 laps) intermediate (3 laps) and expert (4 laps), including a junior race (1 lap). Fat Tire Bikes are available for rent at Seabrook.

Register For The Race Now

Shenanigan's Festival

Saturday, March 16

Shenanigans Festival Seabrook

Celebrate St. Patrick's at Seabrook with Shenanigans Fest and Parade. Follow the bagpiper and join the parade, but don't forget to don your favorite green costume and decorate your stroller or bike!

The festival continues after the parade with live entertainment, music, dancing, Irish food, games for kids, and a whole lot more planned.

Check out all the Shenanigans details.

Boots N Brellas

Saturday, March 23

Boots Brellas Parade Festival Seabrook Thumb

How do you have fun in any kind of weather on the Washington Coast? With a boots and umbrellas celebration of course!

Join us as we welcome spring and its temperamental weather with our Boots 'N Brellas Festival

Festivities include a roving circus, juggles, performers, fire-eaters, sandcastle sculpters and best of all -  your favorite umbrellas! Find out all the details about what's planned and how you can get in on the fun.

Yoga Retreat

March 30-31

Yoga Seabrook Spring Retreat

Head to the beach for a complete weekend of relaxation, balance, and meditation at Seabrook’s Spring Yoga Retreat. Nourish your body, mind and soul with a weekend of yoga, nature, and nurture.

Four yoga classes, meditation and journaling sessions, a zen atmoshpere, and the beautiful Washington Coast scenery will make for a restorative weekend at the beach.

Check out the full schedule and pricing.

Seabrook Activities


Seabrook is one of the only places along the Washington and Oregon coast where guests and homeowners can enjoy a heated indoor pool year-round! 

Located on the south end of Crescent Park, the pool is a popular place to take a dip, spend a rainy day, or relax in the jacuzzi. 

Beach & Town Biking

Bikes are everywhere at Seabrook.  And there’s a good reason why – Seabrook was built to create truly exceptional walking and biking experiences for everyone.  – rather than car experiences.  Bring your bikes (or rent some from Buck's Bikes) and cruise the streets of Seabrook, exploring pocket parks and wooded nooks, finding the greatest fire pits and outdoor games. 

Or, try a beach ride!  Fat tire bikes are specially engineered for fun riding on the beach and in the surf. Hit the beach without worrying about getting stuck in the sand, cruise along the water’s edge and enjoy the cool splash of the water, and even do a donut or two. Also available for rent at Buck's Bikes.

Outdoor Games

Whether you're feeling like playing a game of bocce ball, shuffleboard, basketball, pickle ball, or tennis, or just want to hit the playground or throw some cornhole on Market Street, there are a myriad of fun outdoor games all around Seabrook. 

Seabrook Spring Break Activities Collage Blog

Beach Combing

After a winter’s worth of storms slamming against the sandy shores, wandering the beach can result in some pretty stellar finds. Known as beach-combing, those who wander the coastline after storms can find incredible shells, shimmering agates, and even old glass floats. Beach-combing in the spring provides empty beaches, exposed treasure and an excuse to wander aimlessly between the driftwood piles and breaking waves. This is a perfect stress relieving activity and can be done with ease from Seabrook’s beach access. Young or old, walking the beach, collecting trinkets and taking in the salty air is sure to be the peaceful respite you crave. 

Clam Digging

Digging for razor clams is another uniquely Pacific Northwest beach activity to do along the Washington Coast. All you need for a clamming adventure on the Pacific Coast of Washington is a permit, a will to dig the clams out of the sand, and a container to put the clams in once you have found them. There are a handful of areas that are typically open to the public for clam digging each year, from Olympic National Park’s Kalaloch Beach, to the mouth of the Columbia River, making Seabrook the perfect basecamp for your clamming adventures. Keep in mind that beaches can open and close based on the health and population of the razor clams. A full list of open beaches, approved dig days, tides and everything else you need to know about clam digging updated regularly can be found on the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (WDFW) websiteBuck’s Bikes at Seabrook also leads guided clam digging tours, perfect for those looking to learn this skill. 

