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Tips & Tricks For Planning A Long Weekend At The Beach

Dreaming about your next coastal getaway? From dreaming about the soothing sound of the ocean waves to pulling up to your vacation rental, make every step of planning a seamless experience when you come to Seabrook. Take a look at the insider tips and tricks from our reservations team for planning a long weekend in Washington’s Beach Town.

Pack Less, Relax More

You can pack light when you stay in one of Seabrook’s vacation rental homes! Take the stress out of packing in everything from bedding to cookware during your stay.

For The Moms Planning Ahead

“I always remind people that the kitchens are fully stocked for their stay,” says Joy, Seabrook Hospitality Reservation Specialist. “So when a mom calls in and asks about planning, I can let her know she doesn’t have to worry about bringing pots or pans or dishes and it’s always reassuring to hear.”

Homes have all the appliances you need to make a stay carefree and comfortable and reservation specialists are available seven days a week if you have any questions or would like to inquire about specific items in the home.

All homes also have bedding, towels, and a starter amount of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergent. Many homes also come equipped with games and entertainment systems, too, that frees up packing space even more.

When it comes to bringing little ones along, packing can seem endless. At Seabrook, you can pack a little less with toddler-friendly items available to rent for your stay.

“I always let families know that we have high chairs, baby gates, and cribs on site and they don’t have to worry about packing that in,” says Katie, Seabrook Hospitality Group Liaison. “We can have it at the home and have it ready before they arrive.”

A big, time-consuming task surrounding any extended vacation is planning meals, but it doesn’t have to be when you head to your vacation home.

“People are always happy to hear that we basically provide everything but the food for their stay,” Katie says. “But we can provide that now, too!”

For Those That Don’t Want To Lift A Finger

Seabrook Hospitality’s Concierge Services offers personalized grocery delivery, simply get in touch with the concierge team and arrive stress-free knowing that your groceries are waiting in the home for you. And if you happen to have any last-minute cravings or items you forgot, the Fresh Foods Popup on Front Street has you covered for most items.

Pick The Perfect House & Know You’re Covered

Seabrook Hospitality’s wide variety of vacation rental home options makes it the ideal destination for parties of all sizes, from solo vacationers to large groups. Homes of all sizes can be found all throughout town, it’s a matter of picking the perfect house near the amenities visitors are interested in the most.

For Those Who Want The Large Get Togethers To Feel Closer Than Ever

For large groups, get the most out of a stay by sorting by home amenities that encourage togetherness.

“I always tell guests about places that have fireplaces or fire pits first,” says Kent, Seabrook Hospitality Reservation Specialist. “So there is always something to do and something that brings people together.”

Make the most out of the wide variety of floor plans available in Seabrook vacation rentals, too, that provide everything from extra media space for kids to open concept homes.

“I recommend open house concepts for families a lot, so that people can always be together and gather more easily,” says Jennifer, Seabrook Hospitality Reservation Specialist.

Seabrook Hospitality’s rental program is unique in that there are onsite services in housekeeping and maintenance provided, along with a safety team.

For Those Looking For Something Beyond The Typical Airbnb

 “For people who are coming in and don’t know Seabrook and only know Airbnb or VRBO, I let them know we have all day maintenance and housekeeping on site,” Jennifer says. “If something goes wrong or something is missing from the home, all they have to do is call.”

Tips & Tricks For Around Town

For Those Who Want A Vacation From Their Car

A lot of people coming into Seabrook for the first time may not know how truly walkable the town is, making it easier to park the car for the weekend and then have a brief walk or bike ride to all of the town’s amenities and attractions. If guests come in knowing beforehand how easy it is to walk around to everything, it often means packing less.

“It’s so safe for people to be out walking,” Jennifer says. “It’s perfect for families.”

“Teenagers, especially, love the freedom of being able to walk around and get coffee or go shopping,” adds Katie.

For The Resort Adventurers

Seabrook’s parks and outdoor games are also widely popular and first time visitors don’t often know that there are pickleball courts, a playground, a fenced in dog park, and resources like The Dugout for them to check out complimentary game equipment.

“I like to let people know that we have all of the games in The Dugout,” Joy says. “They can save a lot of space when they know they don’t have to bring everything for activities.”

Another tip from the reservations team is coming prepared for all kinds of weather! No matter the time of year, it’s always a good idea to bring layers of clothing and to be ready for the chance of rain.

Whether your crew wants to plan activities to do together or solo, coming to Seabrook means that there’s something for everyone to enjoy so there’s no need to stress over how everyone is going to be entertained.

“There’s everything from mountain biking to sipping on wine,” says Angela, Call Center & Revenue Manager. “They can go their separate ways and then join up later and everyone’s happy and getting the most out of their vacation and time together.”

For Those Who Take Unwinding Seriously

Something else to consider to make the most out of a stay is reserving some activities in advance, such as spa treatments at Spa Elizabeth, custom candle making at Lorraine’s Candle Studio, or water sports lessons for skimboarding or surfing at Buck’s Northwest.

Something that not all guests may realize is that staying midweek can make for some of the most relaxing stays! Come stay midweek for a more leisurely feel to the town and also take advantage of the lower midweek rates.

What To Do If You Arrive Early

For Those Who Want To Start Their Vacation Early

If you happen to arrive early or even plan to arrive early to your check-in day at Seabrook, there is plenty to see and do before checking in to your vacation rental.

“There’s the beach,” says Kent, noting that it’s a great place to get fresh air and stretch after being in the car. “There’s also places like Koko’s where you can go try an awesome margarita. There are lots of things to do if you arrive early.”

For little ones, a stop at Brooklets Toys or The Sweet Life for some candy or ice cream is sure to bring a twinkle into their eyes as they settle into arriving for vacation. For adults, browsing the shops or stopping in at one of the restaurants for a drink or meal is a relaxing way to spend some time before check in.

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