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Home Decor Trends: Fall 2022

Decorating for fall can be difficult. Finding that balance between tasteful and festive is more work than we want. It feels like you either have to shop in the Halloween section at Target or DIY your way through the season. While neither of these options is bad, we know that as tasteful homemakers, you want unique and lasting decor options.

We have taken the time to research trends for this fall season and talked with Lisa McElliott, owner of SeaWorthy Home in Seabrook, about how you can elevate your decor this season.

Style With A Purpose

It can be easy to gravitate toward cheap holiday decor when consumer culture has made it easy to find what we want at a low price. However, with this comes a downgrade in quality, fast-moving trends, and a compromise in sustainability. We are all about sustainability here in Seabrook, and we want to promote trends that can be reused and recycled.

Take the time to find a style that you enjoy. Investing in simple and quality pieces makes it easy to add on year to year. Many style types can be of help in finding pieces for your home. Here are a few styles that can guide you as you jump into decorating this season.

Wabi Sabi

This is a Japanese style of decor that focuses on finding beauty in imperfection. Now, this can be taken a number of ways, but the way we like to think of it is finding organic and imperfect items to use as decor. We have such a unique opportunity to find items such as driftwood and other natural resources that can be used as decor.

Another part of this concept is admiring the wear and tear of your items. If we are mindful that the items we buy are going to be used and used well, then we can appreciate their imperfections and the beauty of them being used. This style is easy to adapt and can be applied to any part of the home and is especially great for those with young children. With young children, it is inevitable that decor and furniture are going to be well-loved. That is what makes a house a home. This shift in mindset to embrace imperfections can create a safe environment for kids to be kids without the fear of ruining expensive items.

Modern Organic

Another style that we are seeing a lot of is Modern Organic. While these terms seem to contradict each other in a way, there is a place for them here. The foundation of this decor style is lines, rounded shapes, and smooth surfaces that can be used as a foundation for your decorating for the season.

By investing in quality pieces that are simple and will last, you are allowing yourself the ability to shift your styles year to year as trends rise and fall without the need to repurchase everything for your decor. This is a style that can really be whatever you want. From vases to wall decor, this style can be applied to any aspect of your decorating process and be used for more than just the fall season.

Trends This Season

Bold Patterns

Whether you’re young or old, patterns that represent you and your styling choices can be a great way to decorate for the season. We are seeing this a lot in rugs and throw pillows as a  way to accent your normal decor and add a more personal touch to otherwise basic decor.

Smokey Glassware

Out here at the beach, we love our sea glass! Something that we have seen a lot is smokey glassware. This takes the traditional sea glass beach decor and adds that little fall twist to it! Try to find browns, tans, dark blue, greens, and yellows for glassware. These are another example of fun and easy ways to add personality to your decor choices.

Dark Wood Accents

Dark wood is all the craze this season. From cutting boards and table tops, this style is a great investment as it is timeless and can be used year-round. Use dark wood to bring that cozy feeling to any space!

Cottagecore Florals

Florals in the fall? You heard us right! Florals are very in this year! Get yours dried and you have the perfect porch decor or centerpiece for your dining room table. These florals should represent the colors that are found in nature and help your space to feel more homey and lively in this season where most everything is brown and withering away.

Easiest Ways To “Cozy Up” Your Home for Fall

When we think of fall, we think of brown and orange leaves and that feeling of coziness that we all tend to gravitate towards. Using “cozy” as a foundation for your decorating can also be of help in the design process. Some easy ways to do this are:

  • Change out your throw blankets or pillows to warmer tones and comfortable textures
  • Create an inviting fall porch scape
  • Use lamps and other sources of light to brighten your home
  • Use fall-colored hand towels
  • Use small pumpkins to garnish tables and centerpieces
  • Use glassware and pottery that can easily be filled with fall-colored items

Using “Cozy” as a starting point can help you determine what you enjoy during this season. It can also help you love your home during this cold season.

Importance of Buying Items You Love

Now we know it can be exciting to buy things each season, but we want to make sure you are buying things that you love and will last. Buying quality items while a little more expensive is an investment. Using the techniques we have found and finding your balance of trendy and timeless is what can make decorating fun from year to year!

If you are looking for quality pieces, we urge you to check out SeaWorthy Home right here in Seabrook! They offer a wide selection of decor from many different styles with a theme of coastal living woven into all of their pieces.

Want more inspiration? Check out our Fall Home Decor Pinterest board!

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