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5 Unconventional Ways To Experience Seabrook

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere and be different, breaking from the normal routines in which we find ourselves feeling trapped? 

Along the Washington Coast, you can find that at Seabrook. Beyond the obvious beach attractions, Seabrook offers some truly unique travel experiences you can have – from jet skiiing in the ocean to spending tranquil nights stargazing. 

Forget the common travel tips.

Instead, here is our list of experiences you should discover on your next Seabrook vacation. 

Search for Sasquatch 

Big Foot spotted at Seabrook

Strange creatures are said to lurk out in the forests of Grays Harbor. Known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot, the mythological ape has been seen by locals and visitors alike all around Seabrook. While many do not think they exist, those who do believe, or want to believe, need to head to two areas. 

Driving the Moclips Highway, to Highway 101 and back in the dark will give you a great chance to see something unexplainable. Another great road to drive at night is Ocean Beach Road out of Pacific Beach to Carlisle Lakes. Known for great fishing during the day, at night this area can be downright spooky. Sitting here in the dark, quietly for 10 minutes or so, may make the biggest skeptic a believer. As always, let someone know where you are going and stick to your plan. Tips of finding Sasquatch can be found here

Connect to the History

While not as quirky as the other options, getting to know the past, present and future of Seabrook is a pretty unique experience. A fantastic way to hear about Seabrook and explore the coastal community is to take the town tour with founder Casey Roloff. These tours take place on Saturdays at 11am. 

Along the walk, keep an eye out for the Dorthy Anderson Cabin. In 1927, Dorthy Anderson built a cabin with her bare hands in nearby Ocean City. Over the last few decades, the historic cabin fell in decay, but the community didn’t want that to happen. The Museum of the North Beach in Moclips and Seabrook worked together to repair and move the cabin to its permanent location on Meriweather Street at the north end of Crescent Park in Seabrook. Inside the cabin, visitors can see Dorothy’s personal items, as well as several other period artifacts that show what life was like 90 years ago. 

More history and culture of the region can be found at the Museum of North Beach in Moclips. While small on the outside, the museum is packed full of pictures, displays and information that will help make you an expert on the region. 

Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board 

Can you stand on one foot?

Then you can do yoga.

So, logically, if you can stand on a paddle board, you can do yoga on a paddle board, right? With paddle boards able to be rented at Buck’s Bikes, as well as lessons on how to use them, you can hit the water and work your core by paddling. 

One of the coolest and most unique places to go is to the nearby Ghost Forest on the Copalis River. The Ghost Forest is a large stand of trees that shows how the landscape changed during a huge earthquake and tsunami that rocked the region in 1700. Here, the water moves a little slower, giving you an amazing backdrop to try out a few yoga positions. We recommend starting with these 10 before moving on to more difficult ones.

Night Surfing 

Night surfing at Seabrook

The Washington Coast is stunning during the day, but under a full moon, it is downright spectacular. While most of the coast is cuddled up in bed, you could be riding the waves all alone. What makes this such a unique experience is that during a full moon, or any large moon, the entire coast is illuminated and the only sounds are the pounding waves.  A stop in at Buck’s Bikes is your best bet to get hooked up and ready to enjoy the surf. Buck’s does have wetsuit and surfboard rentals, but those looking for an overnight rental will need to contact him ahead of time. Buck can also help those with their own gear get to the best spots and even connect with a local guide to explore hidden surfing spots on the North Beach.

Wildlife Encounters

Those with active eyes and patience will have quite a day out in the wilds around Seabrook, thanks to the numerous species of birds and mammals that frequent the region. In the spring months, 20,000 gray whales swim within a quarter mile of the shore. Bring a pair of binoculars, sit on the bluffs above the beach and watch for a spout, the tell-tale sign of a whale. 

Also in the spring, hundreds of thousands of shorebirds migrate to the coast, giving birders an incredible opportunity to see sandpipers, as well as eagles, hawks and peregrine falcons looking for a meal. With deer seen all around, as well as seals being commonly spotted out in the waves, you never know what you might see at Seabrook.

Rexlax at Seabrook

After you enjoy all these unique experiences, come relax in a Seabrook Cottage. Our homes come fully stocked with all of the amenities you need to have a vacation you’ll never forget. We even have rental homes right on the beach, so that you can take full advantage of our location on the stunning Washington Coast. You deserve an amazing place to get away during your vacation, and our rentals are beautiful, comfortable, and convenient. Search our available rentals today to see the full range of options available for your next vacation in Washington’s Beach Town.

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