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The Best Fall Things To Do On The Washington Coast

Date Published: September 5, 2023 | Read Time: 5.5 Minutes

With just a few days left of summer, we’re looking ahead to the best fall things to do on the Washington coast. Seabrook’s vacation rentals beckon travelers this time of year as the town quiets, nightly minimums drop, and fall rates offer exceptional value. From crisp and sunny days to cool and misty nights, we’ve put together the must-dos of outdoor and indoor activities that are all within Seabrook or an easy day trip away.

The Top 10 Outdoor Fall Activities

1. Razor Clam Digging

Thousands of vacationers and day-trippers flock to Washington’s beaches each fall to take part in clam digging! The invigorating experience is followed up by preparing the fresh catches. Razor clams have delicious culinary qualities of smooth, distinctive texture, and subtle seafood flavor that leave diggers craving them year-round. First-time digger? Buck’s Northwest offers guided lessons with everything you need to know to become a seasoned pro. Razor clam digging usually begins in November, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife always has the most up-to-date information on dig dates. Though the clams are usually battered and fried, there are all kinds of creative ways to use the seasonal delicacy in cooking!  

2. Mushroom Foraging

The forest floor transforms into a playground of treasured finds for mushroom-hunting enthusiasts during the fall. Another family-friendly activity, the forest in and around Seabrook offers the most sought-after gourmet edible mushrooms, like the ever-popular chanterelle. If you’re new to mushroom foraging, Seabrook has partnered with local experts to show you the ropes of safe mushroom foraging with classes from September to November

3. Beach Bonfire

One of the best ways to watch the famously beautiful fall sunsets is from the beach itself. The experience is made even better by a warm fire, complete with lounge chairs and a s’mores kit. You can bring your own supplies for a beach bonfire or opt for the Sunset Bonfire Package offered by Seabrook Hospitality that includes a smokeless fire pit, wood, and beach chairs set up for you on the beach.

4. Beachcombing

Fall is one of the best times of the year to turn your beach stroll into a treasure hunt. The beach is always a short walk away so you’ll be scouring the shore in no time. Keep an eye out for all kinds of collectibles that may have washed ashore after being churned up by bigger waves, like sea glass, fossils, or glass floats.

5. Mountain Biking

The crisp weather makes mountain biking more enjoyable than ever during fall! Biking routes are sprinkled throughout Seabrook with direct connections to the miles of DNR trails to explore anytime of the year. This year has been full of trail improvements and the addition of new trails, make sure to spend a day or two checking out the tracks!

6. Guided Experiences

Seabrook has you covered for guided experiences that take the prep and planning out of an excursion and turn it into carefree enjoyment! Seabrook Hospitality Concierge Services can help you set up a guided fishing trip, among other experiences, and Buck’s Northwest has you covered for kayaking tours, clam digging, surf lessons, mountain biking, and more.

7. Historic Sites Around Town

The North Beach area has a rich history from Native American culture to the logging industry boom that shaped what the Pacific Northwest is today. Seabrook itself has several spots to visit and see these glimpses into the past. Take a look at The Historic Dorothy Anderson Cabin, The Old Cedar Stump, The Old Spruce Heritage Tree, and even The Gnome Trail. The Museum of the North Beach is only a 5-minute drive away in Moclips, too! 

8. Day Trips

Seabrook is the perfect launching point for day-trip destinations that offer those awe-inspiring views of nature that people travel from all over the world to see. From the iconic sea stacks of Ruby Beach to the towering old growths of the Hoh Rainforest or the pristine cliffside views of the Pacific Ocean at Cape Disappointment, you’ll find your adventure meter full to the brim with all of the nearby sites.

9. Hiking Around Seabrook

Hikers can find miles of trails to explore during fall with new trails being constantly added to the increasingly elaborate trail network. Take a quick jaunt down the Elk Creek Trail to the beach or through The Gnome Trail’s various paths that pop out at different places throughout town.

10. Play Outdoor Games

The town amenities are open year-round to Seabrook guests, so if you’re craving a game of pickleball, basketball, soccer, or even a game of horseshoes, it’s easy to play your favorite games for hours with courts and parks conveniently located all throughout the town. For the little ones not quite old enough for structured play, there is a playground in the Alderwood neighborhood and South of Market neighborhood in Kucera Park.

Inspo For Cozy Day Activities

For those that enjoy sleeping in followed by sipping on coffee during a misty coastal morning, you can find easy-going activities that highlight fun things to do indoors.

Play At The Arcade

Have you seen the retro-themed arcade that opened on Front Street this summer? The Arcade became an instant favorite stop for adults and children alike in town. On those days where it’s just a smidgen too rainy to be out and about too much, The Arcade is the perfect cozy day pastime.

Make A Custom Candle

Add a personalized ambiance to your stay with a custom candle made at Lorraine’s Candle Studio with their fall scent collection. With dozens of scents and unique vessels to choose from, a relaxing morning, afternoon, or evening happens with ease at the candle studio.

Plan A Spa Day

The pitter-patter of rain and the faint roar of the ocean makes the spa experience on the coast all the more relaxing. Pamper yourself with a facial, massage, or one of the other bliss-filled experiences offered at Spa Elizabeth on Front Street.

Wine Tasting

Stop by The Stowaway Wine Bar for a laid-back afternoon filled with quality wines and equally delicious bites this fall. If you’re feeling more like enjoying an evening in, The Stowaway offers in-home wine tasting and bottles to go.

Get A Seabrook Painting Kit

Cozy days often inspire creatives to get into new projects. Concierge Services offers painting kits, complete with an instructional video, that has the option to paint the iconic Seabrook arch at sunset or a whimsical jellyfish. You can order one in advance to have waiting for you when you arrive!

Shop & Dine

Warm, aromatic food accompanied by your favorite beverages are easy to come by within the Town Center. Try your own food tour and go from restaurant to restaurant, sampling the flavorful dishes and enjoying the different vibes. Cozy days mean it’s the perfect time to bundle up and shop! The town merchants all have unique merchandise for you to browse, from clothing, homeware, books, toys, outdoor gear, and more.

About Seabrook

The vibrant town of Seabrook is a sustainable haven for full-time residents, vacationers, and day trippers – a walkable urban oasis seamlessly woven into nature on the Washington Coast. Home to 18 parks, an event space, boutique spa, fitness center, hundreds of acres of mountain bike and hiking trails, central amphitheater, sports and pickle ball courts, indoor and outdoor pools, miles of wide open beach, award-winning restaurants, and plenty of shopping options – it’s an ideal getaway for all ages. Read more about the growing beach town: What Is Seabrook

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