Swimming & Skimboarding

If you love fun times in and on the water, Seabrook has you covered. Seabrook is one of the only places along the Washington and Oregon coast where guests and homeowners can enjoy a heated indoor pool all year long. Measuring 21' x 60’, the indoor pool will give you a day’s worth of swimming, while the spa jacuzzi with help you relax your muscles afterwards. If the outdoors is where you would rather enjoy the water, you have some fantastic options. While the coast and the ocean is a bit too cold and rough to swim in, Buck’s Bikes rents out skimboards and is a great surf shop, helping to meet your needs for fun in and along the salty water.

Nearby Attractions

Whale Watching

The months of March, April and early May along the Washington Coast are your best chance to see whales. During this time, the Washington Coast becomes a highway for 20,000+ Gray Whales migrating back to the cool waters of Alaska, with babies in tow. Swimming just 1/2 mile or less from the crashing waves on the rugged beaches of the Pacific Coast, the gray whales partake in not just an amazing migration, but also a chance for the millions who live with a few hours drive of the ocean to see these massive sea dwelling mammals. For families, the migration of the gray whales makes for an amazing experience. To best see the whales, the Whale Trail, which stretches the entire length of the Washington Coast, offers viewpoints, information and even activities during the peak whale watching season.

Hiking & Exploring

The Washington Coast has a lifetime’s worth of hiking trails to explore, leading to breathtaking vistas and jaw-dropping sea stacks. Whether you stick to the beaches near Seabrook, or drive north to explore Olympic National Park’s Kalaloch, Ruby Beach, LaPush and even Ozette and Shi Shi Beaches, you’ll be awe-struck by the rugged beauty of the Washington Coast. The best part about exploring the areas in the spring months are that the low tides are typically in the afternoon and evening, giving you hours to take in the grandeur of the most-rugged, wild and wonderful coastline in America. For the best hikes, pick up a guidebook from The Outdoor Society, the experts for your Olympic Peninsula hikes. Exploring the coastline will leave you addicted to returning to the coast weekend after weekend. 

River Fishing

Fishing Quinault River

Originating deep in the heart of the Olympic Mountains, the Quinault River winds across the Olympic Peninsula and empties into Quinault Lake. As it flows through the “Enchanted Valley,” it presents many wonderful opportunities for fishing. But, 

Quinault River fishing, as enchanting as it may be, comes with some regulations you’ll need to consider. Here, we’ll inform you of everything you need to know about Quinault River fishing, so you can make the most of a fishing trip here.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on the Washington Coast is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the natural landscape. While not currently available right at Seabrook, you can find mutliple opportunities to go horseback riding in our area. If you’re embarking on a family vacation, the kids will love a chance to get close to these gentle animals.

Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh Rainforest is one of four rainforests on the Olympic Penninsula, but it’s the only one that has received the distinction of being a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Its rare ecosystem has remained unchanged for thousands of years and is now the most carefully preserved rainforest in the Northern Hemisphere. The most common types of trees you will see in the Hoh Rainforest are Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock (Washington’s official state tree), which can reach over 300 feet high and seven feet in diameter.

Rialto Beach
Rialto Beach on the Washington Coast

Located in Olympic National Park just north of La Push and on the other side of the Quillayute River, Rialto Beach is famed for its smooth-pebbled shoreline, massive, bus-sized driftwood, views of the James Island complex of offshore stacks, and being the starting point for the 1.5-mile hiking trail that leads to Hole-in-the-Wall, famous in its own right. Everybody should witness these massive sea stacks, enormous driftwood logs, and watch the Pacific Ocean waves crash into the shoreline at least once in their lives.

Third Beach

One of the “hardest” hikes along LaPush beach system, Third Beach features a stunning section of coastal wilderness and a chance to see a waterfall plunge directly into the Pacific Ocean. At just 3.6 miles round trip, Third Beach is less visited than the region’s other beaches, giving a chance at solitude in a normally popular area.


Spring in Seabrook is a wonderful time when sunny days, colorful flowers and fresh foliage add to the beach town’s charm. 

It’s your chance to admire cherry blossoms, take nature-filled walks along Gnome Trail and—like a true beach goer—enjoy a long, lazy brunch at the beach.

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