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Work From Home at Seabrook

Everyone seems to be WFH (working from home) during this season of COVID-19 and its uncertainties. Since you yourself are likely WFH until January 2021, or beyond, consider doing it from Seabrook. Heading to the coast is a great way to change your scenery and get a refresh. But what exactly does WFH in Seabrook look like?

Book Your Beach Home

Seabrook has received bookings from people and families who want to conduct their ‘new normal’ out at the beach. To discover more and book your beach home, reach out to one of our Vacation Planners at 877 779-9990.

work from home

Get Connected

All Seabrook vacation rentals have access to the Internet. You’re just a Wi-Fi password away from highspeed. Coast Communications is a local provider with packages of download speeds up to 250 Mbps and upload speeds of 15 Mbps. CenturyLink is also available in Seabrook with speeds good to work from home, attend virtual classes, connect to devices on Wi-Fi, game online, and stream in HD. From within Seabrook you can download an HD movie, upload to YouTube, and meet with team members around the world on Zoom, Teams, and Skype!

Walk to Town Center for Food and Drink

To WFH, you need coffee, tea, Kombucha, energy drinks, smoothies, and every fluid in between. You also need nutrients. Seabrook has numerous options including, but not limited to, Vista Bakeshop and Front Street Market for coffee, coffee drinks, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries. Front Street Market, Spa Elizabeth Boutique, and String Theory Yarn and Fiber sell sweet, calming, and bold teas. Urban Juice Factory offers up energizer fresh fruit, veggie, herb drinks, and smoothies as well as salads, wraps, and bowls. There’s Frontager’s Pizza Co. and Koko’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar. To unwind, relax, and have fun you have Growler’s Alley Beer Garden and The Stowaway Wine Bar. To top off your evening, or sneak a chocolate truffle for your afternoon break, try The Sweet Life – the ice cream and candy store.

Take in the Ambiance

The feel, the scenery, the fresh air on the Washington coast all contribute to wellbeing and focus. WFH at Seabrook is optimum morning, noon, and night – your schedule, your way, in the best place.


Once you have secured your space, got connected, fueled up, and taken in the ambiance, now comes the easy part… being productive at Seabrook doing what you do best.

Start browsing homes to find the ideal vacation rental in Seabrook! Choose from oceanfront, oceanview, townhomes in the heart of Seabrook, cozy cabins by the Gnome Trail beach access, or in the Farm District with a big yard.

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