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14 Aug 2018
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It's not too hard to find a spot to take-in the sunset at Seabrook. When it comes to finding a good spot, simplicity is key. Here is our list of top locations within Seabrook to catch an amazing sunset.


Overlook Park is a great place to catch a sunset

Overlook Park

Overlook Park is one of Seabrook's newest parks and is perfect for watching sunsets. Located in the Elk Creek neighborhood, Overlook Park is perfectly situated along the bluff of Elk Creek with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean. The park features the perfect wooden bench to enjoy a glass of wine and a world-class sunset. 


Sun going down at Seabrook

Sunset Amphitheater

Located at the Front Street entrance next to the Front Street Market, the Sunset Amphitheater is home to many music performances at Seabrook. It's the perfect gathering spot for a sunset picnic because there is plenty of space and the views are amazing. If you're looking for a place to watch the sun set with a large group, the Sunset Amphitheater is highly recommended because of it's ease of access, proximity to town, and wide-open spaces.


Catch a sunset on the beach

The beach

Speaking of wide-open space, the beach has it all. Unencumbered views of the sun and mighty Pacific Ocean, beautiful scenery, views of the bluffs, and more. At Seabrook, there's multiple ways to get down to the beach. If you're heading in from the Farm District or Mill District, take Gnome Trail down to the beach for the quickest access. Another way to access the beach is through the Pacific Glen neighborhood. This way will take you past the Gazeebo in the conservation area, which is another great place to view the sunset. Finally, the most popular way to access the beach is from the Northwest Glen entrance, which is the walkway across from the Sunset Amphitheater. However you access the beach, make sure to pack the essentials: blanket, sunglass, camera, and some snacks and drinks. 


Koko's Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the sunset and have a nice meal at the same time. For those nights, Koko's is the perfect destination. Situated slightly above the Sunset Amphitheater, Kokok's offers some unique angles and perspectives that create some really nice views. While you're here, you order your favorite drink and appetizer to enjoy as you watch the sun go down over the mighty Pacific.  


A gorgeous sunset at Seabrook

Photo Credit: Michael Palermiti

This might be one of the most popular places to watch the sunset because of it's amazing views and ease of access. If you're heading to the beach from town, just headdown the walkway next to the Front Street Market, cross SR-109 at the crosswalk and take a right. One of the reasons this spot is so popular is because it produces some of the most amazing and expansive views, like the one above.


Catch the sun setting from Town Green Park

Town Green Park is another new park at Seabrook and is quickly becoming a favorite. Located in the SOMA District, Town Green Park features pickleball courts, a large and spacious grass field, sitting benches, adriondack chairs, fire places, and more. With all those amenities, you can see why it's so popular. Like much of Seabrook, Town Green Park is elevated above sea-level which offers some breathtaking views of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. 


Enjoy the sunset from the spa

The West Winds

Of all the beautiful spots listed to catch a sunset, the best place just might be from the comfort of your patio. Many homes at Seabrook have ocean views and provide the best setting to take in a Seabrook sunset. Pour another glass of wine, enjoy the company of your friends and the privacy of your own home as you watch another beautiful Pacific Northwest sunset at Seabrook.

While you're out watching the sunset, take a picture and upload it to Instagram for your chance to win a FREE 2-night stay in Seabrook's Red Sunset House. For more information on our Instagram Sunset photo contest, visit the contest page here.